The 8 Best Night Lights to Keep You Out of the Dark

Article by BlissLights LLCWed, Jan 05, 22
The 8 Best Night Lights to Keep You Out of the Dark

Ah, sleep—the delightful dreamland that awaits you after a long day of hard work. But even though sleep is something we all love, people are as different as their sleeping habits, and you may prefer a comforting night light to keep you company overnight.

Whether you like the comforting glow or you need to illuminate your path for a midnight trip to the fridge, the best night lights can keep you company along the way. Though these fixtures are often associated with kids, they’ve transcended the plug-in illuminated unicorns of childhood and now span a host of features and designs. Below, we’ll explore everything you should know to find the perfect night light.

Types of night lights

Whether you’re looking for a steady glow throughout the night or a motion-sensing or color-changing twist, the right night light can easily check all these boxes. Below are a few common categories.

  • Tabletop. These night lights sit on an end table, dresser, or shelf close to your bed. They usually resemble lamps or other standalone fixtures, but they can have additional features such as an alarm clock, sound machine, and music.
  • Projectors. Similar to tabletop night lights, projectors rest on a bedside table or another similar flat surface. They do more than emit light: They project stunning images onto your walls and ceiling to transport you into a fantasy-filled starscape.
  • Plug-ins. Standing the test of time, plug-in fixtures —powered by a standard electrical outlet—are the option most associated with childhood bedrooms. They range in color and size, and many now come with motion sensors.
  • Strip lights. LED strip lights are ribbon-like fixtures you can attach to the wall via an adhesive backing. Some can be cut for the perfect fit, while others come in a pre-set measurement. Once adhered, you’ll plug your strip into an outlet or put batteries in the battery pack. Many models also come with a remote control. Some can connect to your WiFi and phone, and some are color-changing—ideal for ambient lighting.
  • Rechargeable lights. These often-portable night lights come with a built-in battery you can charge for hours of use. You can find rechargeable models in styles including clip-on for easy bedtime reading.
  • Toys. Though night lights have extended beyond the confines of adolescence, they’re still popular for use with babies. The portable toy category of nightlights is a shining example. These models are typically glowing plushies that your little ones can cradle during sleep to pacify any nighttime fears.

What makes a good night light?

You now know the various types of night lights, the ways they can transform your home, and the experiences they provide. Before choosing the best night lights for your home, you should also learn about the attributes key to selecting the right model out of the hundreds of options out there. Find those below.

  • Safe to operate all night. Night lights are typically designed to stay on for several hours. However, a low-wattage LED bulb has a lower risk of overheating, reducing the chances of a fire. If you want to let the fixture run for your full eight hours of sleep, choose LED bulbs over incandescent bulbs.
  • Size. As you consider your night light’s purpose and the atmosphere you’re trying to set, think of what size makes the most sense. A bulky, oversized fixture may not be the best choice for a portable reading light that you tuck away in your bedside table drawer.
  • Light intensity. Overhead lighting can be harsh enough to bring someone abruptly out of sleep mode, so consider the intensity of the fixture you choose. Too bright, and it becomes more of a lamp. Too faint, and it’s more of a lightning bug flashing in the night sky.
  • Light adjustability. Given the above “Goldilocks” dilemma of intensity, it’s important to examine how easily you can adjust your product. The ability to adjust the glow to your preferred intensity is ideal for finding that nighttime sweet spot.
  • Power supply. A rechargeable battery-powered model can lend itself to a few hours of peaceful reading anywhere in your home. To create a longer-lasting vibe, you’ll probably need low-wattage plug-in LED strip lights instead.
  • Childproof and animal-proof design. A night light, like anything else in your home, needs to be safe. If you’re in a household with kids and pets, a kid-friendly and animal-proof design ensures that your loved ones can’t tamper with dangerous electrical outlets.
  • Energy efficiency. If you do plan on leaving your fixtures on and fully powered overnight, you probably want to avoid a hefty electric bill. A low-wattage, energy-efficient night light will ultimately save you some money, and it’s safe and good for the environment too.
  • Smart features. Controlled with your phone or a tablet, a night light with app-accessible smart features can provide high-tech, easily adjustable lighting that elevates your experience.
  • Design and appearance. For most people, the act of sleeping is a ritual, and cultivating a space dedicated to sleep is key to that. Such a space should make you feel comfortable, meaning it should match your aesthetics. That’s why your bedroom should reflect your style. This all means that a night light should enhance and add to your bedroom decor.
  • Color. White, yellow, or color? The fixture’s purpose and intended use will reflect your choice. It’s no secret that color affects your mood, and setting the right mood is imperative for sleep. Red light, for example, has a calming effect on the body and mind.

Our picks for the best night lights

To aid you in your quest for the best night's sleep, below is a selection of night lights to narrow down your search. This list will give you a better idea of the different night lights out there and their key features.

1. GE LED Night Light

The GE LED Night Light is a standard plug-in night light. Its light-sensing design switches on at dusk and turns off at dawn. The energy-efficient LED bulb also exemplifies safety since it’s cool to the touch. With its relatively compact size, it will leave the second outlet free.

Key features:

  • Dusk-to-dawn sensor
  • Energy-efficient LED bulb
  • Compact size

Price: $14.95 for four or $9.25 for two on Amazon

GE LED night light

2. BlissRadia

With the BlissRadia Smart Ambient Mood Light, you’ll be able to cultivate an ideal ambiance for your den of slumber. Its seamless transitions between seemingly endless color choices create a transcendent, calming atmosphere—the BlissRadia lights the way your way.

