18 Music-Themed Room Decorating Ideas For Jamming Out

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, May 09, 22
acoustic guitar between two chairs

If you love music, maybe you own a vast collection of records or have a closet full of instruments. When music is a big part of your life, decorating a room in your home for this hobby can be just the ticket to show off your collection of albums or your favorite guitars. Read on to discover how you can create your own music-themed room with the below decorating ideas.

How can I decorate my room for music?

If you’re looking to showcase your taste in tunes, you can display some vinyl records or hang some band posters along your walls. Or if you’re decorating a music studio, adding bookshelves and plants can set a welcoming mood and help keep your music inside your four walls. Whichever direction you go, the goal is to create a music-themed room that reflects your unique tastes.

5 things to consider with music-themed room decorating ideas

Before turning your music room ideas into a reality, below are a few things you may want to consider.

  • Wall decor. Anything on your walls should match the theme of your music room. It should also add a unique design element to your space – but not any clutter. Good wall decor invites people into your space – and immerses them in it – rather than making them feel like they’ve stepped into a chaotic space.
  • Lighting. Your lighting should match the feel of your room, whether that’s an intense concert experience or a laid-back listening session. A music studio for energetic music might fare better with bright lighting. A relaxing listening space could benefit from blue lighting to set the right mood.
  • Furniture and accessories. Whether your music-themed room is a bedroom or a studio, you need comfortable furniture that matches your theme. And presumably, you’ll invite friends and family to your music room, so you’ll need enough furniture to comfortably seat everyone.
  • Color scheme. When choosing a color scheme, think about the type of music you like and how you want to feel in your space. If you prefer a relaxing environment, opt for neutral tones and soft hues. If you want your space to be a place for creative energy, vibrant colors are a great option.
  • Memorabilia. Your music room is the perfect home for miscellaneous items such as old concert tickets, autographed posters, and photographs with your favorite musicians. You’ll want proper shelving and storage space for it all to keep your music room organized.

music room

18 must-haves for a music-themed room

To create the ultimate music room right inside the comforts of your own home, you’ll want these 18 music-themed essentials.

1. Soundproof walls

Before you think about painting or adding musical wall art to your space, you may want to soundproof your room first. That’s especially true if you plan to play your instruments often there or want to record any music you play. Whether your music space is your living room or bedroom, a soundproof wall can improve your experience (and your housemates’ or family’s sleep schedule). Attaching some acoustic foam to your walls can make for echo-free jam sessions and a better listening experience.

2. Musical notes wall decor

If your music room is home to white, tan, or neutral-colored walls, you can use these tones to your advantage. They’re a great backdrop for your own personalized musical notes wall since musical notes are traditionally black. Choose between posters, wallpaper, or wall decals to instantly transform your ordinary living space. This trick is also a great music-themed bedroom design if that’s where you're setting up your instruments and records. Take it a step further with a neon music note!

3. Ambient mood lighting

Whether you’re feeling creative or you want to relax and listen to some tunes, lighting can enhance and match your mood. The BlissRadia, for example, diffuses gentle hues and shifting gradients to set the right vibe. Use it as an accent light when hanging with friends, then change colors and brightness when you need a little creative energy. You can control the BlissRadia via the BlissHome app or Google Home or Amazon Alexa to instantly transform your music room.

blissradia smart mood light in grassland green
blissradia is an led ambient light with app control that shines in multiple colors

BlissRadia Smart LED Mood Light


From desktop to bedside, light the way to concentration, stimulation, or relaxation.

4. Vinyl record display

Showcase your impressive collection by using your records as wall art. You can show off your boldest record covers or stick to simple black and white LP sleeves. Hang them along your walls, or set up a cube organizer shelf that easily separates your records. If your collection is especially large, you can also purchase a record player stand that doubles as a storage space.

