Best TikTok Lights: What LED Lights Do TikTokers Use?

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, Feb 21, 22
Best TikTok Lights: What LED Lights Do TikTokers Use?

If you want to stand out and build your following on TikTok, you can start with your phone and a set routine, but there’s much more to it than that. How your videos look can play a big part in whether your audience wants to watch your content. Lighting plays a big role in that, perfectly setting the mood and scene for the message you’re trying to convey. That’s why you see so many TikTok videos with colorful, changing lights or viral galaxy projectors. Read on to discover which LED lights TikTokers use to gain more views and followers while conjuring their creativity.

What are TikTok lights?

TikTok lights are any fixtures that personalities on the app use for enhanced video lighting. They can help minimize shadows, add special effects, or showcase certain items. Some of the lights TikTokers use include:

  • Ring lights. Many TikTokers, especially makeup gurus, use these halo-shaped fixtures to enhance their appearance on camera. That’s because ring lights are designed to perfectly illuminate selfies and reduce shadows, making them ideal for shooting footage on your phone. To get the full effect, place your phone in the middle of your ring light’s halo for a glamorous effect.
  • Camera lights. Ever wonder how content creators always look so good on camera? LED camera lights might be why. They attach directly to your phone and use hundreds of tiny bulbs to create bright, smooth lighting. Use them for your next road trip, nighttime movie shoot, or on-the-go filming.
  • Neon. Want vibes? Neon brings them. You can choose from all kinds of shapes, shades, or words to enhance your filming space and create bright, colorful effects.
  • Natural light. In TikTok videos – and in any video – the sun is your best source of light. Pay special attention to golden hour, the time just after sunrise and just before sunset when natural light is at its best.
  • Table lamps. Let’s say you’re new to TikTok and you don’t quite have the budget for a professional rig just yet. In that case, your ordinary table lamps work just fine as you’re getting started. Simply move your lamp to the corner and prop your phone for an affordable and effective source. After you decide you’re in the content game for good, you might want to upgrade to the other lights on this list.
  • String lights. To give your TikTok video a dim evening glow, loosely hang these fixtures around your ceiling. They work well for dancing or singing videos or to show off your newest room decor. They’re super budget-friendly, and the setup requires just some tape and thumbtacks.

 influencer setting up ring light

What are TikTok lights used for?

Fixtures for TikTok content creation enhance your space, make you look great on camera, or add special effects to your videos. You can also use certain color-changing lights to fully immerse your viewers in your videos with enticing hues and effects. Below are three ways that TikTokers often use lights in their videos.

Mood lighting

Some of the most popular TikTok videos involve creators combining lights and music to put on a show. If you film a video like this and it goes viral, your follower count could shoot up, and then you’ll need to keep all this attention. Lighting that can transform your settings to set the mood and convey your message can help.

colorful mood lighting for tiktok

Dance background lights

For a while, TikTok was best known for its dance challenges. Even as the platform has expanded and grown, these challenges haven’t disappeared, and the right type of light can make your takes way better. After all, many dance challenge videos feature flashing lights of all colors beating to the sound of the music.

Smart LED strips that respond to the song you’re dancing to would be great for your dance challenges. Thanks to their sticky backing that’ll attach firmly to any surface, they're super easy to install. Once you have everything ready, just draw the curtains, then put on your dancing shoes and start recording.

dancing man

Ambient lighting

This is the foundational layer of all lighting design. Many TikTokers use this source through recessed ceiling fixtures, wall sconces, or mounted ceiling fixtures to intensify the light on their videos. Then, there’s ambient mood lighting, which replaces these everyday fixtures with colorful gradients and effects. This way, you can get a bright white hue as you perform or a gentle blue shade as you show off your collection. In addition, you can seamlessly transition from one color to the next with just the push of a button for ultimate convenience.

What LED lights do TikTokers use?

Whether you’re new to TikTok, working on a small budget, or engaging millions of followers, LED fixtures are key to great videos. They give you reliable illumination and all kinds of effects without breaking the bank. Plus, they don’t overheat, so you won’t raise the temperature as you use them for hours on end. Read on to discover the seven most popular fixtures that TikTokers use.

1. BlissGlow Multicolor LED Strip

The BlissGlow Multicolor LED Light Strip can transform your ordinary space into one filled with creative energy. You can instantly switch up your surroundings right from your phone with the BlissHome app. Its independent color control means you can shine up to 12 colors at once for all your dance routines. The BlissGlow also features four music sensing modes so you can set your scene based on the body-rocking beats you’re hoping will take you viral.

