How To Choose Lighting For Your Home

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Oct 22, 21
How To Choose Lighting For Your Home

When designing and decorating the rooms in your home, you might spend hours trying to mix and match furniture, colors, and wall hangings. Lighting is just as important, yet it often goes overlooked. If anything, lighting can drastically change the entire mood and atmosphere of your home. But with so many options, how can you know which is right for each room? You don’t have to be an interior designer to know how to choose lighting for your home – below are the fundamentals.

What to consider when choosing lighting for your home

No one light fits all purposes. The vibe you’re going for or the goal you’re aiming for will determine the types you choose. From illuminating the dark corners of your basement to highlighting your favorite piece of artwork, there’s a fixture for every purpose and design goal. Elevate your home with lighting options that incorporate the below three layers.

  • Ambient lighting

    Ambient lighting, also known as general lighting, serves as the primary source of light for an indoor space. The main purpose of this type is to fill the room with enough light for everything to be visible. Ambient light sources include overhead fixtures such as recessed bulbs or pendants. Other fixtures that can give you this foundation include chandeliers, ceiling fans outfitted with a lighting fixture, and track lighting.

  • Task lighting

    Task lighting is just what it sounds like: direct illumination for specific tasks. It’s an important layer for your space, since having solely ambient lighting in each room isn’t always enough to see what you need to see. That’s especially true when trying to complete an activity that requires close attention, such as reading or writing. Light sources for tasks could be a table lamp for the above purposes or vanity lighting in the bathroom to assist in putting on makeup.

  • Accent lighting

    If you’re looking to highlight a specific piece of artwork or illuminate the focal point of your room, accent lighting is the way to go. This type of fixture is directed at certain areas that you want to elevate, such as interesting plants, artwork, statues, and pottery. Adjustable track lighting, picture lights, and wall sconces are a few ways to add stylish accents to your sophisticated room.

How to choose lighting for your home

Now that you know about the three different layers you can create in each room, you can more accurately determine which ones work best in each room. Along with the type of lighting and fixture, it’s also important to think about the layout of the room. Check out these ideas, sorted by how they work in every room, to get started on your new home makeover project.

1. Kitchen

The kitchen can be one of the most difficult rooms in your home to properly illuminate. To see why, think about the different parts of your kitchen and what you use them for. The kitchen island, which usually sits right in the middle, pairs well with multiple pendants hanging above it. That extra lighting allows you to pipe frosting with ease or enjoy dinner without moving to the dining room.

Places where you’re chopping up veggies, such as a countertop, may require under-cabinet lighting above them so you can properly see what you’re doing. You might also want to install dimmable fixtures over the kitchen table so you can transform your space and set the mood however you please.

modern kitchen lighting

2. Bathroom

Many people install a single recessed fixture above the bathroom sink and call it a day. Although this approach might be common, it might not be the most practical. If you’re going for minimal and simple but you still want to layer how you illuminate your space, add task lights around the mirror for an extra glow. Wall sconces and LEDs make it easier to apply makeup, shave your face, or floss.

bathroom lighting with mirror sconces

To transform your bathroom into an elegant spa, add small chandeliers that don’t hang too low. These elevated chandeliers bring sophistication to your space that’s perfect for peaceful nighttime bubble baths. Or take things to the next level with the Ark Ambient Aurora Light! Spa day under a tranquil laser aurora floating around soft blue nebula clouds is that much more immersive. Just plug it in and slip into a state of pure relaxation.

ark aurora projector

ARK Aurora Light


Transcend reality with a moving abstract aurora.

3. Living room

The living room is among the most versatile rooms in the entire home. It’s where you go to spend time with family, host movie nights, play exciting games, and cozy up near the fireplace. With so many ways to entertain, your living room merits a variety of options to best fit the room’s purpose and use at that moment. A larger overhead fixture can help to center the entire space. This fixture could be a ceiling fan with light bulbs, a chandelier, or a large pendant.

Because you’ll also spend time in the living room when it’s dark outside, you may want to consider adding lights with dimmers. You could also use floor lamps to illuminate hard-to-reach corners and track lighting to show off your paintings.

layered living room lighting

When the lights go out for movie night, have some fun with unique specialty lights. Swap out the regular bulb in your lamp for the BlissBulb to enjoy movies with friends under a mesmerizing starry night sky. Your living room will go from ordinary to enthralling in just seconds.

blissbulb laser lightbulb in green

BlissBulb Laser LightBulb


Transforming your world is as easy as changing a lightbulb.

4. Dining room

Whether you’re eating a Thanksgiving feast with your entire family or having a small meal with a friend, you’ll need versatile, stylish dining room lighting. Replace your recessed fixtures with a glamorous chandelier that hangs over the middle of your dining room table. Alternatively, hang multiple pendant lights evenly spaced across the table. Brighten dark parts of the room with cool, colorful, or transparent accent lighting for an especially memorable dining experience.

dining room table with multiple pendant lights

5. Home office

Home offices are increasingly prevalent and not a “fad” set to die out any time soon. When you’re working from home, you’ll need a fixture that helps you fully concentrate on the task at hand. Start with an ambient light foundation for general illumination. After that, figure out how to bolster your desktop for full visibility as you plug away at your tasks.

For example, a modestly sized desk lamp can be a game-changer when you’re trying to power through a mountain of work. The angle of some desk lamps can be adjusted so you can always point the light at exactly the right documents, papers, or books. The correct task lighting will minimize shadows and keep you on track for success.

home office iMac with natural light and desk lamps

6. Bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s a place where you can unwind, relax, and be completely at peace. Bedroom lighting should thus be warm and inviting so your room can function as a comfortable space where you can rest. Along with an overhead light, you should also include both task and accent fixtures. Table lamps on your nightstands or wall sconces on either side of the bed are great for reading before you drift off to sleep.

If you have a cozy nook in your bedroom, a floor lamp can light up just that area. In that way, it can help you feel like your nook is a world all its own. To truly evoke a calming atmosphere, turn on the Sky Lite 2.0 Galaxy Projector. You’ll be mentally transported into a gleaming galaxy of glittering stars and weightless clouds that move with ease. Personalize the patterns and colors right from your smartphone and drift off into a soothing dreamland.

sky lite evolve effect in bedroom

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

Spruce up your interior design with BlissLights

Using the proper lighting can make the difference between living in a house and living in a home. The types you choose can help you create a warm, welcoming environment with style and personality. While you do want to use traditional lighting, you also want additional lighting that transforms your space and, in the process, your mind. BlissLights are a great example, so browse the BlissLights collection now – before long, you’ll see your home in a whole new light.

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