5. Speakers

You’re going to need some speakers in your music-themed room – how else will you sink into all your favorite tunes? Although speakers can be big, that doesn’t mean they’ll change the aesthetic of your room. Speakers of any size can easily integrate with your room decor and personal style as long as they look the part.

speakers next to guitar in music room

6. Guitar display

Your favorite six-string can be wall art too. Just drill a wall guitar holder securely into place, then carefully insert your guitar – the bottom of the head should be near the holder. You can also buy a guitar stand that sits on the floor if you don’t want to drill a hole in the wall. This is a fun, inexpensive way to keep those extra guitars you can’t quite get rid of in your rotation. And if you don’t play guitar, a display can be handy for other types of instruments.

music room with guitar display

7. Leather couch

Your music-themed room can be a gathering space for your loved ones to listen to your favorite songs – whether you or someone else wrote them. Place a leather couch and a few comfy chairs in your room for guests to sink into as they experience your favorite tunes.

leather couch in music room

8. Decorative blankets and pillows

Music-themed blankets and pillows can subtly connect all the parts of your music space. Bright-colored throws and cushions might create the right atmosphere in a music-themed room for a kid. In music rooms for adults, deeper hues such as woodsy browns and folksy reds can be a better reflection of the listening experience in store.

9. Themed rugs

Your music-themed room is unlike any other in your house, so the standard department-store neutral rug simply won’t do enough. Instead, set the scene for your space with a funky rug. Put on your home designer searching cap and look for piano keys or electric guitar rugs to elevate your music room from top to bottom.

10. Drum table

You can think all the way out of the box when decorating your music-themed room. A drum table is a great example. It ties into your theme without going overboard. You can use a bass drum as a coffee table or set up toms as smaller end tables. The music will become the room.

11. Music-themed shelves

A musical shelf is a great decor piece that doubles as a storage space. A bongo shelf, guitar pedal shelf, or sheet music bookshelf can all elevate and organize your music room. You can also showcase your records, CDs, cassettes (yes, cassettes!), and books about music and your favorite musicians.

12. Bookshelves

Your music room doesn’t need to be entirely music-based. Adding bookshelves and filling them with books can make your space appear more sophisticated, polished, and modern. Plus, these shelves can help soundproof your space to keep the music reverberating all around you.


13. Band posters

Whether you’re a teenager or in your 50s, you’re never too old to hang up band posters. But there’s a right way to do it. Avoid sticking a flimsy piece of paper directly to the wall – instead, frame your posters to give them a clean, sophisticated look. You can hang one large poster or create a grid of your favorite artists for an astonishing, uniform display.

14. Plants

Plants can make any room feel more inviting and upscale. They’re also great for sound absorption – the big leaves and thick stems, among other parts of the plant, can play a role in absorbing sound. With plants, your music room remains its own isolated slice of paradise.

15. Merchandise from your favorite concerts

If you rush to the merch table at the end of every show you go to, showcase it all in your music-themed room. Unique displays for all your collectibles can transform your room into a museum-like space. Think of it as an exhibition about how deeply you love music.

16. Photos

Your music room can be a space for you to feel inspired to create your own music. But what about those days when you feel like you can’t focus or create anything new? It can help to think back to what inspired your interest in the first place. Photos of the people who have inspired you can help. Musician photos in your space can also reinforce the theme from the moment anyone walks into the room.

17. Desk setup for music recording

Your desk should be wide enough to fit a computer, speakers, keyboard, and all your other essentials for recording music. Give yourself plenty of space to properly display and store your equipment.

18. Galaxy lighting

You can create a luminous Milky Way right in the comfort of your music room with galaxy lights such as the Sky Lite Evolve. These sights transform your music room into a colorful, vast array of striking stars and floating nebulas. It’s the perfect visual for inspiring creativity or relaxing with your favorite soft rock tunes. Plus, you can control it right from your phone to more easily stimulate your mind under the starry night sky.

music room with sky lite galaxy light
sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

Illuminate your music-themed room with BlissLights

With color-changing ambient lights and galaxy projectors, you can transform an ordinary room into a music space filled with creative energy. BlissLights can fill your space with color-changing light to match your every mood and inspire your best music creating and listening experiences yet. Browse the BlissLights collection now to bring your dream music room to life.

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