How to Detox Your Sleep Routine in 15 Steps

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, May 30, 22
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After coming home from a long day in the office, you kick off your shoes, eat dinner, and spend a couple of hours watching TV. You then hop into bed and spend some time aimlessly scrolling on your phone until you doze off around 12 a.m. But then, you wake up the next morning feeling exhausted. If this sounds all too familiar, then you may want to detox your sleep routine for a good night’s rest.

Sleep detox is when your body naturally removes waste, toxins, and hormones from brain cells and organs during sleep. This process can leave you feeling rejuvenated in the morning. According to Chinese Medicine practices, the endocrine system detoxes between 9-11 p.m., making an early bedtime a great choice. The gallbladder then detoxes between 11 p.m.-1 a.m., the liver between 1-3 a.m., and the lungs between 3-5 a.m. Allowing your body this sleep detox time can help enhance your health and feel your best.

If you’re probably wondering exactly how to detox your sleep routine, know that it can be an easy experience. Detoxing your sleep routine can happen with just a few changes to your bedtime routine. Herbal tea, gentle stretching, mood lighting, and more can be easy starting points for a good night's sleep. The below sleep tips will guide you on your way to a healthy sleep cycle.

15 ways to detox your sleep routine

Waking up with headaches, sore muscles, and fatigue isn’t how you want to start the day. A sleep cleanse is a great antidote that lets your body repair itself. This way, you can wake up in the morning feeling rested and ready to tackle whatever life throws at you. Here’s how to detox your sleep routine.

1. Sleep on your side

Research shows that sleeping on your side can help you get the most out of your overnight detoxification. That’s because the lymphatic system, which is responsible for removing toxins and waste particles, is located on your left side. Sleeping on your left side can speed up the process of toxin and waste elimination. Sleeping on your left side can also improve digestion, decrease stomach acidity, combat liver congestion, and promote proper heart function.

Before you fall asleep on your side, make sure you’re using a pillow with the right firmness level to support your neck and head. You can also place a pillow between your knees to align your hips and take pressure off your spine. But if you’re still not comfortable, don’t force yourself to stay on your side. Sleep detox means gaining restorative sleep, and that looks different for everyone. A cozy, comfortable night is what matters the most.

sleeping on side

2. Dim the lights

Rarely will you turn off the lights and immediately fall asleep. Your body needs time to wind down before rest. A sleep routine that includes gradually dimming the lights can encourage your body to wind down slowly so you can fall asleep more quickly.

When you dim the lights, your body will often produce and release the sleep hormone melatonin. The sooner before bed you dim the lights, the sooner your mind will get the signal that it’s time for sleep.

Of course, not everyone is fond of sitting in the dark or falling asleep in a pitch-black room. In that case, a night light is a wonderful way to transition from a fully illuminated space to a soothing sleep environment. For example, the BlissEmber can turn your room into a gently glowing dreamland. Its warm white, single-color, and color gradient options can begin your restful evening with a soft touch of relaxation. Just plug it in, then customize its color, effects, and brightness level right from the BlissLights app. And then, close your eyes and drift away.

blissember smart night light in bedroom hallway
blissember is a smart color changing led night light suitable for adults and kids

BlissEmber Smart Multicolor Night Light


A guiding light, a source of comfort, a way to transform your space.

3. Use breathable sheets that keep you cool

Your body temperature and the temperature in your room can affect your quality of sleep. In fact, the ideal overnight temperature is on the cooler side, at 65 degrees Fahrenheit. If your bedroom typically runs hot, though, breathable sheets can help. Because of their looser weave, these sheets trap less heat than the average bedding. Look into sheets made of percale, linen, or eucalyptus for endlessly cool, peaceful nights.

breathable sheets

4. Stay off your phone for an hour before bed

As tempting as it is to lie in bed and scroll for hours on social media, phone use can prevent good sleep detox. The light that comes from digital screens can have negative effects on your melatonin production and circadian rhythm, which are how you sleep. Try to avoid using your phone or looking at digital screens for at least an hour before you’re ready for bed. This screen-free time can help your body prepare for rest. At the very least, using screens in “night mode” can more easily help you wind down for a replenishing night.

smart phone on desk

5. Reduce sugar intake and processed foods

Limiting your intake of sugar and processed foods can improve your sleep patterns and help you say goodbye to those restless nights. That’s because certain studies have found linked high sugar consumption with disrupted sleep. Eating too much of these foods can deter your body from reaching deep sleep, which is the stage when your body restores and heals itself. Try replacing some sweets with foods high in fiber to sleep soundly through the night.

bowl of fun-size candy

6. Do a mindful meditation before bed

Going to bed stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed can lead to you tossing and turning throughout the night. Having your mind constantly in overdrive thinking about anything and everything doesn’t allow your body to take a break and prepare for rest. Incorporating mindful meditation into your bedtime routine can help you fight off these thoughts and give your body a chance to reset. You can let go of stressors to end the day and slow your thoughts for a more peaceful sleep.

woman meditation on bed

7. Stick to a consistent sleep schedule

A consistent sleep schedule is a great way to detox your sleep. When you’re constantly changing the times you go to bed and wake up, you can throw off your biological clock and interfere with detox. That’s especially true if you start falling asleep when it’s bright out or waking up before sunrise.

