Statement Lighting That Will Turn Heads In Your Home

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Statement Lighting That Will Turn Heads In Your Home

Your home should be your sanctuary, but it should also be a welcoming, interesting, and perhaps exciting place for visitors. Furniture and wall art are certainly good ways to express your style and set the right vibe in any room, but the importance of lighting for your home’s ambiance is often overlooked. Statement lighting helps on this front—learn all about it below.

What are statement lights?

Statement lights are any light fixtures that prove immediately striking upon entering your home. Oftentimes, they can serve as fixtures on their own, standing head and shoulders above a regular lamp or ceiling light. They’re the kind of lights that make your guests say, “Woah!” They often evoke glamour, modernism, and a teensy bit of drama. They’re perfect for bringing wonder and wow into your home.

How to select statement lighting

As you buy statement lighting fixtures for your home, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Which room best serves the statement. If you exercise at home in your bedroom, maybe that’s not the place for low-hanging pendant lights. Likewise, stainless steel statement lights might stand out a bit too much in a room with everyday tiling and paint colors. Save these bolder fixtures for kitchens with granite or marble countertops and shiny, new appliances -- anywhere where your visitors are gathering.
  • Your room’s shape. Asymmetrical room architecture can present interior design challenges that statement lighting can solve. For example, glass globes arranged geometrically in the center of a slanted ceiling naturally draw the eye toward the center, thus largely masking the slant. Additionally, large statement lights can make small rooms feel bigger – and, of course, more dazzling.
  • Which color temperature works best. Warm lighting is best for relaxing spaces, and cool lighting is best for workspaces. That’s why, if you’re using your statement light fixtures for elegance instead of stimulation, you should check that your favorite warm light bulbs fit into your fixtures. Cool light emanating from a chandelier is too energizing to adequately bring the experience of relaxed glamour to your living room.
  • Which statement lighting fixtures are the most fun. Whether the statement you’re going for is swanky or subtle, you’ll flounder if you choose boring, everyday light fixtures. The ordinary floor lamp you use for ambient lighting just won’t cut it for statement lighting – you need unusually shaped or colored lighting fixtures instead. This way, you can see your space in a whole new light.

9 statement lighting ideas

Depending on your room’s shape and purpose – not to mention your artistic and decorative taste – one (or several!) of the below statement lighting ideas might best transform your home.

1. Lighted signs

You’re probably used to seeing lighted signs at bars, restaurants, and clubs, and that’s exactly why they make great statement lights. Adding these neon lights to your home can evoke the feeling of being somewhere else far away even though you haven’t moved an inch. They do more than make a statement – they let you have a night out on the town without actually going anywhere.

lighted sign

2. Chandeliers

Take a second to register what comes to mind when you first think of chandeliers – perhaps you’re seeing striking mansion entryways with dual staircases and people dressed in fancy attire. That’s why chandeliers are perhaps the most classic of all statement lights: They instantly transform your room into an elegant, inviting space. Crystal chandeliers make especially strong statements, as their dangling, clear glass shapes reflect light in all directions.


3. Oversize floor lamps

Whereas your everyday floor lamp won’t make much of a statement, an oversized one certainly will. A floor lamp with a lampshade that’s disproportionately large compared to its stem looks so unusual that it’s certain to draw attention not just to itself but your whole space. Oversized floor lamps are also much easier to install than lighted signs and chandeliers – they’re a simple way to make a bold statement.

oversized lamp

4. Aurora lights

You don’t always need big, fancy lighting fixtures to make a statement. Aurora lights, which are compact enough to fit in your backpack, transform your space just as easily. The Ark Ambient Aurora Light, for example, projects green northern lights against blue backdrops spread across your ceiling and walls. More than a statement, it’s an experience – one you can enjoy without traveling all the way north.

ark aurora light

ark aurora projector

ARK Aurora Light


Transcend reality with a moving abstract aurora.

5. Retro chic lighting

Retro chic lighting includes fixtures with funky, colorful bases and, in many cases, exposed spherical bulbs. These bulbs often resemble bubbles popping out from geometrical forms in eye-catching hues, so they add character to any room. Their large spherical bulbs also function great as inspired dining room lighting or white kitchen lighting. Prepping and eating meals under retro-chic lighting only adds more flavor to an already delicious experience.

retro chic lighting

6. Hanging ceiling lights

Any light that descends from your ceiling via a wire or a stem will surely draw attention to itself. That’s because most overhead lights are recessed within ceilings or housed in ceiling fans, so any deviation from this form immediately stands out. These hanging lights can also make small rooms appear larger since they emphasize height rather than length or width, thus distracting your guests from your minimal square footage.

hanging ceiling lights

7. Contrasting statement lighting

If your walls and countertops are all a certain color, try choosing statement light fixtures in contrasting colors. For example, fixtures painted white in a baby-blue room immediately draw the eye toward them since they shine so strongly against your already colorful walls. Using several opposite-color statement lights arranged geometrically can also make your room appear longer.

Despite the endless possibilities that contrasting lights can provide, you should make sure that your contrasting fixtures don’t stand out too strongly. You want to emphasize focal points already in the room rather than creating new ones. A lighting fixture that becomes a focal point distracts your guests from everything else – furniture, decorations, paint colors – that makes your room wonderful.

contrasting light fixtures

8. Concrete lighting

Although concrete isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking of nice-looking objects, concrete lights are often quite gorgeous. Their detailed textures and deep gray hues (and gold colors if your concrete fixtures are also brass lights) resemble few other lighting fixtures. Whether you get them as table or pendant lamps, they stand out and make a name for themselves wherever you place them.

concrete lighting

Via HomeEdit

9. Galaxy lights

Galaxy lights have been making statements all over the internet. They’ve recently gone viral by filling rooms with cloudy nebulas and stars instead of just ordinary ambient lighting. On TikTok, the Sky Lite Evolve Galaxy Projector is perhaps the most beloved galaxy light, because it’s more than a statement light. It’s a way to shift your perspective with just the press of a button.

galaxy lighting

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

Make a statement with BlissLights

Statement lighting alters your space’s character and perceived dimensions, and the best statement lights also transform your present surroundings while mentally transporting you elsewhere. Here at BlissLights, our laser lights and projectors can take you miles away – to starry nights, northern lights, and galaxies beyond – without you moving an inch. Browse our collection to find statement lights that transform your space in an instant.

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