Kids Room Lighting Ideas That Will Spark Joy

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, Oct 18, 21
Kids Room Lighting Ideas That Will Spark Joy

As you design your child’s room, you’re probably picking a theme and some colors and decorations that fill the space with abundant love and joy. But have you ever considered the lighting in the room? The right lamps and fixtures can set the mood and transform your kids’ space from an ordinary bedroom to an entrancing, calming fantasyland. Below are some kids’ room lighting ideas that can help your little ones feel comfortable, at home, and safe from the dark.

9 kids room lighting ideas

Let’s say you’re ensuring your toddler there are no monsters hiding under the bed. Kids’ room lighting can help assuage that fear. It can also help your elementary-school kids impress their friends when they come over for playdates. For pretty much any purpose, these kids’ room lighting ideas can elevate any space far beyond the everyday.

1. Evergreen lights

  • Benefits: As your child grows and changes, so may their style and interests. Keeping up with their constantly evolving music tastes, favorite TV shows, and hobbies can be challenging. So yes, you can expect the design or setup of the space to change as your child grows up and outgrows bright pink fixtures or lights in the shape of animals. With evergreen light fixtures, however, the lighting won’t need to change. They will always match whatever your tiny tot’s age – these are the lights that grow with them.
  • Examples: Evergreen pendant lights such as Edison, globe, and abstract fixtures all create a sophisticated look and ambient glow. They can create an atmosphere perfect for toddlers learning how to crawl or the middle schooler having friends over for video games. They transform your kids’ room, yet they remain just as powerful years from now as today.
pendant lights

2. Task lights

  • Benefits: From reading stories at bedtime to doing homework, a child’s room is a versatile space that requires equally versatile lighting. The thing is, an overhead ceiling light may leave certain important areas dark or shadowy, which can impact visibility. In addition, activities that require concentration, such as word puzzles and drawing, are easier with proper and adequate brightness. Task lights help bridge lighting gaps to make all your kids’ activities more manageable and more rewarding.
  • Examples: These types of fixtures come in a plethora of different styles, colors, and sizes, so you can easily find one that matches your child’s bedroom theme. If your kids spend time in their room doing homework, you could add a table lamp to their desk. To create a cozy reading nook, place a floor lamp in the corner. By incorporating a fashionable task light, you give playtime and storytime a marvelous makeover.
kid's room desk with BlissRadia smart table lamp in grassland green

3. Accent lights

  • Benefits: Your playroom, nursery, or child’s bedroom can be decorated with more than just posters, stuffed animals, and wall decals. In fact, accent lighting may just be the perfect complement to all of these. Accent lighting can be used to showcase a specific piece of decor, or it can be the decor itself. It’s the perfect proof that lighting doesn’t just brighten things up – it can also enhance the aesthetic of any room.
  • Examples: These fixtures are a perfect way to add some of your child’s personality to their room. Try finding a lamp shaped like an elephant or a teddy bear to give your tiny angel sweet dreams at night. To customize the space, even more, pick your own lampshade to match the color theme of the room. Alternatively, swap the lampshade for another one with cute patterns and shapes.

4. Lights for creativity

  • Benefits: Kids have some of the most interesting and imaginative minds around, and you can help foster that creativity with the right type of lighting. For example, put a lightbox on a desk, wall, or nightstand to spark your kids’ imagination. They can also practice spelling out the days of the week or learn a new word every day.
  • Examples: You could also set up the Ark Ambient Aurora Light to mesmerize your kids with a soothing laser aurora dancing around soft blue nebula clouds. The Ark makes for an atypically exciting playtime background. There’s just no end to the imaginative ways your children can enjoy the Ark!

child using laptop with ark aurora light

ark aurora projector

ARK Aurora Light


Transcend reality with a moving abstract aurora.

5. Night lights

  • Benefits: With scary noises coming from outside or monsters peeking out from the closet, there are many reasons why kids get scared in the dark. The subtle glow of night lights can ease your kids’ bedtime worries by providing a slight sheen. They’ll keep away the spooky scaries and make it easier for your youngster to walk about in the middle of the night. No more tripping over toys on the way to the bathroom!
  • Examples: With the BlissBulb, your child’s bedroom will be filled with thousands of colorful laser stars. Simply swap out regular bulbs with the BlissBulb and instantly transform the room into a peaceful night sky. Your kids will look forward to turning off the lights instead of avoiding bedtime.
green blissbulb in lamp shining stars on the ceiling
blissbulb laser lightbulb in green

BlissBulb Laser LightBulb


Transforming your world is as easy as changing a lightbulb.

