Is BlissLights Worth It? Yes, and Here’s Why

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, Jul 26, 21
Is BlissLights Worth It? Yes, and Here’s Why

Let’s say you’re aware of, and impressed with, the transportive, transformative power of BlissLights, but you can’t decide whether you really need them. The question you might be asking is, Is BlissLights worth it? The answer is yes – below, we’ll walk you through why.

What are BlissLights?

BlissLights are laser lights that shift your perspective with the press of a button or the tap of a screen. They project starry skies and floating nebula clouds inside your home and create worlds of wonder in the blink of an eye. With BlissLights, you can harness transformative laser lighting effects and technology first popularized at theme parks to see your home – and your world – in a whole new light.


Types of products BlissLights offers

BlissLights are available as laser light bulbs, portable laser lights, laser projectors, holiday lights, stage lights, and outdoor lights. Below is a complete list of current BlissLights products, with a short summary of each:

Laser light bulbs and portable laser lights

  • The BlissBulb fits in any standard-sized light bulb socket, but the experience it provides is worlds removed from standard incandescents, fluorescents, and LEDs. Its red or green stars fill your space and immerse you in interstellar sights you have to see to believe.


blissbulb laser lightbulb in red

BlissBulb Laser LightBulb


Transforming your world is as easy as changing a lightbulb.

  • The StarPort Laser USB makes starry skies on the go a real possibility. The StarPort brings the transformative power of the BlissBulbs to a more compact package. Simply plug it into your mobile charger, laptop, or another USB port. In the blink of an eye, you’ll find yourself transported to realms far beyond the everyday.

starport usb light

starport usb star projector in blue

StarPort USB Light


One tiny light. Thousands of stars!

Laser projectors

  • The Ark Ambient Aurora Light fills your room with a stunning blue glow against which an astonishing green aurora gently oscillates. They bring faraway sights right to you, and their blues and greens make them a great product to help you feel calm and fall asleep faster. And while you’re awake, you’ll find yourself so transfixed on these at-home northern lights that your daily stresses will slowly dissipate.

ark aurora projector

ark aurora projector

ARK Aurora Light


Transcend reality with a moving abstract aurora.

  • The Sky Lite Evolve takes the immersive wonders of galaxy lighting to entirely new dimensions. You can control this projector’s color, rotation, and brightness settings from your phone, so as you drift off into another galaxy, you can alter your journey without interrupting your transcendence. Just plug the power cord and AC adapter into an electrical outlet, relax, and let your sky light transport you right where you want to go.

sky lite 2.0 galaxy projector

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

Outdoor lights

  • The Oblivia shines in RGB or elegant shades of white to recast the exterior of your home in a whole new light. Use ethereal nebula clouds to pave an entrancing pathway from the street to your front door, or decorate your home with it for the holidays. Those lucky enough to see your outdoor laser lights will soon find themselves off the streets and in the skies, but with their feet still on the ground.

oblivia rgb led garden light in patio

oblivia garden accent light rgb led path lighting



Add eye-catching beauty to your outdoor space!

  • The Spright compact light in blue or red splashes your home with starry skies equally suitable for holiday light shows and spooky Halloween nights. Their transfixing sights create a sense of wonder for passersby and guests alike, making your home the most wow-inducing spot on the block. Friends and total strangers alike will find themselves awed at the sight of your home – they’ll see your home in the same light you do.

blisslights spright projector

The difference between BlissLights and other light projector companies

BlissLights let anyone reimagine their home in a brand new light. They do so in ways that other light projectors just can’t, including:

