20 Slumber Party Decoration Ideas and Themes for Kids

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Jun 03, 22
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Some of your best childhood memories might involve spending nights at friends’ homes enjoying midnight snacks, watching movies, and talking all night long. Now, you can recreate that memorable experience for your own children. All you need are exciting activities and inspiring themes. Read on to discover 20 slumber party decorations and themes you can create in your home.

How do you decorate for a sleepover party?

If you're planning on throwing a birthday bash or slumber party, the below decoration ideas are a great starting point. They can also help you figure out what to ask other parents to bring for their little ones.

  • Pick a slumber party theme. Creating a themed slumber party for your child’s get-together can be a challenge, especially when you’re hosting lots of kids. Choosing a theme and immersing the room in it with proper lighting and party decorations can bring the party to a whole new level. It’ll make the slumber party an experience they’ll never forget.
  • Clear a space on the family room floor. You don’t need a bed or couch for each kid when you throw a slumber party. Instead, all you need is an open space, such as a living room or basement floor, for your kid’s friends to set up their sleeping bags and pillows.
  • Have guests bring some items. Especially if your child is inviting a large group of friends, you may want to ask their parents to pack some cozy extras. After all, even if you’re well-stocked on pillows, blankets, sleeping bags, and stuffed animals, some add-ons can certainly help elevate the experience.

shoes and colorful sleeping bags

Things to do at a slumber party

Once you’ve figured out a theme for your slumber party, the next step is to choose some activities that keep everyone entertained. Below are a few fun party games you can set up for your kids.

Play a game of chubby bunny

If you’re looking for a classic sleepover game that can lighten the mood and bring tons of laughs, chubby bunny is a great option. To play, all you need is a bag of medium-sized marshmallows and a group of hungry kids. Start by having each kid place a marshmallow into their own mouth. As they say the phrase “chubby bunny,” keep adding marshmallows one at a time. The person who can say “chubby bunny” with the most marshmallows in their mouth wins.

white marshmallows

Scavenger hunt in the dark

For a fun, active nighttime game, send your kid and friends outside for a scavenger hunt. Start by laying out multiple clues around your house and attaching a small toy or piece of candy to each. Then, divide your group into small teams and hand each one a flashlight. Whichever team can find the final prize first wins the game – and a delightful treat.

Make dream catchers

Let all the kids show off their unique talents with a make-your-own dreamcatcher station. All everyone needs is washi tape, colorful yarn, and bright beads. Once they’ve finished creating their masterpieces, they can bring them home as party favors to set above their bed as they drift off to blissful sleep.

colorful dream catcher

Create take-home art

If creating dream catchers might be a bit too time-consuming and difficult for the kids, you can set up a few small crafts instead. This way, everyone can choose their favorite activity. You can set up a painting station where the kids can choose either a canvas or a vase to paint. You can also create a bracelet-making station using beads and yarn. This activity will spark the kids’ imaginations while letting everyone create their own party favors.

Superhero movie trivia

Get a group of friends together to enjoy their favorite superhero movie marathon. But instead of simply watching each movie, you can up the stakes with a trivia game. Give each guest a trivia card to fill out as they watch the movie. Then, whoever has the most correct answers at the end wins a prize. The prize can be anything from a small superhero gadget to a movie-themed box filled with candy boxes and one of their favorite superhero films.

Create a model runway

If your kids are at the age where they love doing makeovers, you can create an entire evening dedicated to the red carpet. Start by creating your unique runway party invitations with details on what kinds of outfits the kids should wear. Set up a few stations around your house for makeup, hair, and costumes. Then, create a runway in the middle of your living room by hanging a disco light to illuminate the models stunning outfits. You should also include an arrangement of pillows and blankets on the floor so everyone can be a part of the elite show.

Gaming tournament

If your child’s friends are a bit high-energy, let them exhaust it with a gaming tournament around your house. Your games can be anything from a game of kickball or soccer to seeing who can build the tallest block tower that won’t fall over. Start by setting up three to five games both inside and outside your house and then dividing the kids into two teams. This tournament is a great way for kids to stay active and create fun, memorable moments with their friends.

13 slumber party decoration ideas

If you’re struggling to find the perfect decor to match your theme, these 13 slumber party ideas can help you find inspiration.

1. Retro outdoor movie night

Rewind your clocks and bring back the classic movie theater vibes with an outdoor movie theater. Hang a clean white sheet on your garage or the side of a shed. Then, grab your projector and all the blankets and pillows for a cozy night under the stars. Of course, a movie night isn’t complete without snacks, so set up a popcorn table – and don’t stop there. Add some soda bottles and taffy that will please the kids while taking you back to your own childhood.

2. Glow in the dark

Turn off your overhead lights and blast some pop hits to set the scene for a glow-in-the-dark party. Fill your house with neon-colored balloons and signs, bright glow sticks, and some metallic streamers for some extra shine.

To really set the party scene, you’ll need a fun light that transitions from color to color to enliven your dance floor. The BlissRadia is a great example. This ambient light diffuses colorful hues that seamlessly transition through the whole rainbow. Use the BlissHome app, Google Home, or Amazon Alexa to change its transitions and effects for an instant slumber party transformation.

blissradia smart ambient mood light in grassland green
blissradia is an led ambient light with app control that shines in multiple colors

BlissRadia Smart LED Mood Light


From desktop to bedside, light the way to concentration, stimulation, or relaxation.

