12 New Years Eve Theme Party Ideas to Start the New Year

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Dec 17, 21
12 New Years Eve Theme Party Ideas to Start the New Year

Loud music pumping, sparkling streamers, watching the ball drop when the clock strikes midnight – admit it, you’re already psyched to say goodbye to this year. Makes sense – there’s little like popping the champagne and dancing the night away at your New Year's Eve party. Your event can be even better with a unique and thrilling New Year’s theme party that sets the stage for an exciting 12 months. Find some tips and ideas below.

How do you pick the theme for your NYE party?

There’s a lot that goes into a new year celebration. The theme is a big part of that – it impacts everything from your foods and drinks to your color scheme. That’s why you should go over the below New Year’s theme party considerations before you buy accessories and favors.

  • Number of guests. The last thing you want is to run out of accessories, snacks, or drinks. Thinking about how many guests you’ll invite gives you a better idea of how many noise makers, celebratory glasses, and confetti poppers you need. A theme that sets you up for expensive purchases on all these fronts might be a no-go.
  • Type of guests. Will your guest list comprise only adults? Maybe a wine-tasting evening is the way to go. Will there be kids and teens there? A game night is a great way to keep everyone entertained. Consider the types of guests coming over to pick a theme that will appease everyone.
  • Location. If you’re hosting your NYE bash at home, make sure you can pull off your theme with party decorations that won’t overcrowd the place. For smaller spaces, use laser lights, confetti, streamers, and other small decorations. Celebrating in a larger area? Add some inflatables for extra fun.
  • Casual or formal. Think about whether or not you want to go casual or formal for attire. A spa-themed party is great, but don’t expect everyone to show up in gowns and suits.
  • Budget. You can host a themed night to remember without spending hundreds of dollars. Create a budget and go from there to figure out what themes you can pull off without exceeding your spending limits. If you’re on a strict budget or looking for ways to keep the costs down, try some DIY projects for decorations.

13 New Year’s Eve theme party ideas

As you plan your New Year's Eve celebration, you might be thinking of ways to top your previous one. Well, look no further! Below is a list of unique and entertaining New Year’s theme party ideas that are sure to be crowd-pleasers.

1. Black-and-white themed party

You can ring in 2024 with a chic and classy black-and-white themed party that’s perfect for a sophisticated vibe. Let your guests know to come in formal or casual black and white attire, and provide black and white masks for some extra masquerading. Go all out and set up a table with black and white cookies, chocolates, cupcakes, mini donuts, and candies. Finish it off with shiny black and white streamers – your party will get the stylish glow-up it deserves.

2. Pajama party

Ditch the high heels and put on your fuzzy slippers for an evening of pure comfort. Spend the entire night lounging around in your soft and cozy pajamas by the warm fireplace. Tell everyone to wear their most snug PJs or their most ridiculous ones, or get matching sets for those cute family photos. All that’s left is to make some hot chocolate and watch the ball drop from your big comfy couch.

pajama party

3. A relaxing spa party

When you think of New Year’s Eve party ideas, you might think of noisemakers, confetti poppers, flashing lights, and loud music. But a spa theme is just as valid, and it might leave you feeling calmer than when the party started. Just imagine spending the evening with friends and family surrounded by flickering candles and essential oils. Put on fuzzy robes and slippers, paint each other’s nails, and start the new year off completely relaxed.

painting nails

Enhance your spa night by incorporating the BlissRadia into your at-home oasis. While you sip champagne and get a facial, you’ll be able to set the mood for the whole room. Right from your phone, you can power on and customize the BlissRadia’s soft, warm glow of vibrant gradients or solid colors. As the ball drops, exhale negative thoughts and inhale positive vibes.

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4. A glitter fest

Shine as bright as the Times Square crystal ball with a full-out glitter party. Encourage guests to wear anything and everything that sparkles, from bedazzled dresses and suits to sequined bow ties, hats, and shoes. Fill your confetti poppers and balloons with loads of glitter to add even more shine. And don’t forget a wall full of streamers so everyone can get their picture-perfect glitter photo.

5. Movie marathon

Grab the popcorn and candy, snuggle under a fluffy blanket, and get ready for an evening of non-stop holiday and New Year’s movies. You and your fellow movie-loving friends can welcome the new year by chilling on the couch, laughing, and quoting all the films. If you’re looking for an activity to pair with your movies, try playing holiday movie night bingo to really get things going.

couple watching harry potter movie marathon night

You can take your party to the next level with the SkyLite Evolve. Right from your phone, you’ll have the power to control your event’s mood. Your entire room will be transformed into a galactic scene of twinkling stars and colorful drifting clouds. It’s the perfect atmosphere for sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying your movie marathon.

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6. Karaoke party

Sing and dance the night away with some drinks, tasty food, and a karaoke machine. You and your guests can spend hours jamming to tunes from your favorite musicals, movies, and artists. Raise the stakes by turning it into a friendly competition with teams and prizes. But when midnight comes around, everyone can join forces and sing “Auld Lang Syne” together – or at least try!

woman singing at karaoke party

7. Wine tasting

What’s a better way to end the year than by drinking some good wine? Head into your wine cellar and break out a few bottles for a wine tasting with your friends. You can even give everyone a pen and paper to rate their favorites. Pair it with the ultimate charcuterie board and appetizers for the perfect wine tasting experience.

wine tasting party

8. Backyard fire pit party

Not every New Year’s party has to be indoors. In fact, the backyard makes for a superb location. Pull some chairs under your fire pit and grab your cozy blankets. You and your guests will make memories while toasting marshmallows, lighting sparklers, and drinking warm apple cider. As the night goes on and the sky gets darker, you might even get to see some New Year’s Eve fireworks!

backyard fire pit party

9. Comfort food theme party

If you’re ready for the new year and excited for the new possibilities ahead, you might as well load up on comfort food to get started. Soothe the displeasure of this year's unpleasant memories and get all comfy and cozy with your friends. Turn your party into a potluck and tell your guests to bring their best comfort food dish. Eat all the mac and cheese, chicken noodle soup, ice cream, and cake you want to signify a sweet new year.

chocolate dessert

10. Game night party theme

Break out your favorite childhood card games, video games, and board games for a New Year's Eve full of nostalgia. You can also try some new games if you’re feeling adventurous. After all, not much bonds family and friends like some friendly competition. And if there are any grudges after the games, they’ll all be forgiven once the clock strikes 12.

friends having a video game night

11. Decades party theme

What better way to celebrate a new year than by honoring the past decades? Everyone in attendance can come dressed as a different decade. Your party will be filled with flapper dresses, platform disco shoes, groovy jeans, and poodle skirts. Decorate the place with retro items like vinyl records, peace signs, and a disco ball – and see if you can slowly drop it at midnight.

12. Winter wonderland

Just because the holidays are ending doesn’t mean winter is going anywhere. You can keep the seasonal enchantment going with a winter wonderland of your own right under your roof. With silver and blue decorations, sparkling snowflakes, and frosted pines, you’ll feel like you’re walking through a snowy paradise. Tie the room together with the StarPort to shine thousands of blue laser stars all around. You’ll be so mesmerized you won’t even notice it’s already 2024.

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starport usb star projector in blue

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Ring in the new year with BlissLights

New Year's Eve is an occasion for heartwarming time with family and friends and exciting visions of what’s to come in 2024. An occasion this exhilarating merits a glorious party with captivating decorations like BlissLights. Ambient lights, star lights, and more can turn your New Year’s celebration into a space of enchantment, astonishment, and awe. Browse the BlissLights collection to transform both your event and your year ahead.

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