11 Prom Afterparty Ideas To Make Your Teen's Special Night Even Better

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Apr 22, 22
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In high school, prom is a night to never forget. From getting ready with friends to attending the dance and throwing a prom after-party, this rite of passage is one-of-a-kind. Throwing a post-prom party is a great way to make this special night last even longer. Read on to discover 11 parent-approved prom after-party ideas that’ll help perfect a night students will never forget.

What do you do at an after-prom party?

Picture it: At 11 p.m. on prom night, the DJ calls out the last song and sets the mood with twinkling silver lights. As everyone sways to the music with their prom dates, they silently wish the evening didn’t have to end. Prom after-parties keep the night going.

Post-prom parties are events that happen after the formal dance ends. They often take place off school grounds. The party can be anything from a small, intimate gathering to a music-blasting dance party in the backyard. They keep the special spark of prom going just a bit longer.

11 fun prom afterparty ideas

To create an after-prom event that everyone will enjoy, below are some party ideas to try:

1. Have a bonfire

The sweetness of prom doesn’t have to end at midnight. Since prom is near the end of the school year, there’s no better time to host a “start of the summer” bonfire party. It’s a great after-prom idea if your group is small and you have a big yard with a fire pit.

To make your bonfire party more of a big event rather than a casual gathering, set up a large tent with tables and chairs. Set up refreshments, snacks, and a s’mores station under the tent to complement the summer theme.

2. Host a movie marathon

It’s easy to feel worn out after dancing the night away – that’s true even for high schoolers. Prom-goers looking for a chill way to end the evening might do great with an after-prom movie marathon. Set up some blankets, popcorn, and mood lighting to set the scene.


With the BlissRadia smart ambient mood light, you can create the perfect ambiance for your movie marathon. The BlissRadia diffuses gentle hues from across the rainbow that can stand still or seamlessly flutter from one color to the next. This magical orb can transition from a bright red during horror films to a soft blue while everyone nestles into a blissful sleep. Whoever connects their phone to the light can set the night’s mood on entirely their own terms.

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3. Play mini-golf

For a large group of after-prom partiers, mini-golf is a great activity that leaves room for everyone to participate. However, planning a mini-golf after-prom can take some extra effort. You’ll need to set aside enough time to find a mini-golf place willing to make an after-hours reservation. Call ahead to book the course and facilities for the whole group so after-prom happens without a hitch.

Once you’ve booked a location, it’s time to pull together the details. Think about how you might want to decorate the mini-golf space if the owners allow it. Stock the room with snacks and sodas to keep everyone full and energized during this late-night adventure.

mini golf putter

4. Enjoy game night

For a fun, interactive way to end all the prom events, set up a giant game night for everyone after the big ball. Classic board games, casino night, and interactive video games are all on the table. To truly go all out, you can set up life-sized versions of classic games like a big checkerboard with life-sized pieces. It might take an open mind and lots of creativity, but with some household items and a trip to the store, you can go big.

5. Go swimming

If the weather is typically nice in your area around prom season, take advantage of it with a late-night after-prom pool party. All you need is wireless speakers for music, a few fun floaties, and some colorful twinkling lights to set the mood. For a larger group, consider adding a volleyball net or a couple of boards for students to play cornhole.

6. Do karaoke

Whether your group includes all the chorus kids or some less talented singers, karaoke is a great after-prom activity for letting loose and laughing. You can do it at home, too – karaoke machines bring the private room experience right to you.

Set the stage with disco lights, streamers, and snacks to keep everyone tuned into each performance. Encourage everyone to cheer along and sing along too. You can even create a game show out of it – give everyone a card to vote for their favorite performance. Take a photo of the winner to make after-prom truly last forever.

girl in sparkling dress singing karaoke

7. Visit a roller rink

Roller skating rinks are perfect after-party destinations if you can find one to reserve after-hours. Their upbeat music, bright lights, and colorful atmosphere can bring after-prom to life. It’s also the after-prom idea with the least setup once you find the right spot. Everyone can bring their own skates and outfits – you can just sit back and be proud of how you’ve ended the night.

people skating at roller rink

8. Go bowling

Bowling alleys naturally stay open late, and it’s common to see after-prom groups there around the end of the school year. That means your bowling-after prom needs to be especially unique to make a lasting impression. To make this special night more eventful, choose a theme that extends the prom theme well into the night. Whoever plays the part best can be the after-prom royalty.

bowling alley

9. Indulge in late-night delights at a local diner

If there’s a local 24/7 diner in your neighborhood, host after-prom there to make the memories last until sunrise. You can even go the extra mile and reserve a big table for the group. Your local diner may not have a party room that takes reservations, but calling them up and explaining that it’s after-prom can help the diner prepare for your arrival. Take it up a notch and set up the spot to fit the prom’s theme with decorations.


10. Rent a party bus or limo

For the ultimate after-party experience, renting out a party bus or a limo is the way to go. Some limos and party buses offer top-tier sound systems and colorful twinkling lights to keep the party going long beyond school grounds. You can use the limo to take everyone home in style, take them to an off-site after-party, or just have the limo drive around for an hour and make that the after-party. Encourage everyone to open the windows and gaze out at the world all around them – this is a night for celebration!

limo interior

11. Gaze at the stars

After a long night filled with events, some prom-goers might want to unwind and settle in for the evening. To create a soothing atmosphere perfect for this relaxation, bring the night sky home. Set up some blankets and pillows, turn on an essential oil diffuser to soothe everyone’s spirits, then fill the room with galaxy lighting.

For a fully immersive galaxy lighting experience, the Sky Lite Evolve is a great option. This galaxy light projects colorful nebulas and a transfixing array of swirling stars that move at a peaceful pace. With the BlissHome app, you can adjust your indoor sky’s brightness and effects to please the whole crowd. It’s the easiest way to get lost in a gorgeous night and unwind after the big night.

sky lite 2.0 multicolor galaxy effect
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Set your post-prom scene with BlissLights

After-prom is all about keeping a great night going for longer, and proper mood lighting is a big part of that story. You can get great movie marathon lighting or indoor stargazing lighting with BlissLights, which work perfectly for both small gatherings and bigger afterparties. Browse the BlissLights collection now to find fixtures that ensure your prom after-party is a night no one will ever forget.

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