6. Floor lights

  • Benefits: Trying to illuminate every part of your kids’ room can be difficult, especially if you’re running low on space. One way to brighten the dark corners of the room is with floor lights. These fixtures can help your children play and create in every area of the room without visibility restrictions.
  • Examples: With floor lights, you can choose the style that makes the most sense for your kids and their needs. They can provide just the right amount of brightness for homework, studying, reading, and fun arts and crafts projects. Looking for something without any wires? LED light strips peel and stick to the bottom of the wall for a more immersive type. Some LED lights can even change color to fit your child’s current mood best!

7. Fairy lights

  • Benefits: If your youngster dreams about flying alongside fairies and waving a magic wand, fairy lights can make their dreams come true. These twinkling strings offer a subtle, magical glow that can make your little one feel like they just stepped into a fairytale.
  • Examples: Aside from elevating your kids’ room ambiance, fairy lights can also be used as night lights. Wrap them around bedposts, hang them from the windows or ceilings, or place them into a mason jar. Whimsical fairy lights give your kids their own enchanted world.
mason jar filled with fairy lights

8. Glow in the dark-stars

  • Benefits: The sky's the limit with glow-in-the-dark stars. For starters, installing this decor can make for a fun afternoon with your kids. Give them a bunch of stick-on stars, planets, moons, friendly aliens, and spaceships, then have them decorate however they desire. Come nighttime, and they’ll be surrounded by glowing constellations that they themselves have created -- all without plugging in a fixture.
  • Examples: Glow-in-the-dark stars are also a tried-and-true approach to night lights. You won’t have to look for the nearest outlet to plug anything into or worry about exposed wires. Instead, just stick your glowing stars anywhere your kids want and watch the room glimmer.

9. Sky Lite

  • Benefits: Look beyond the boundaries of a room’s four walls and into limitless galaxies beyond to create the ultimate child’s bedroom. Your aspiring astronaut can bounce around planets and zoom away in a rocketship, all from right under their own roof.
  • Examples: The classic Sky Lite projects a stunning array of green laser stars and fluffy blue clouds to mesmerize your children ultimately. They won’t just be okay with bedtime; they’ll be eager for it.

Then there’s the Sky Lite Evolve Galaxy Projector which can mentally transport kids and teens to the thrilling adventures of a whole new dimension. In seconds, multicolor nebulas and twinkling stars will surround your kids and inspire endless awe. You can also customize the colors and patterns right from your smartphone to truly let your youngsters’ imaginations run wild.

sky lite evolve effect in bedroom

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

What to consider when picking lights for kids room

Before you incorporate these new and exciting kids’ room ideas into your home, make sure your fixtures are:

  • Shatterproof. Accidents are bound to happen, especially with smaller kids. With shatterproof lighting, you can avoid any potential related dangers. Search for shatterproof light bulbs, light projectors mostly housed in plastic, stick-on lights, or other non-traditional light fixtures.
  • Dimmable. A versatile kids’ bedroom should work well for almost everything, and dimmers are hugely helpful on that front. Dimmers give you the flexibility to control the space’s brightness at different times of the day. Nap time, play dates, storytime, homework hour, bedtime – each should get a different amount of brightness.
  • Easy to safely install. Many fixtures plug into the wall, leaving wire trailing behind them. Make sure you can properly anchor these wires out walking paths (and out of sight) to minimize the chance of tripping. Additionally, avoid lamps with cords that look like they could fray and thus lead to exposed wires.
  • Energy-efficient. Not all lighting is created equal. When shopping for new fixtures, keep in mind the amount of energy they use. Energy-efficient lights such as LEDs can reduce your energy bill and last longer than typical incandescent bulbs. Even more energy-efficient, though, are laser lights such as BlissLights.
kids room with galaxy lights pickachu pillow and sleeping dalmatian dog

Create a kid-friendly wonderland with BlissLights

The lighting in your kids’ should be exciting and feel like one of the best things about everyday life. After all, you children are constantly making new memories, dreaming big, and letting their imaginations run free. With BlissLights, you can illuminate your room in ways that inspire this mental freedom. Browse the BlissLights collection to find the light that will astonish your kids, transform their surroundings, and help their minds grow.

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