15 Crystal Display Ideas To Enhance Your Daily Energy at Home

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, Jun 13, 22

Crystals are beautiful additions to any space, but for some, they carry more meaning than just decoration. They can be regarded as a way to guide positive energy into the room. That means when you purchase a crystal, you want to make the most of its potential when you set it up at home. A great way to do this is through the right crystal display. Read on to discover 15 crystal display ideas and tips to take things to the next level.

What are crystals?

Crystals are colorful and unique stones shaped by millions of years of pressure and immense heat. When mined, crystals are used as decor, whether in the home or as jewelry. From white and yellow to blue and purple, each crystal color has its own meaning and specific energy.

For centuries, many cultures have used crystals for a variety of reasons. Crystals are great for jewelry and home decor, but there are some who hold them dear for their purported healing properties. For example, blue crystals can promote calm and peace. That’s why jewelry is commonly made with blue crystals – this can symbolize a good luck charm.

How should I display my crystals?

From a decorating perspective, think about where you want your crystal to be seen – by both yourself and your guests. Displaying it on a bookshelf, tabletop, or in a curio cabinet are just a few of the possibilities.

If you’re tapping into the healing properties of crystals, you’ll want to position them in a way that’s best for energy. Great crystal display ideas include placing your crystals in certain rooms based on their meanings and creating unique displays for aesthetic purposes. Read on for the best tips and ideas to display your collection.

Crystal display tips

Before you scatter your crystals around your home, here are some tips to consider.

Use different crystals in different rooms

Every crystal has its own power and meaning, so you should be intentional about where you place each one. For example, a citrine – also known as the merchant’s stone – is associated with success around work. That means you might want to place this crystal in your home office. As another example, an amethyst crystal might go best in your bedroom since it’s associated with good sleep.

amethyst crystals

Decide where you want your main crystal display

Since you have a vast collection of crystals, it might be best to create a main display for them rather than leaving them all scattered. Would you prefer to place your crystals in a display case for all your guests to see? Or would you rather place them on floating shelves in your main hallway? Whichever spot you choose, keep all your crystals at eye level for all your guests to admire.

Choose an aesthetic

Although crystals are great for healing, they also double as gorgeous decor pieces. Instead of solely placing your crystals in rooms due to their properties, you can also display them to match your home’s aesthetic. For example, if you want to brighten up a bathroom or bedroom, place rose quartz onto a shelf for a pop of color. Or for a more neutral aesthetic, black tourmaline can add a unique shimmer to your light, soft decor.

rose quartz

Know how crystals can affect you

Just because you like how a crystal looks in your room doesn’t necessarily mean you should place it there. While colors play an essential role, you also should consider how different crystals can affect you. For example, fluorite is associated with peaceful sleep, so it might not make sense to place this crystal in your kitchen.

Figure out how and when to “charge” your crystals

If you’re decorating your home with crystals for their purported benefits, it’s important to keep in mind that they need to be “charged” and “cleansed” to return to their natural state. One common way to charge your crystals is to place them in a dark room so they can increase their vibrancy and energy. Cleansing them does not refer to soap and water, either: It’s a process that uses light, breath, sound, or herbs. Once you choose a method that works, you can create a cleaning and charging schedule that’s best for the energy you want to create in your home.

Set intentions for your crystals

Setting intentions and goals for your crystals can help bring more positivity, healing, and balance into your life. Each one of your goals should start with an intention so you can manifest it until it becomes a reality. Crystals can be a great tool to help you get on the right path.

15 crystal display ideas

Below are 15 crystal display ideas to give you some inspiration.

Command center

If you’re looking for a simple DIY project that will transform your crystals into glam pieces, try creating a command center. All you’ll need is a wooden board, paint, and glue for your crystals. You can paint your command center a neutral color for a calm aesthetic. Alternatively, you can opt for a light blue hue to elevate your crystal command center into the ultimate zen space.

Crystal light show

It takes millions of years for crystals to form, so you should highlight their rare beauty. For example, you can showcase your shimmering crystals with the gorgeous, colorful lighting of the Sky Lite 2.0. This compact device projects floating blue, green, and red nebulas and twinkling stars that move at your pace. As soon as you turn on your Sky Lite 2.0, your crystals will glow even brighter to create a more relaxing, peaceful environment.

sky lite 2.0 multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite 2.0: Galaxy Projector (App Control)

$59.99 $44.99

Shine a galaxy of moving stars and a vibrant multicolor cloud.


