8 Music Room Ideas to Get You in the Groove

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Jun 11, 21
8 Music Room Ideas to Get You in the Groove

Rare is the person who feels nothing when they hear music – sounds uplift us, excite us, calm us, or just get us grooving. The feelings they evoke are great to experience alone or with others, whether you’re listening to music or creating entirely new songs of your own. These musical experiences can hit new highs in dedicated music rooms, and these spaces’ appearance and items play a huge part in how things go. That’s why, below, you can find eight inspiring music room ideas and everything you’ll need to achieve them. 

8 music room ideas

Whether you’re the type to jam with friends or lounge out alone with your favorite record spinning, you’ll find the perfect music room idea for your space somewhere in the suggestions below:

1. Barn-style music room

While you may not live on a farm, you don’t need a barn (or even a shed) to create that romantic and rustic feel of wood paneling. You can install wood paneling (or place pallets) along your music room walls. For a truly immersive environment, consider replacing your room door with a barn door or leaning one as a prop along one wall. The oaky vibe will be ideal for acoustic writing, and in a setting like this, the wonder and wow of music becomes even louder.

2. 1970s-style singles suite

You can evoke visions of a genius creative mind who spends their nights writing songs with a music room resembling a 1970s-style singles suite. Fill the space with your favorite musical instruments and add a groovy retro couch that’s comfy enough to crash. Put up posters of your favorite artists from the era, and center the room around a shag carpet straight from the ‘70s.

3. Classical piano music room

For a regal look that encourages creativity, try centering your home music room around a classical piano. Encourage anyone who visits you, whether musicians or not, to toy around with the keys. Place your piano atop a rug with a matching color scheme, then add some luxurious chairs, lighting fixtures, and musical prints to your space. A room like this handily lends itself to the magic of music and the joy of creation.

4. Rockstar recording studio

Make your music room look like a professional setup with stacks of amps, a sizable wall-mounted guitar rack, and a full drum set nestled in the corner. Couple your at-home music studio with decorations that recall rockstar life, whether posters advertising a leading instrument brand or photos of your favorite bands crushing it on stage. And for those times when you’re not recording, make sure your sound system connects to your record player or computer too.

5. Vintage small-stage music room

Picture this: You’re in the early days of live music, and you descend into a basement bar only to find a small stage and a rock band. You can impart this same excitement in your own music room. Orient your space around a small stage where you and your friends can play music for a modest crowd. Add plenty of vintage furniture and lighting fixtures to mentally transport your guests back several decades. Once everyone’s seated and ready for the performance, just plug in and rock out.

6. Comfortable cottage-style music room

Cottage-style interior design trends prioritize comfortable aesthetics, and their vibe is great for your music room. Most cottage design ideas emphasize subtle vintage touches that feel familiar and relaxing, and this tranquility-first approach can make your music room feel like an unbeatable creative haven. Built-ins such as wall storage and open closets are key to the trend, and they’re also great for holding records, drumsticks, and so much more.

7. 21st-century music studio

So far this century, a lot has changed about how music is recorded, and if you play and record your own music, you know just what you need. A music room with computers, sound boards, and MPKs compatible with these platforms is a great way to ground your room in the present day.

Match your technology with aesthetics that reflect the modern-day studio before you. Look for rugs and wall art that resemble DJs or DJ gear. Add lights that you can switch from rock show vibes to rave excitement with just the flip of a switch. And don’t forget the most important part of all: A visibly luxurious computer chair in front of your recording setup.

8. Smaller-scale home music studio

If all the above 21st-century touches sound a bit intense for how you envision your music room, you can always design your studio on a smaller scale. A guitar, amp, laptop, and a few mics might be all you need to make music, and you can store this all near one desk. Doing so leaves the rest of the room open for whatever decorations you need to keep the creative juices flowing. You can find some ideas for these decorations below.

What to add to your music room

You’ve probably noticed some trends in the above music room ideas – namely, there are items you should add to your room no matter the theme. Some items that play a big part in all music room ideas are:

1. Guitar wall mounts

Guitar stands, though necessary for keeping your six-strings simultaneously accessible and free of damage, take up lots of space if they’re not mounted to your walls. The problem is, you might also be keeping recording gear and furniture along your walls, and you only have so much floor space. Guitar wall mounts solve this problem while turning your guitars into wall art. They make it easy to grab your guitar whenever you need, and when you’re not rocking out, your guitars will add immense decorative flair to your space.

guitar wall mount

2. Show and band posters and tickets

If you love live music, you’ve surely swung by the merch table after a show to get yourself a show poster. All these posters are natural fits in your music room, as are your tickets into the show. Both these items show your guests which shows and musicians have made the biggest impression on you. So too do posters you can buy straight from the artist’s online merch store. All these decorations infuse your musical taste into your musical space.

