18 RV Lighting Ideas to Guarantee Amazing Getaways

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, May 20, 22
18 RV Lighting Ideas to Guarantee Amazing Getaways

The summer months are the perfect time to pack your suitcase, grab a map, and set off on an exciting road trip. Whether you’re going for the ultimate glamping experience or a home on wheels, an RV might be the best choice for your cross-country endeavors. But before you hit the road, you’ll need proper lighting for RVs to brighten the dark but great outdoors. Below are the best RV lighting ideas to see your motorhome – and everything around it – in a whole new light.

Are LED lights better for an RV?

LED light bulbs are often the top choice for RVs. They consume less power than incandescent bulbs while glowing just as brightly. They’re also more durable than standard bulbs – they can last up to 60,000 hours, which is about seven years. This type of light also emits very little heat so you can more easily keep your RV cool when it’s right in the blistering sun. LED lights save you money – and the hassle of installation – while transforming your RV into a roadrunner’s sanctuary.

led lightbulb

Can you use a regular light fixture in an RV?

Regular lighting fixtures can make for great decorative, functional RV lighting. At the same time, adding them means that you have to install lights instead of just screwing bulbs into place. But if you measure the spaces where you’ll place your fixtures and take proportion into consideration, you can pull it off. You should always pack your fixtures away while you’re on the move so they don’t fall and break as you’re in transit.

Installing regular light fixtures into your RV also requires you to ensure that the new light bulb matches the voltage of the existing fixture. If you’re not comfortable working with wiring, hiring a professional can help you avoid installation errors. Professionals can also help you add a convenient on-off switch to instantly add life and sunshine to your RV.

18 RV lighting ideas

Ready to add a bit more personality to your getaway? Check out these lighting ideas for some ideas on how to travel in style.

1. Motion-sensing lights

Living in an RV means exploring new areas and seeing breathtaking sights. But you might need a break from driving when the sun goes down, and that can mean parking your RV in tree-covered campgrounds. That makes exterior motion-sensing lights just as crucial as interior lights. Lights with a motion sensor on your RV’s exterior will illuminate your surroundings anytime you step outside at night. That’s great for safety, and also just for feeling at home.

You can mount motion-sensing fixtures over entry doors and on the sides of your RV to improve visibility and safety. They also come in various styles such as wired, battery-operated, or solar powered. Because they only turn on when they detect movement, they’re energy-efficient and convenient. They only bring new light to your RV when the moment calls for it.

2. Weatherproof string lights

Stopping at a campground for some tasty s’mores is already fun, but enhancing the atmosphere can take things to the next level. With weatherproof string lights, you can transform your campsite into a charming wonderland and prepare for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. You can drape your string lights on the awning of your RV or above the windows. You can also pack a few extra lights to drape around trees and tables.

Not all string lights are the same, and each type adds something unique to your surroundings. You can choose from globes, lanterns, or mini edison bulbs. LED bulbs are an option again, as are solar-powered string lights to make use of all that sunlight. You can also control some string lights from your phone so you can change the mood without leaving the campsite.

3. LED light strips

LED strip lights are a versatile RV lighting idea that brightens each and every moment. Strip lights are adhesive, flexible rolls of tiny LEDs that you can set up in minutes on any flat surface. You can use them as under-cabinet lights to make it easier to see in shaded areas, especially countertops. They’re also great for setting the right mood – well, if they’re more than just white lights.

LED strip lights can bring a magnificent array of colors to the scene – and bring all the adventures right to your RV. For example, a multi-color LED light strip can cast a bright white light or shine the rainbow.

4. Torch lights

Turn your ordinary surroundings into a nighttime luau with torch lights outside your RV. These festive outdoor lights can pave the path from your campfire, tents, or trail back to the steps of your RV front door. Some torch lights can also repel mosquitoes so you can enjoy the great outdoors just the right way.

Waterproof, solar-powered torch lights are your best bet for RVs. You won’t have to worry about an open flame or a battery dying out if the weather goes south. Wireless torch lights can also be mounted directly into the ground wherever you want to shine a warm glow. You’ll feel like you’re on your own private island.

torch lights

5. Recessed ceiling light

It’s no secret that space is limited when living in an RV. That means you probably can’t hang a fancy pendant light from the ceiling. Instead, recessed ceiling light may be the best way to go. Recessed fixtures lie flush with the ceiling, meaning they won’t protrude into your headspace. You can clip certain lights in, whereas you’ll need to screw others into place. LED recessed fixtures in particular can give you a well-lit paradise without consuming too much power.

6. Pinup lights

If you’re spending extended periods in your RV, you should make it as comfortable as possible. With pinup lights, you’ll bring an elegant touch of home with you wherever you may go. These compact wall sconces hang just below ceiling level for great task lighting. They give you the option to surround yourself with nature as you read a great book or retreat indoors for comfort on your own terms.

7. Reading lamp

Sometimes the best part of a getaway is being able to lie down and read a good book. After all, decompressing, relaxing, and taking a break is part of a cross-country vacation too. Placing a reading lamp by your RV’s bed or couch can make reading easier and give your space more flair.

You can adjust a compact wall lamp with an adjustable neck to just the right angle for getting lost in a book. If you’re journaling your trip, a dimmable lamp will supply you with just enough illumination to write about it all without keeping everyone else awake. It can create your own cozy nook within your on-the-go zen space.

8. Laser light bulbs

Swapping out your RV’s light bulbs with BlissBulbs can completely change the way you view your space. Most RVs use the standard E26 screw base, meaning you can switch out your ordinary bulb with the awe-inspiring BlissBulb without a problem. Once you twist in the BlissBulb, watch as your RV fills with thousands of colorful laser stars glistening above you.