3. Spa pajama party

After a week filled with back-to-back sports games, your kid and friends could probably use an at-home spa day. To create your own, all you need is a few spa essentials such as nail polish, lotion, and sleeping masks. Start by laying down blankets and pillows across your floor to create a cozy vibe. Then, dim the lights and add a diffuser to really set the scene. All the kids will transcend into bliss within minutes.

4. ‘80s cool

The ‘80s were all about pop-rock music and bright neon colors, and kids who were born long after still often love that. To take your space back in time, decorate it with bright balloons, signs, necklaces, and glowsticks. Then, to get the party started, hang some colorful lights and place a boombox in the corner to blast ‘80s hits. Make a game out of your music and have each kid guess each song. Whoever gets the most correct wins a prize.

5. Indoor sleepover tents

As kids, the idea of camping may sound like a blast, but for an adult, the setup and cleanup are less than ideal. You can create a similar experience without the mud, mosquito spray, and campfire aroma – right from the comforts of home. All you need are a few tents, sleeping bags, pillows, and fairy lights to dangle inside some indoor tents.

kids playing in indoor camping tent

To make the experience more realistic, bring the night sky right into your home with the Sky Lite Evolve. This light will shine the entire galaxy onto your living room ceiling with just the push of a button. All the kids will gently drift off to sleep under the floating nebulas and twinkling stars. You can adjust the speed and brightness of the soaring sky to experience the great outdoors – but indoors – like never before.

sky lite evolve effect colors
sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

6. Hollywood glam

Transcend the classic pajama party with a night of Hollywood glam. Make sure your kid’s party invites ask your guests to come dressed like Zendaya and Tom Holland. Then, set the scene by hanging metallic streamers and laying out a red carpet for photo ops. Finish off the night with a glass of sparkling grape juice and an hors d'oeuvres table filled with pigs in a blanket and other delightful small bites.

7. Best friends forever

If your kid and their friends are the peanut butter to each other's jelly, “best friends forever” is a great slumber party decoration idea. For this theme, you can set up a few BFF craft stations. The kids can make matching tie-dye t-shirts or build a bracelet for each other out of yarn. These activities are a fun way to inspire your kids’ creativity as they show how much they love their best friends.

8. Horror

It doesn’t have to be Halloween for you to go all out on the spooky Halloween decor. For a night filled with thrills, transform your house into a haunted mansion using fake webs, skulls, and bats dangling from the ceiling. To go the extra mile, make all your snacks horror-themed with bloody fruit punch and raspberry “blood-filled” cupcakes. You don’t want to full-on scare the kids, but you do want to surround them with friendly ghosts they’ll never forget.

9. Barbie Doll party

If your child and their friends are Barbie lovers, a Barbie-themed party might be exactly what you need. Start by decorating your home with pink balloons, ribbons, and lots of glitter. Then, create fun stations around your home for your guests and their Barbies. A makeup station, for example, can take Barbie to the next level.

10. Ice cream slumber party

Ice cream parties are great for those humid summer days when you can’t seem to cool down no matter how much you crank your AC. Create a make-your-own sundae station for the kids with ice cream, waffle bowls, and fun toppings such as syrups, cherries, and colorful sprinkles. This way, the kids can beat the summer heat with a treat as cool as your party decorations.

11. Marvel or DC superhero

Call up a group of parents and settle the kids in for a night streaming your child’s favorite superhero movies. Make the night more immersive and ask each guest to arrive dressed as their favorite Marvel or DC superhero. Then, decorate your home in classic superhero colors with balloons and streamers. You can match your snack table to the theme with a superhero themed-cake or superhero plates and bowls for a multi-level experience.

12. Rainforest romp

Transform your home into a tropical jungle with tons of greenery and bright florals. First, place green streamers, paper trees, and fake leaves all over your living room and kitchen. Then, set up a cozy movie station filled with tropical stuffed animals, blankets, and pillows. To bring the rainforest to life, set up a boombox or connect your phone to a speaker to play soft jungle music.

13. Frozen sleepover

Transform your home into a frozen tundra by adding fake snowflakes, blue and white balloons, streamers, and glitter inside your home. During the snow-filled months, you can build Olaf outside to welcome all the kids as they arrive at your home. And in the summer, the Ark Ambient Light can make your home glisten like the winter sky.

The Ark shines a laser aurora over soft blue nebulas that transform your living space into the dark, cold spell cast on Arendelle. Grab some pillows and blankets for the kids to bundle up and fall asleep under the soaring wintery sights. It’ll be the coolest slumber party ever.

ark aurora effect
ark aurora projector

ARK Aurora Light


Transcend reality with a moving abstract aurora.

Create a perfect slumber party with BlissLights

No matter which party decorations you choose for your slumber party, you’ll need proper lighting to set the scene. Laser projectors and mood lights are great examples, and through BlissLights, you get the best of both worlds. Browse the BlissLights collection now to transform your ordinary slumber party into an illuminating, unforgettable experience.

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