The BlissGlow is super easy to set up, too – and you can use it in more than one space. Just peel off the adhesive backing and stick them onto any surface. Then, download the accompanying app to transition yourself into a whole new space as your room comes to life.

Key features:

  • Illuminate your space with one to 12 colors simultaneously
  • Set four music-sensing modes to match your TikTok video’s soundtrack
  • Control brightness, effects, and colors right from the BlissLights app

Price: $49.99 on

2. Inkeltech Ring Light

The Inkeltech Ring Light is an 18 inch, 60W dimmable LED fixture with multiple color temperature settings. You can set the temperature between 3000K and 6000K for both daytime and nighttime usage. The Inkeltech features an adjustable stand so you can use it standing or sitting. It also includes a place to position your phone or camera as you film. With the remote control, you can adjust the brightness, take pictures, or change the color temperature.

Key features:

  • Adjustable stand for standing or sitting videos
  • Remote control for taking pictures or adjusting effects
  • Color temperature range from 3000K to 6000K

Price: $99.95 on Amazon

inkeltech ring light

3. BlissRadia Smart Ambient Mood Light

If you need to illuminate your video in every possible color (or colors!), the BlissRadia Smart Ambient Mood Light has you covered. This ambient mood light fills your space with a soft, gentle glow that seamlessly transitions from one color to the next. With 16 million color options across the rainbow, the BlissRadia can set the right mood for whatever type of video you’re filming. Use it as an accent piece or change it to resemble natural hues as you give a DIY hairstyling tutorial.

Through the BlissHome app, Google Home, or Alexa, you can set features on the BlissRadia, including dusk-to-dawn mode and other timers. You can also control the light’s brightness settings or colors. Setting the right scene for your next viral video has never been more of a dream.

Key features:

  • Control via BlissHome app, Alexa, or Google Home
  • Features nine preset color-gradient effects
  • Seamlessly transitions between colors for engrossing videos

Price: $39.99 on

blissradia smart mood light in grassland green
blissradia is an led ambient light with app control that shines in multiple colors

BlissRadia Smart LED Mood Light


From desktop to bedside, light the way to concentration, stimulation, or relaxation.

4. Daybetter LED Strip Lights

The Daybetter LED Strip Light is a 50-foot strip with app control, music sync, and color-changing effects. It includes a 24-button infrared remote control so you can transition between colors. You must plug the light’s power adapter into an infrared receiver to enable this remote control.

Key features:

  • Remotely controlled for easy transition between colors
  • Music sensing mode goes along with the beat of your video’s sounds
  • App control for color-changing effects

Price: $19.99 on Amazon

daybetter led lights

5. IKEA DIODER LED Light Strip Set

Each of the four strips in the DIODER LED Light Strip Set from IKEA is 25 centimeters (9.84 inches) long. The DIODER’s power cord adds another 3.5 meters (11.48 feet). Each light shines with 24 lumens of brightness. You can connect the four links in a straight line or make an L shape along the corners of your wall. You can shift among seven colors or stay on a single color.

Key features:

  • Seven colors available
  • Includes four lighting strips
  • Arrange strips in straight line or L shape

Price: 30€ ($33.27) on

ikea led lights

6. Minger LED Strip Lights

With the Minger LED Strip Lights, you can choose between three sizing options: 16.4 feet, 32.8 feet, or 65.6 feet. Each size includes 16 color options and DIY selection. The 44-key remote allows you to switch between colors, adjust the brightness, or toggle among lighting modes. In addition, these strips include peel-off adhesives for easy installation.

Key features:

  • 44-key remote for switching between colors
  • Multiple sizes
  • 16 color options

Price: $11.89 to $42.99 on Amazon

minger led lights

7. Pixel Store Ring Light with Wireless Remote

Measuring in at 19 inches, the Pixel Store Ring Light offers color temperature options from 3000K to 5800K. With the wireless remote, you can adjust the brightness, set the channel, or adjust the color temperature. The ring can hold your phone, so you can easily film your TikTok videos. You can power it via a wall outlet or batteries.

Key features:

  • 19-inch ring
  • Color temperature range from 3000K to 5800K
  • Wall-outlet or battery power

Price: $104.99 on Amazon

pixel store ring light

Illuminate your filming space with BlissLights

The best LEDs for TikTok transform your filming space to fulfill your creative vision. With BlissLights, you can shine a new light into your surroundings as you film food hacks, dance challenges, makeup tutorials, and more. They’re easy to install and use, so you’ll never again question how your favorite TikToker has so many followers – you’ll be right there beside them. Browse the BlissLights collection now to bring your TikTok space to life.

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