11 Graduation Party Lights To Celebrate The Class of 2022

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, Feb 07, 22
11 Graduation Party Lights To Celebrate The Class of 2022

Graduation is a very special occasion, but planning a celebration, as fun as it’ll be, can get a bit stressful. From food to decorations, the list of what you need might seem like it just goes on and on. On the lighting front, the list below can help you quickly decide what works best to create the ultimate party environment. Read on to discover the 11 best graduation party lights for your big celebration.

11 graduation party lights idea to have the best celebration

Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering with family or a large to-do with your classmates, your party should be one for the books. The good news is you don’t need to spend a fortune on decorations to make that happen. With these lighting options, you can transform a casual get-together into a magical celebration you and your loved ones will remember for years to come.

1. Hanging lights

Hanging lights are the perfect way to brighten up both your indoor and outdoor space, especially for graduation parties on humid summer nights. Choose warm, white bulbs for a soft glow during a classy dinner, or light up the dance floor with colorful glimmering lights. You can find hanging lights in all kinds of shapes and colors, including the string lights you see in college dorms all the time. That means you have all kinds of options to set just the right party scene.

hanging lights, string lights

2. Jar of lights

A jar of lights is a fun party decoration that also adds a nice dim glow to a room. You can put them together quite easily without spending a ton of money. Simply grab a box of jars (any size will do) and fill them with battery-powered fairy lights. For a fancy but modest finishing touch, tie a ribbon or a piece of string around the lid.

jar of fairy lights

3. Smart ambient lighting

Maybe your graduation party will start with lots of people and end as a quieter, more intimate affair. In that case, your lighting should change to reflect the shift in vibe. A smart ambient light with colors you can change and mood-matching gradients is a great choice. The BlissRadia Smart Ambient Mood Light is the perfect example.

blissradia smart ambient mood light in lilac purple

The BlissRadia diffuses a soft hue and comes with pre-programmed gradients that seamlessly transition from one color to the next. You can cycle through millions of colors all from your smartphone, which you can also use to set the hue, brightness, and timer. Plus, you can connect the BlissRadia to Amazon Alexa or Google Home so you can speak the perfect graduation party lighting into existence.

blissradia is an led ambient light with app control that shines in multiple colors

BlissRadia Smart LED Mood Light


From desktop to bedside, light the way to concentration, stimulation, or relaxation.

4. Photo booth lighting

Who doesn’t love an at-home photo booth? They’re fun for all ages and the perfect way to capture graduation party memories that will last a lifetime. All you need is a backdrop, props, a few standing bright lights, a camera, and click! Picture-perfect.

5. Galaxy lights

For low-key graduation parties and full-blown celebrations alike, you want fixtures that transform your surroundings and creates an unforgettable experience. Galaxy lights, for example, bring the universe to you, providing an immersive environment for rom-com night or dancefloor excitement alike. Whether your graduation party looks more like the former or the latter, the best products for the occasion are customizable and come in multiple color options.

With the Sky Lite Evolve, you can celebrate your graduation under stirring multicolor nebula clouds and twinkling stars. You can customize your own colors and effects right from your phone and gaze around the room in awe with all your loved ones. Plus, with galaxy lights, you don’t need to worry about the perfect evening weather. Instead, you can bring the night sky home.

sky lite evolve effect in living room

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

6. Outdoor solar deck lights

If your graduation party will be a campout, outdoor movie theater, or an outdoor dance party, solar deck lights can provide illumination, glamor, and safety. Hang them on your deck or along your fence to create a pathway for your party guests to navigate. Place them evenly along the outskirts of your party area to set an inviting mood. Chances are you’ll want to keep these lights around well past graduation time.

7. Portable lights

Portable lights come in many different shapes and styles, but one thing is consistent: You can easily fit them in a bag or even your pocket. They’re great for brightening small spaces that your other lights don’t reach and adding some extra glow to an outdoor space. You can use them as a dancefloor spotlight or hang them from the ceiling for a classy look as you dine with family and friends. Either way, they put the mood in your control.

8. Solar lanterns

Solar lanterns bring a rustic, romantic charm to any outdoor party. Try adding a few of them to your tables, staircase, or ceiling to create a romantic glow. You can also keep them outside, where they charge during the day, for graduation parties that last well into the night. And if you choose solar lanterns with dusk-to-dawn timers, you don’t need to turn off the lights when your guests leave at 2 a.m. Instead, they’ll turn off on their own as soon as the sun comes up – and the memories you made under their illumination won’t go anywhere.

9. Plug-in wall sconce

Let’s say you’re hoping for graduation party lights you can use time and again after your big event. You might worry that you can’t get these permanent fixtures without hardwiring and professional installation. With plug-in wall sconces show, that’s just not true. These sconces can add a fancy fixture to your party without complex installation – just plug it in to transform your surroundings. For the ultimate party glow, use a few dim bulbs for a soft, calming vibe.

10. Candles

To create a soothing, intimate atmosphere for your guests, use candles to illuminate the room. The light temperature of candles is extremely warm, as is their gently burning flame. That makes candles functional and fun. Try using them as a centerpiece for your appetizer table or scattering them throughout the room for a peaceful glow. Light some scented candles to transform both how the room looks and how it smells – a full sensory experience.


11. LED strip accent lighting

Maybe you want to add a pop of color to your drinks table without buying a tablecloth you’ll only use once. Or maybe want to embellish your furniture with an astonishing, color-changing under-glow. LED strip lights are great for both, especially if you can change the colors.

blissglow multicolor strip lights in living room

Celebrate your graduation in style with BlissLights

Mood-setting decorative lighting can make for an unforgettable graduation party. The best graduation lighting options let you cycle among colors, and that’s why BlissLights are so apt at transforming your party space. Whether through smart mood lights, galaxy lights, or color-changing LED strips, you can immerse yourself and your guests in an unforgettable party experience. Browse the BlissLights collection now to light your graduation party the right way.

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