The BlissRadia’s smart features allow you to control the intensity and color through the BlissHome app, Google Home, or Amazon Alexa for voice control. This night-light orb’s “dusk to dawn” option enables you to wake up with the sun and go to sleep with the moon. Since it’s USB-powered with a wall outlet adapter, it can rest vertically or horizontally on any surface your heart desires. And then you too can rest however you please.

Key features:

  • Vibrant moving gradients or solid colors
  • Smart features—compatible with Google Home and Alexa
  • USB powered with plug adapter

Price: $39.99 via BlissLights

blissradia smart mood light in grassland green
blissradia is an led ambient light with app control that shines in multiple colors

BlissRadia Smart LED Mood Light


From desktop to bedside, light the way to concentration, stimulation, or relaxation.

3. Levoit Kana Himalayan Salt Lamp

The Levoit Kana Himalayan Salt Lamp is a rock-like incandescent light that plugs into the wall. It can sit on a bedside table near an outlet, and its 6.6 ft. cord is ETL-certified to ensure its safety. This salt lamp features a dimmer switch as well to adjust the brightness to your liking. However, any salt lamp can potentially “sweat” and drip undesired water onto furniture, which can damage or stain your pieces.

Key features:

  • Dimmer switch
  • ETL-certified 6.6-ft. cord
  • Rock-like aesthetic

Price: $25.65 on Amazon

levoit salt lamp

4. BlissEmber

The BlissEmber Smart Multicolor Night Light is an elevated plug-in night light. This LED night light combines awe-inspiring hues with a classic soft white option and motion-sensing capabilities from up to 20 feet away. This way, you get a pop of color or gentle yet clarifying white hue for safe passage in the middle of the night.

You can control the BlissEmber using your BlissHome mobile app or connect your fixture to your smart speaker. It’s easy to set up and control from wherever you feel most at home. It’s a modern spin on a fan-favorite design optimal for any age or home use.

Key features:

  • Motion-sensing mode works from up to 20 feet away
  • Millions of colors or warm white light
  • Easy to set up and control right from your phone

Price: $14.99 via BlissLights

blissember smart night light in pink
blissember is a smart color changing led night light suitable for adults and kids

BlissEmber Smart Multicolor Night Light


A guiding light, a source of comfort, a way to transform your space.

5. Hatch Restore

The Hatch Restore is a smart light, sound machine, and alarm clock. It combines different sound and light options to customize your nighttime environment. You can control it via an app or through the soft-touch buttons on the clock. Button controls include volume and brightness.

Key features:

  • Alarm clock
  • Sound machine
  • Smart light

Price: $129.99 on Amazon

hatch restore alarm clock

6. BlissLights SkyLite Evolve

When it comes to transforming a room, the Sky Lite Evolve Galaxy Projector is your portal to a whole new world. The Sky Lite Evolve takes all the wonder of the original Sky Lite (the one that went viral on TikTok) and amplifies its brilliance.

Through the accompanying app, you can blend colors and select the pace of your moving nebulas. This way, you can gently float to sleep gazing at mesmerizing interstellar sights or keep things moving with immersive romantic lighting. With adjustable brightness, customizable themes, and a built-in smart features, the sky is truly the limit.

Key features:

  • Patented color-blending technology
  • Create and save custom presets
  • Light grouping and smart routines in the app

Price: $39.99 via BlissLights

evolve galaxy light in pink

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

7. Moon Lamp

The Moon Lamp is a kid-friendly full moon-shaped lamp with 16 color choices. Its remote controls work up to 30 feet away from the lamp and its built-in, rechargeable battery. With your remote, you can adjust the brightness of this tabletop fixture to your preferred level of intensity.

Key features:

  • Adjustable brightness
  • 16 color options
  • Remote controlled

Price: Starts from $20.99 on Amazon; increases in price as light size increases

moon lamp

8. Velarus

The BlissLights Velarus demonstrates the power that an LED projector light can impart in reimagining your surroundings. The Velarus allows you to blend colors of a soothing aurora effect, and app control makes for quick and easy changes in your space. In one simple tap, you can guide the spirit of your space. Customize your own themes to match the evening’s vibe.

Key features:

  • Swirling aurora effect
  • Patented color-blending goodness
  • App control and customization

Price: $34.99 via BlissLights

velarus aurora lights in bedroom
velarus smart multicolor aurora projector with app control

Velarus Aurora Light


Vibrant aurora lighting with app control.

Let a BlissLight be your guide in the dark

In the middle of the night, when the darkness envelops your surroundings, a night light can be more than a source of comfort. It can also be your motion-detecting escort as you make the pitch-black pilgrimage from your bedroom to the bathroom. Better yet, it’s your window into the cosmos, projected onto your ceiling and walls as you slip into slumber. It’s your compact and aesthetically pleasing bedtime companion that works from dusk to dawn.

Night lights also fulfill a variety of needs, and smart technology is only expanding what these products can do. BlissLights, for example, shift your perspective with the push of a button, in the blink of an eye. Their smart capabilities, millions of colors, energy-efficient options, and transcendent hues let you see your world in a whole new way. Browse the BlissLights indoor collection to discover the best night light for all your needs, wants, and desires.

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