Spacecore Aesthetic - Ultimate How-to Guide with Decor Ideas

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, Jul 04, 22
Spacecore Aesthetic - Ultimate How-to Guide with Decor Ideas

Maybe you’ve always dreamed about blasting off to the moon and taking a trip around the glistening galaxy. Or maybe your kids are fascinated with everything extraterrestrial. In either case, a spacecore aesthetic might be just what your home needs. Transforming a standard room with this out-of-this-world style can inspire your mind and get you thinking like an astronomer. All you need are some creativity and this guide to get you started.

What is the spacecore aesthetic?

The spacecore aesthetic is based on anything and everything in space, such as planets, galaxies, stars, nebulas, and moons. However, this aesthetic isn’t just about what’s in the sky – spacecore can also include the technology needed to observe and study the cosmic phenomena. Many fans of the spacecore aesthetic might enjoy retro and Space Age themes, telescopes, stargazing, astrology, and astronomy.

What is mooncore?

While spacecore involves all things related to or in the galaxy, mooncore revolves around a deep appreciation and interest for just the moon. Although it focuses mainly on the moon, those who love the dreamy mooncore aesthetic often value the stars around it too. Mooncore enthusiasts often also appreciate the effects the moon has on the solar system.

crescent moon

Where does the spacecore aesthetic come from?

The spacecore aesthetic draws its style from well-known visual images of the galaxy. Dark blues, purple, green, and fuschia are common colors found in space. The spacecore aesthetic uses these hues – and expands on them – to create divine astral color palettes. It also includes the patterns of stars, planets, and interstellar clouds to design gorgeous cosmic sights.

How to get the spacecore aesthetic

If you’re not sure what exactly goes into the spacecore aesthetic, take a second to close your eyes and mentally visualize common outer space elements. Need a few more ideas? Below is a list of popular space visuals to help you bring outer space home.

  • Stars. No galaxy is complete without lots of shining, shimmering, splendid stars to illuminate the dark night sky.
  • Moons. This cratered silver sphere does much more than cast an ethereal glow. It brings the Earth to life.
  • Planets. You can’t forget about planets when designing your spacecore aesthetic. After all, without them, the solar system wouldn’t exist.
  • Telescopes. Putting up stickers of stars, moons, and planets is great, but observing the solar system with your own eyes through a telescope is something else.
  • Crystals. Sparkling crystals can amplify the beauty of the galaxy’s mesmerizing space objects.
  • UFOs and aliens. Part of the fascination with space is the mystery of what’s out there. Let your imagination fly with the thought of UFOs and aliens blazing through the nebula.
  • Constellations. These groups of stars can be fun to spot and intriguing to track – and create in your home.
  • Nebulas. When interstellar dust mixes with gas, a tranquil yet captivating scene of blues, purples, greens, and reds emerges.
  • Galaxies. From our Milky Way to other galaxies far away, these collections of swirling stars, and radiant dust clouds are the epitome of spacecore.
  • Astronauts. Many spacecore enthusiasts dream of becoming an astronaut to step foot on a new planet and explore the depths of space.
  • Solar systems. The sun, the moon, planets, and stars create our wonderful solar system that can become part of your home.

space shuttle

13 Space Age decor items for your spacecore aesthetic

From murals and projectors to clothes and accessories, there are endless ways to bring the Space Age right under your own roof. These spectacular spacecore aesthetic decor ideas can take your home out of this world.

1. Glow-in-the-dark stars

When the sun goes down and the moon comes out, spacecore enthusiasts can probably be found staring at the twinkling stars in the night sky. Does this sound like you? If so, the magic doesn’t have to stop once you head back inside. With glow-in-the-dark stars, you can peel and stick a variety of stars all over your ceiling. You’ll drift off to sleep while gazing into your very own constellation.

2. Star and galaxy projectors

If you can’t blast off into outer space, you can always bring outer space to you. Star and galaxy projectors shine an entire cosmos around you, allowing you to view your room like never before.