These extraordinary fixtures create jaw-dropping red or green starry-night effects to change your atmosphere in seconds. Relax after a long day of hiking and sightseeing under shimmering stars, or turn up some music and enjoy a dance party in your cozy home on wheels.

red blissbulb in trailer

blissbulb laser lightbulb in red

BlissBulb Laser LightBulb


Transforming your world is as easy as changing a lightbulb.

9. Track lights

In many RVs, your kitchen isn’t separate from your living room. That means food prep, family board games, and movie night all happen in roughly the same place. Such a versatile space deserves a versatile light. Track lights are a great option when you want effective illumination for every activity that could possibly happen.

A track fixture is a row of individual light bulbs that you can easily adjust and angle toward a specific point. That’s a lot better than swapping among a bunch of fixtures for every activity. Try pointing a track bulb toward the table for anyone playing cards or doing crafts and shining another toward the counters while you cook.

10. LED light bar

Going for a minimalist approach with your RV decor? LED light bars are sleek fixtures that won’t overwhelm. These RV LED lights keep things bright and visible after just a few minutes of setup. Some designs come with adhesive backs so you can peel and stick them into place, and you don’t have to cut them down to size. They’re battery operated and you can remote-control them to put the power and awe of RV lighting entirely in your hands.

11. Dome light

Dome lights are classic fixtures for an RV – in fact, many RV models will already have domes installed. But maybe the ones you see when you first hop in the driver’s seat are outdated and could use an upgrade. A quick makeover can mean painting the base a different color that shifts the whole vibe in your RV. You could also swap out the bulbs to a different color. Either way, their contemporary design can make your RV feel more like home.

12. Galaxy light

As much as you might want to spend all night outside stargazing, at some point, it’ll be time to go back inside your RV. With galaxy lights, you won’t have to leave behind the brilliant starry night sky once you head back indoors.

The Sky Lite Evolve can transform your RV’s interior into an enthralling galaxy. With just a few taps on your phone, you’ll be mentally transported into outer space. Your RV will be filled with swirling multicolor nebula clouds and twinkling stars. You can customize your experience with different colors, patterns, effects, and smart features in the BlissHome app. It’s the perfect travel-size galaxy light to bring a spectacular galaxy with you everywhere you go.

rv with galaxy lighting

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

13. Surface-mounted puck lights

Let’s say you aren’t looking to swap out your existing fixtures. Maybe you just want to add a bit more brightness in certain areas. In that case, puck lights are a wonderful solution. Surface mounting is all it takes to get them in place and add a bit more glow to your darkest corners. Place them under wall-mounted cabinets, in the closet, or next to your bed, where they make great night lights. One tap is all it takes to bring your RV into full view.

14. Fairy lights

Jumping in an RV and traveling the country to experience the vast world beyond can sound like living in paradise. Fairy lights can further enhance the dreamy-like wonders surrounding you. These string lights can bring a gentle and warm glow to your space on pitch-black nights. Hang them above your bed or along the windows for some extra pixie dust that creates an extraordinary and calming ambiance.

15. Awning lights

Installing awning lights can make all of your friendly barbecues, hangouts, and outdoor game nights cozier. In some cases, your RV will come with these lights, but if not, try any outdoor waterproof fixture. LED rope or string lights, motion sensor fixtures, and LED strips all work as long as rain won’t break them.

You can take your awning lights up a notch with color-changing LEDs that match the evening mood. You can go from red to blue to green – and back again – with just the push of a button.

16. Solar lantern

You can’t have camping or glamping without a classic lantern. But what if you don’t have that many outlets on the outside of your RV? In that case, solar lanterns are an RV must-have. Just leave them outside during the daytime to soak up all that sunshine and get a full day’s worth of power. Decorative solar lanterns are a great touch too – and they shine so bright you’ll immediately see your RV in a new, more stylish light.

17. Step lights for RV entrance

The narrow steps of an RV can be tricky to navigate in the daytime, let alone when the sun goes down. You can more easily avoid tripping when going in and out of your RV with step lights. These fixtures are similar to LED strips and bars, but they’re specifically designed to shine at an angle so you can clearly see each step.

Step lights are compact enough to slot right into your RV steps. Motion-sensing step lights are an especially great choice for saving battery power and paving the way any time you head on out. And on the way back in, the bright white lights pointing upward make for a one-of-a-kind pathway to paradise.

18. Smart ambient mood lighting

After an exciting day of new sights and adventures, it’s great to come back to your RV, set the right mood, and decompress and rejuvenate. That’s a lot easier when you can transform your surroundings with just a few taps on your phone screen. Smart ambient mood lights are a great example. You can set the light’s color and effects right from your phone. Plus, when you’re on the move, the light is so compact you can stash it just about anywhere.

The BlissRadia is a unique smart ambient mood fixture that promotes tranquility. This smart mood orb diffuses a soft glow in any color on the rainbow – sometimes several at once – throughout your RV. Right from an app in the palm of your hand, you can transport yourself to serenity – all without getting in the driver’s seat.

blissradia smart ambient mood light in grassland green
blissradia is an led ambient light with app control that shines in multiple colors

BlissRadia Smart LED Mood Light


From desktop to bedside, light the way to concentration, stimulation, or relaxation.

Create the perfect RV ambiance with BlissLights

RV lighting should be functional – these are complex rigs – and they can be fashionable too. They should make your vehicle feel peaceful, welcoming, and comfortable without taking up too much of your limited space. BlissLights can bring a sense of serenity into your van, making your trip just that more luxurious without any clutter. Browse the BlissLights collection now to find lights that inspire your adventures and open your eyes to fascinating new experiences.

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