  • Lighting diversity. Look up above, and you’ll see 11 products – and that doesn’t include the color variations for each. With BlissLights, you have more than enough options to transform your home on your own terms.
  • Stellar precision. Laser lighting from BlissLights brings patterns and technologies of our own design into your space. Our laser lights are renown for their sharp focus unlike any other light out there.
  • Pricing. BlissLights brings interstellar sights and budget-friendly transformations into your world of possibilities. You won’t have to break the bank to turn your home into a place of creativity, comfort, and celebration. And since you’re spending less to reimagine your home, you’ll feel less stressed about money and more easily get in that much-needed comfort zone.
  • Construction and ease of use. No need to assemble complex parts – BlissLights are ready to go out of the box. Plus, BlissLights outdoor lights are built with weatherproof metal housings so you can easily transform your home’s exterior year-round. Both outdoors and indoors, BlissLights provide immersive experiences with just the push of a button.
  • Coverage area. Indoor BlissLights can cover about 900 square feet from 10 feet away. That means in an eight-foot-tall room, BlissLights can cover over 100 feet of walls! They give you all you need to shift your perspective from the ground up.
  • Brightness. Often, people looking to cast their homes in a whole new light use colorful LED lights. However, LEDs, though nearly as energy-efficient and low-heat as laser lights, emit incoherent light, so they lose brightness and focus with distance. Laser lighting, on the other hand, is coherent, so it shines in full wonder from far away. You can also change laser lights’ brightness with just a few pushes or taps.

blisslights indoor lights

The Benefits of BlissLights

When you choose BlissLights for your home transformation, you get the following benefits not always available with home lighting:

  • One-year warranty. When you buy BlissLights, you get a guaranteed year of full function. If anything proves defective, you can use BlissLights’ warranty for an exchange or refund. If you’re suddenly unable to take yourself to another world, it won’t be long before you can restart your travels.
  • Free shipping over $50. All BlissLights orders qualify for free shipping if they’re over $50. That means you can get a few smaller BlissLights and pay nothing for shipping, or you can buy a Sky Lite 2.0 without any added costs besides taxes. No need to spend extra to bring a meaningful experience to you – BlissLights have your budget (and your space) covered.
  • Quick delivery. It’s understandable if you just can’t wait to start your journey into interstellar sights, and with BlissLights, you’ll barely have to. BlissLights go from ordered to delivered in just days, so when you choose BlissLights, very little can stop you from reaching your destination.
  • Customizability. With the Sky Lite 2.0, BlissLights introduces one-of-a-kind customizability to the laser lighting world. Choose your own colors, patterns, brightness, and effects, then save them for repeated use. When you use BlissLights, you reimagine your home on your own terms.
  • Excellent reviews. BlissLights users love their laser lights. All BlissLights have average ratings of at least four stars, many have four-and-a-half stars, and some even have five! Clearly, the power of reimagining your home as a space for creativity, comfort, and celebration has made a difference in countless lives.

people enjoying blisslights

BlissLights customer reviews

BlissLights always stand up to their reputation as transformative, wondrous lights. Below are just a few examples of how happy customers are with their BlissLights:

  • “I got this for my son and as soon as we turned it on I felt so relaxed. It’s so magical!”—Samantha, 06/22/21, Sky Lite 2.0
  • “This projector [is] pretty bright. The patterns it projects are really cool. It's like a nebula in space. The streaks of light slowly change in their pattern. It's kind [of] mesmerizing. There are adjustments to the angle of projection [that] facilities [its] placement. I'm happy with this light.”—WSW, 12/23/2021, Ark Ambient Aurora Light
  • “Looks even better in person. I wasn't expecting much for the price, but I was very impressed by this little guy. I plugged it in and my whole room became a star field. Perfect for my gaming room that you see in the picture.”—Jason, 07/27/2020, StarPort Laser USB

BlissLights are 100% worth it

Between their one-of-a-kind transportive features and enthusiastic customer reviews, the answer to the oft-asked question Is BlissLights worth it? is a resounding yes. In seconds, BlissLights products recast your home in sights you truly have to see to believe. And when you do see them, you’ll find yourself comforted and inspired, taken miles away without moving an inch. BlissLights are more than lights – they’re incomparable experiences worth every penny.

About BlissLights

BlissLights has been a leader in the laser lighting industry since the company was founded in 2006. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians helped create award-winning special effect lighting for major theme parks before minaturizing ourpatented technology for home use. BlissLights is dedicated to laser safety and education, and is registered with the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH).

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