You can use the Sky Lite Evolve for a fully immersive galactic experience. This spherical galaxy light’s 360-degree design allows you to shine a myriad of vivid, revamped nebula cloud colors and glittering laser stars everywhere around you. You can control the Evolve’s colors, effects, and timers right from the BlissHome app, and you can pair it with other BlissLights for further immersion. You’ll have an entire cosmic system ready to gleam right at your fingertips.

sky lite evolve galaxy projector in bedroom in pink

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

3. Moon lamps

The moon can shine right into your room when you incorporate a moon lamp into your decor. Place a moon lamp in your bedroom to give you your own mini-moon that can cast a soft, soothing glow to end your night. You can travel all the way to the moon and back without leaving your bed.

moon lamp

4. Constellation stickers

Display the glorious constellations in all their glory with constellation stickers. These easy-to-use wall decals peel and stick to your walls or ceilings for a beautiful, bold starry configuration. Whether your dream is to be an astronomer or you're a space aficionado, you can spend all day and night around your celestial creations.

5. Bed covers

No bedroom with a spacecore aesthetic would be complete without comfy cosmic bed covers. This way, at the end of a long day, you can climb into your bed, and get tucked under enthralling galactic images and nebulas. While you dream, the entire universe will be right there to provide warmth, inspiration, and transcendence.

6. Wall murals

In small spaces, wall murals can be a perfect way to show off your spacecore aesthetic without taking up additional room. You can paint an enchanting galaxy wall mural to show off your artistic side. With alluring blue and purple hues over a black base, your mural wall will immediately catch the eye of anyone who sees it. Take it one step further and paint some of your favorite constellations in silver for an extraordinary flair.

7. Galaxy tapestries

Wall murals aren’t the only way to use your wall space for decor. For a quick wall transformation that requires no messy paint, hang a galaxy tapestry. This gives you the flexibility to move your galaxy around your room or swap it out for something different without the need for repainting. Choose from bold and vivid colors or subtle black and whites – there’s a tapestry for every type of spacecore aesthetic.

8. Crystal solar system ball

This crystal ball won’t show you the future, but it will show you the entire solar system. Brilliant stars and glowing planets inside a shiny crystal ball can capture your attention and set a calming mood. Place it on your desk, nightstand, bookcase, or shelf for a unique addition to your decor. You can hold the whole Milky Way in the palm of your hands.

9. Alien figurines

Instill a sense of extraterrestrial mystery and intrigue with alien figurines placed around your room. You can display a collection you already have or start a new one full of saucers and weird green humanoid aliens. Large, small, glow-in-the-dark, rare, and cute alien figurines can all give your area otherworldly vibes.

10. Vintage sci-fi props

Although you can’t just take a quick trip to outer space and back for some phenomenal intergalactic decor, you can do the next best thing. That would be taking a trip to an antique store for some vintage sci-fi props. Thrift and antique stores can be gold mines for retro and vintage space accessories that take you back in time and forward into space.

11. Astronomical art

Trying to keep your room modern and chic? Astronomical art combines abstract imagery, impressionism, and realism into awe-inspiring space art. With exquisite details and elegant imagery, your room will become a captivating universe all its own.

12. Glitter star blankets

Feel safe, cozy, and stylish as you drift asleep under your glitter star blanket. These soft throws can add a fashionable touch of space to your decor. At night, when the moonlight hits the blanket just right, the glitter stars might sparkle like crystals. It’s all perfect for snuggling up with your loved ones while watching a meteor shower light up the sky like fireworks.

13. Ambient mood lights

When thinking about outer space and its enchanting qualities, it’s hard not to feel at peace. You can infuse your spacecore aesthetic area with a sense of calm through the BlissRadia. This smart mood orb diffuses gentle, colorful hues in any room. With phone control or voice command, you can adjust the brightness and shift the vibrant color gradients – all without disturbing your moment of serenity.

blissradia smart mood light in sky blue
blissradia is an led ambient light with app control that shines in multiple colors

BlissRadia Smart LED Mood Light


From desktop to bedside, light the way to concentration, stimulation, or relaxation.

Trek through the nebula with BlissLights

Bringing the spacecore aesthetic into your room can be a trendy way to blend the unknown of space into everyday life. As you set up your spacecore aesthetic room, BlissLights can make a huge difference. BlissLights can give you an all-new affection for space with entrancing laser projections and ambient mood lighting that can create a celestial paradise. Browse the BlissLights collection now to board your mental spaceship and take off on an interstellar adventure right from home.

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