3. LPs and a record player

Not everyone who loves music makes it – some people are just avid listeners (and some people are both). That’s why no music room is complete without a sound system, such as a record player and speakers near a shelf stuffed with LPs. This setup immediately tells people that you love music, and with your record player, your guests can actually hear your favorite tunes. It all makes for a fully immersive, transportive listening experience.

record player

4. Soundproofing

When you’re recording music, chances are that it’s gonna get loud. In those cases, soundproofing is your friend. Your best bet might be the dark gray soundproofing panels common in professional recording studios, though you can also find colorful sound insulation for decorative flair. This way, you can both entice your guests and unleash a wild guitar solo without the neighbors hearing a peep.

5. Instruments

This one speaks (or sings) for itself: A room for making music is incomplete without musical instruments. If you’re using your music room more for listening than writing or playing, instruments can still provide a nice decorative touch. Plus, when your creative friends visit, it’s always nice to give them the space to play you a song. And as mentioned earlier, a wall-mounted guitar can make a great decoration even if you don’t often play it.

musical instruments as decor

6. Comfortable seating

If you go for one of the vintage music room ideas above, you might feel compelled to prioritize chic-looking furniture at the cost of comfort. Don’t make this mistake. Listening to music or jamming with friends is far less enjoyable if everyone is constantly trying to find a pain-free position. Comfy seating makes it much easier to sit back, close your eyes, and find yourself miles away, in some magical musical land, without moving an inch.

comfortable seating

7. Plants

Houseplants can make a great optional bonus for a music room. No, they don’t relate directly to music or making it, but they can boost your mood, perhaps in ways conducive to writing your best song yet. They also make great decorations, as their green hues may be soothing and thus perfect for having friends over to chat and listen to music. Plus, they’re often inexpensive and easy to keep alive, making them maybe the easiest thing to get for your music room.

plants for decor

8. Lighting

Lights and music go together like peanut butter and jelly. Just like music can move those who hear it, a room’s lighting can drastically affect how people inside the space perceive it. Together, the force is unstoppable. A relaxing space intended for casual listening and lounging may be more realistic under warm lights, whereas cool lighting may better inspire the creativity needed in recording spaces.

You’ll primarily use your warm or cool lights as ambient lighting in ceiling fixtures and floor lamps. You shouldn’t stop there, though – all three lighting layers matter in music rooms. Task lighting may come in handy if you need more visibility along your guitar strings or piano keys to make sure you’re hitting the right notes. Accent lights near key decorations or furniture pieces can make your music room appear more inviting.

Accent lights aren’t the only type of lighting that can add decorative flair to your music room. Other options include:

  • LED lights. Many LED lights can shine in all colors of the rainbow, giving you immense flexibility to set your room’s mood. They’re also highly energy-efficient. However, the glow they cast quickly loses brightness and focus with distance. For more intricate lighting patterns and effects, other energy-efficient lights come in handy.
  • Laser bulbs. Laser bulbs provide low-cost music room mood lighting that takes up no extra space. Replace your regular incandescent or LED bulbs with BlissBulbs, flip the light switch, and voila – arrays of red, blue, or green starry skies. That’s all it takes to change your perspective as you’re writing or listening.
  • Laser projectors. For an even fancier laser lighting experience, galaxy projectors and aurora lights elevate your music room far beyond the everyday. Their blue, green, and red nebula clouds and northern lights transport you miles away without you moving an inch. Amidst the stunning sights, you’ll find yourself more immersed in your favorite songs.
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Laser lights complete the best music room ideas

No matter how you design your music room, you’ll need music merch, ways to listen tomusic, soundproofing, comfy seating, and gorgeous lighting. Laser lights are great for the last of these needs, as they don’t just illuminate – they transport.

With BlissLights in your music room, a transcendent listening, writing, or recording experience isn’t just possible – it’s likely. Browse the BlissLights collection today to perfect your music room and start your most powerful musical journey yet.

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