Instead of displaying your crystals around your home, you can show off your smaller crystals through the jewelry you wear. Crystal jewelry is a great way to incorporate healing energies into your routine and wardrobe. Choose between a classic gemstone necklace, or opt for a multi-color chakra bracelet to balance out all the different energies around your body.

Wine topper

Spruce up your bar accessories with crystal wine toppers. These wine toppers are great for everyday use, or they can be the perfect party favor for any bachelorette or birthday party. Their glistening crystals can transform your typical happy hour into a glamorous wine tasting.


If you want a more permanent home for your most powerful crystals, a chic terrarium can be a perfect crystal display idea. There are many different ways you can create your terrarium. You can build your own zen garden using sand, plants, and crystals to create a harmonious design. This sort of design will often look perfect atop your coffee table. Or you can highlight your most aesthetically-pleasing crystals on their own with a hanging terrarium.


Upgrade your everyday coasters for chic crystal coasters that’ll glisten in your living room. These coasters can match any aesthetic and immediately brighten your everyday setup. Choose between natural white agate coasters for a modern appeal or shimmering green quartz for a pop of color.

Custom photo display

Create your own DIY project with custom crystal frames to highlight your most memorable moments. For this project, all you need are some photos, crystals, and wiring. Tie your wiring around your crystal, then attach a photo to each one to create a unique, colorful photo display.

Floating shelves

Place your crystals on floating shelves around your home for an energized, cleansed space. These shelves won’t take up any space, so you can easily fit them in tight hallways to create a welcoming, safe environment for your guests. Or you can mount these shelves in your bedroom, bathroom, or anywhere else to create more balanced energies throughout your home.

Fridge magnets

For a simple DIY project that can transform your kitchen, create your own crystal magnets. You’ll keep all your photo booth memories and notes on your fridge while adding new dimensions to your space.

Charging center

A charging plate is the perfect place to charge your crystals, and it can double as an astonishing decor piece. Choose between a marble center for a modern appeal or a wooden charging bowl for a rustic appearance.

crystals in a wooden bowl

Display case

Just as many people use display cases to highlight their favorite sports memorabilia, you can use them to showcase your impressive crystal collection. Use a display box for any of your larger crystals or arrange your smaller crystals and plants to brighten your space. Choose a transparent glass box, or find one with a mirror in the back for a full 360-degree view of your glimmering minerals.

Crystal Corner

Crystals can be especially powerful when you place them in the corners of a room. For example, citrine radiates the most power in the southeast corner of a room. Black tourmaline, on the other hand, are associated with protection when anchored in the main four corners of your home. Use these energies to your advantage for aesthetically pleasing corners all around your home.

Scattered crystals

Since each crystal has its own purpose and meaning, some may perform better than others in certain areas. That’s why you might want to scatter your crystals throughout your home to wherever makes the most sense for their energies. Place amethyst crystals in your bedroom for endless relaxation and black obsidian crystals in your bathroom for more cleansing vibes.

Create a crystal forest

Instead of creating a mini-garden in a display box, you can build an entire forest for your crystals. First, you’ll need a box large enough to hold all your crystals. Once you have your box, you can add details such as moss and plants alongside colorful lighting to radiate off your crystals.

The BlissRadia, for example, is a great option to illuminate your collection. It shines in gentle colors that seamlessly transition from one color to the next, showcasing your crystals in all kinds of dimensions. You can set your BlissRadia to the Greensward ambient effect to create a realistic forest-like ambiance in your display box. The soothing green hues will transform your display so you can see your crystals in a whole new light.

blissradia smart ambient mood light in grassland green
blissradia is an led ambient light with app control that shines in multiple colors

BlissRadia Smart LED Mood Light


From desktop to bedside, light the way to concentration, stimulation, or relaxation.

Display your crystals with BlissLights

Crystals can be great for uplifting your home and mind. To truly see your crystals’ full potential, you need a light that will reflect off them in the best way possible. BlissLights are a great choice. With tons of different colors to choose from, you can transform your ordinary crystal display into a calming zen space or radiating forest in seconds. Browse the BlissLights collection now to spread your crystals’ special power all throughout your home.

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