The sun has a strong effect on your sleep cycle, so following its lead is a great detox strategy. The light that shines during the day signals alertness to keep you awake, while the darkness initiates the production of melatonin to keep you asleep. Keeping everything consistent creates a routine for your body to learn when it’s time to relax and get ready for a rejuvenating night.

woman waking up

8. Get rid of distractions in your sleep environment

Falling asleep and staying asleep can feel impossible when there’s music coming from downstairs, dogs barking, or light shining from the TV. The list of possible distractions in your sleep environment is endless. Getting rid of those distractions can make a huge difference in your detox.

You can eliminate noise and light distractions beyond your control with a few bedtime accessories. A comfortable eye mask and some sturdy earplugs can significantly reduce unwanted noise and light. They can make you feel like you’re in your own world, ready for a tranquil night.

woman wearing silk eye mask

9. Limit your time in bed while awake

Your brain should associate your bed with sleep, not being awake and alert. To ensure you meet this goal, limit the time you spend in your bed when you aren’t heading toward your personal dream world.

For starters, you should keep your time reading a book, listening to music, or watching TV before bed to 25-30 minutes. In the morning, you should get up within 20 minutes of actually being awake. Everything else should happen away from your bed so your body knows that once you’re tucked in, it’s time to get some Z’s.

10. Drink chamomile tea

A soothing cup of hot chamomile about an hour before you go to bed is a delightful way to promote healthy sleep habits. That’s because chamomile tea has soothing properties that can make you feel sleepy, thus helping you fall asleep naturally. Try replacing your usual social media scrolling time with some hot tea to truly get in the right mindspace for a calming, detoxing evening.

chamomile tea

11. Add some essential oils

Pair your chamomile tea with some aromatherapy to maximize relaxation before you drift off to sleep. You can add two or three drops of calming essential oils such as lavender in a diffuser to potentially improve your sleep. Some other great bedtime essential oils include lavender, chamomile, peppermint, eucalyptus, and valerian oil. A few drops is all it takes for a restorative deep sleep.

essential oils

12. Enjoy a relaxing playlist

Maybe for you, lying in bed with the lights out in complete silence can hinder high-quality sleep. If you find that sitting in silence just makes your thoughts race, turning on a relaxing playlist could ease your mind. Low-key classical or instrumental music can potentially help slow your pulse and decrease stress levels. That means less anxiety, so your body can transform a night’s sleep into days’ worth of healing.

13. Read a quick bedtime story

Swapping out your smartphone with a good book can be great for detox if you choose an easy, quick read. The health benefits of reading may include easing stress, improving overall sleep quality, relieving insomnia, and promoting longer sleep. Next time you’re in bed, open your favorite book to slow things down until your eyes feel heavy.

reading in bed

14. Do some light stretching

Before pulling the covers over yourself, spend ten minutes doing some light stretching for a more restful sleep. Low-intensity yoga stretches can be great here – child’s pose, for example, can reduce sleep-related pain and leave your muscles feeling nice and loose. Stretching can also help calm you in ways that can transform your sleep. Instead of lying in bed wondering when you’ll doze off, you’ll be ready to experience a beautiful night of deep rest.

woman stretching

15. Use the right lighting colors

The lighting in your bedroom isn’t just there to help you get around in the dark. In fact, lighting colors can help calm you. Blue, pink, and green lighting, for example, all have a calming effect on your brain. That makes good lighting a sleep detox essential.

With the BlissRadia ambient mood light, you can instantly transform your bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary ideal for slumber. The BlissRadia’s effortless transitions among colors can create a sublime, tranquil atmosphere. You can customize and control the color just by whispering to your Google Home or Alexa from your bed. And then, just close your eyes and let your body transport you to a night of great rest.

woman in bed next to blissradia smart ambient light
blissradia is an led ambient light with app control that shines in multiple colors

BlissRadia Smart LED Mood Light


From desktop to bedside, light the way to concentration, stimulation, or relaxation.

Create a sleep utopia with BlissLights

Once you’ve sipped on some chamomile tea, finished your stretches, and enjoyed some aromatherapy, it’s time to dim the lights and relax. With dimmable BlissLights, you can gradually prepare for the night and mentally transport yourself into a sleep-ready paradise. Browse the BlissLights collection to transform your room into an enchanting, detox-ready dream before you even close your eyes.

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