Sky Lite 2.0 vs. Evolve: How to Level Up Your Home With the Best Galaxy Lights

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Jul 08, 22
Sky Lite 2.0 vs. Evolve: How to Level Up Your Home With the Best Galaxy Lights

The original BlissLights Sky Lite went viral on TikTok for the way it transforms any space. And since then, the Sky Lite has traveled to all kinds of new worlds. The Sky Lite 2.0 introduced more galaxy colors and app control, and the Sky Lite Evolve expands on both these advanced features.

The Evolve adds even more colors, an improved app control experience, and a unique spherical design that can transform your home from top to bottom. Comparing the Sky Lite 2.0 vs. the Evolve is a great way to see that an already-astonishing galaxy projector has reached its next level. Learn everything about the Evolve and how it differs from the Sky Lite 2.0 below.

What is the Sky Lite Evolve?

The Sky Lite Evolve is a BlissLights galaxy projector whose one-of-a-kind round shape enables full 360-degree rotation. That means you can transform your surroundings however – and wherever – you desire.

Evolve also features more nebula cloud colors: a four-color base uses all-new color blending technology to create amazing color options including red, blue, pink, purple, white, teal, and orange. Alongside these nebulas, ultra-sharp laser stars further immerse you in the galaxy experience.

You can also pair your Evolve with the free BlissHome app (available for iPhone and Android) or Google Home or Amazon Alexa. This way, you can transport yourself beyond this world without moving an inch.

sky lite evolve smart galaxy light shining red and pink in bathroom mirror

Sky Lite Evolve vs. Sky Lite 2.0

Prior to the Sky Lite Evolve, BlissLights was best known for its Sky Lite 2.0 galaxy projector. If the Sky Lite 2.0 could paint your surroundings in a whole new light, the Evolve brings your home into a new universe entirely. Here’s how the Evolve can take you farther than ever before.

1. Smart voice compatibility

The Sky Lite 2.0 adds app control to the original Sky Lite, but it doesn't include the voice control possible with other BlissLights. The Sky Lite Evolve changes that story. You can fully control the Evolve with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Sit back, relax, get lost in the out-of-this-world sights, and then, when it’s time for your next destination, just speak it into existence.

2. Differences in the manual controls

The Sky Lite 2.0 uses a three-button system for manual control of the light’s power, brightness, effect modes, and motion. The Sky Lite Evolve makes things even easier with just one button to control it all.

The first time you press the button, your Evolve will come to life. Every time you press the button after that, you’ll cycle to your next effect, including effects you’ve custom-made in the BlissHome app. After you get through all the effects, your Evolve will power down. You can access all other settings through the BlissHome app.

3. Different designs

With the Sky Lite 2.0’s circular design, you can shine your galactic sights on your walls or the ceiling. The Evolve is spherical and more compact and mobile, and this design lets you shine your stunning nebulas anywhere and everywhere. Just rest the Evolve on its base, then rotate it to see your surroundings like never before.

How is the Evolve's cloud different from Sky Lite 2.0's?

The Sky Lite 2.0 shines red, blue, and green nebula clouds separately or all at once. The Sky Lite Evolve’s base colors are instead red, blue, cyan, and white. Inside this small but powerful sphere, new technology blends these base colors into one large cloud. That puts the full power of astonishing hues in your hands. Teal, white, and orange-pink are all on the table – or wall, or ceiling, or floor, or wherever else you point your Evolve.

sky lite 2.0 and sky lite evolve cloud colors comparison

What are the differences in the app experience?

You can use the BlissLights app to power the Sky Lite 2.0 and the BlissHome app to control the Sky Lite Evolve. The WiFi connection between the BlissHome app and the Evolve allows for more in-app features than the Bluetooth® signal behind the BlissLights app.

The new BlissHome app and Evolve bring your surroundings to life through a redesigned interface and additional functionality. You can group several Evolve lights together and control them all with just a few taps on your screen. You can also connect several different BlissLights to the BlissHome app to bring the universe to every corner of your home.

The smart scenes you can set through the BlissHome app take this grouped lighting to the next level. For example, you can add your Sky Lite Evolve, BlissRadia, and BlissEmber to the same smart scene. You could set that scene to turn each fixture blue when the outdoor temperature drops low enough. Your blue stars, nebulas, and mood lighting will instantly cool your surroundings without you stepping outside.

man using BlissHome app

Why you need more than one Evolve

Although one Sky Lite Evolve can immerse every square inch of most spaces, setting up more than one Evolve opens up a world of opportunities. You can group all your Evolve lights into a smart scene to fill your surroundings with an astonishing array of colors. Go for similar colors when you’re looking to take it easy, or create scenes with contrasting hues to inspire your creativity. One Evolve will take you out of this world, and two or more will bring the universe to you.

three sky lite evolve galaxy projectors shining cyan in bedroom

FAQs about the Sky Lite Evolve

The Sky Lite Evolve isn’t quite like any galaxy projector before it. That’s why it’s understandable if you still have questions about it – even after all the above guidance. To that end, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about the Evolve.

How do you use the Sky Lite Evolve?

To use the Sky Lite Evolve, connect the included USB power cord to the included wall adapter. Then, plug in your Evolve and rest it on the included base. Press the button on the power cord to turn your Evolve on. Every time you press it again, it will cycle through its effects. Once you cycle through all the effects, your Evolve will turn off.

Alternatively, you can control the Sky Lite Evolve through the BlissHome app. There, you can customize and save the light’s control timers, effects, and colors while switching the laser stars on and off. You can also connect the Evolve to Google Home and Amazon Alexa for the ultimate experience. Just lie back and speak your desired sights into reality.

How bright is the Sky Lite Evolve?

The Sky Lite Evolve can cover 30 feet by 30 feet with a brightness of 5W. At this brightness, the Evolve is calming and gentle rather than overly sharp and bright.

What new technology is in the Sky Lite Evolve?

The Sky Lite Evolve is the first BlissLight to include brand-new, patented color-blending technology. This technology enables the Sky Lite’s most seamless transitions between cloud colors to date.

Can you rotate the Sky Lite Evolve?

The Sky Lite Evolve’s unique spherical shape means that you can fully rotate your galaxy projector on its base. Just set it down, point the laser aperture wherever you want it, and voila – the light you’ve been looking for.

How long does the Sky Lite Evolve skylight projector stay on?

The Sky Lite Evolve remains powered on for six hours and then automatically powers down. You can also set custom control timers through the BlissHome app.

Is the Sky Lite Evolve quiet?

Yes! The Sky Lite Evolve doesn’t make a peep.

What does the BlissLights warranty cover?

BlissLights covers all its products, including the Sky Lite Evolve, with a one-year guarantee. If your Evolve isn’t working as expected, reach out to BlissLights’ customer service department for help. You can find more information in our full warranty policy.

Evolve your surroundings with BlissLights

If you’re ready to transform every corner of your home with galaxy lighting that sets the right mood, you’re ready for the Sky Lite Evolve. Get the Sky Lite Evolve now to take full control of the universe around you. And then, get another Sky Lite Evolve to make your lighting scenes the smartest they can be. You’ll take yourself somewhere else entirely without ever leaving your home.

man reclining under sky lite evolve cloud in pink and purple

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

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