30 Gifts for Young Teen Boys They'll Actually Want

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Dec 10, 21
30 Gifts for Young Teen Boys They'll Actually Want

If you’ve ever gift-shopped for teenage boys, you know they can be tough to please. That can be especially true for younger teens, so it’s natural to feel a bit worried that your present just won’t be received well. Your chances of picking the right gift will go way up if you choose one of the below gifts for young teen boys.

30 gifts for young teen boys they'll actually want

Here’s a trick: A lot of the gifts you might enjoy now, as an adult, are the same things your nephews or your son might love. Maybe you’ll look at the below gift ideas and think, “Wait, I want that, too” – that’s exactly the point! So go ahead and start your shopping with these 30 present ideas. If none of them quite feels right, don’t overthink it – something you’ve long wanted for yourself would likely work just as well.

1. A personalized celebrity video from Cameo

On Cameo, you can pay celebrities to record videos where they say exactly what you request into the camera. Maybe as an adult, you’re already at least somewhat enticed by this notion, so imagine getting a Cameo message as a teen? You’d probably show all your friends – and so might the lucky son, cousin, or nephew you’re giving this great gift.

excited teen on video call

2. A new backpack

It’s one thing to show up at high school with a backpack from the local department store. It’s another to have the coolest backpack in class. You can be the awesome parent, cousin, or aunt or uncle who gives this backpack as a present. Just make sure it also works as a practical gift. Sure, astonishing the class is great, but it’s less fun if the backpack barely holds anything.


3. A galaxy projector

The average teen can’t quite go to outer space no matter how many Star Wars movies they watch. That changes with galaxy projectors – the Sky Lite Evolve, for example, takes any kid light-years away right from home. Under its multi-color nebulas and shimmer laser stars, entire rooms transform into sweeping, awe-inducing galaxies. The lucky recipient can summon these sights with just the push of a button – or, better yet, right from his phone.

young man relaxing under galaxy lighting

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

4. LED strip lights

Any gaming station – which plenty of teens have – looks better with LED strip lights. These stick-and-peel lights, which are often phone- or remote-controlled, can be single-color or color-changing. In either case, they add an immersive layer to any video game experience.

app-controlled multicolor led lights

5. Wireless headphones

Picture this: You’ve got your headphones plugged into your phone as you dance to your favorite tune. But then, you dance a bit too hard, and the wire comes out, and your music ends. Bummer, right? Don’t let it happen to a loved one – wireless headphones solve this problem and make for great gifts. After all, most teens deeply, uniquely identify with music, so musical gift ideas should put you on the right path.

wireless headphones

6. A desktop drink fridge

Think small when it comes to this gift. The seltzer or soda lover in your life will get the gift of desktop access to their favorite drinks. A desktop drink fridge can typically fit six or so cans, putting a refreshing sip right within reach during intense gaming or study sessions. Plus, these mini-mini-fridges (yes, twice – they’re that small) look pretty cool. They add convenience and comfort to any room.

7. A 3D printing pen

When you hear the phrase “3D printing,” you might think, “Wow, the future really is here.” But 3D printing pens are actually pretty simple. They’re just pen-shaped devices filled with a printing medium that solidifies upon contact with the air. Draw shapes in three dimensions rather than merely giving the illusion of depth on paper. What person of any age wouldn’t be astonished by that power?

8. A standard 3D printer

For your especially innovative and talented loved ones, a 3D printer can be the ultimate cool gift. And they’re no longer hard to find or expensive: Many desktop models barely run into the triple digits. They can help young teens and older ones alike access their innermost creativity, all from the comfortable space they call home.

3d printer

9. A gaming console

Gaming consoles are classic gifts for teen boys. It’s hard to go wrong with a Nintendo Switch, a PS4, or even a new PC gaming rig. You might also want to pair your console gift with a few games (or gift cards for buying games). Admittedly, though, gaming consoles can be among the more expensive gifts for young teen boys. You absolutely have other options to make a lasting impression for the gamers in your life while staying within your budget.

nintendo switch

10. An extra controller

It’s easy to think of gamers as kids who spend time alone. That’s a misconception – many gamers love having their friends over for game nights. When you give extra gaming controllers as gifts, you make those game nights all the better. Bonus points if you can find controllers in fun colors or unusual designs that transform the gaming space from exciting to engrossing.

game controller

11. A gaming chair

During their early years of gaming, many gamers start with regular old chairs and never quite upgrade. That’s why gaming chairs make such great gifts. They’re designed to minimize pain or discomfort during long gaming sessions. This relief is a big deal: Some of the best video games really do lend themselves to hours of nonstop play. With the right gaming chair, tensing up during these extended sessions can be a thing of the past.

white and orange gaming chair

12. An inflatable lounger

If you’ve ever had anxiety in your adult years, maybe you’ve thought, “Wow, I would’ve handled this so much worse when I was younger.” An inflatable lounger can help the younger folks in your life do exactly that. Live vicariously through them as they inflate their loungers, lie down, and experience how the sensation of floating can melt one’s anxieties away. If you couldn’t have gotten there yourself at that age, helping someone else do so now can be super rewarding.

13. A moon lamp

Teens have plenty of reading to do, both for school and for fun. On the latter front, a bedtime Harry Potter read coupled with moonlit sights is an unbeatable combo. You can bring that scene to its full potential with the gift of a moon lamp. These gifts are exactly what they sound like: Table lamps that look and shine like the moon. Reading next to these lamps means transcending this plane for the universe beyond, all right from bed. And who wouldn’t love that?

moon lamp

14. Spikeball

Lots of teen boys and girls enjoy outdoor games, and Spikeball is among the easier, faster-paced options out there. The rules are simply to ensure everyone playing touches the ball before it hits the ground or net. It’s that simple! With a game this straightforward yet rapid, teens and adults alike can really get in the moment. And those moments can become memories that last a lifetime.

15. A skateboard or longboard

Picture the most recent crowd at a skatepark in your area. Presumably, there were lots of teens. That’s a big reason why skateboards and longboards make great gifts for young teen boys, who might fit in more easily if they skate. Or it can just be a fun skill to learn all on one’s lonesome, not to mention a faster way to get around town. If you pair your longboard gift with eye-catching, comfy skating shoes, even better!


16. A basketball hoop

A flat backyard or two-car driveway is a great place to set up a basketball hoop. This all-ages gift is as great for impromptu scrimmages as solo shooting, and both cases involve plenty of exercise too. Few gifts are this versatile, widely appealing, or plain old healthy. And if there’s no space for a full-sized hoop, one of those miniature over-the-door hoops can still be plenty of fun.

basketball hoop

17. Guitar pick punch

For the six-string teen in your life, a guitar pick punch can be a one-of-a-kind gift. Just as hole punchers knock holes out of paper, these gifts shape picks from all kinds of objects. Try punching out a guitar pick from an old credit card, or draw something exciting yourself on a posterboard and punch it out. In any case, the lucky kid getting this gift might have a growing collection of guitar picks in his future.

18. A leather wallet

Technically, teen boys aren’t quite yet adults, but you can make them feel that way with a leather wallet. Where cloth wallets might not hold up over time, leather wallets can make a lasting impression. Plus, they’re also highly practical gifts since they hold money. You’ll give the gift of style and function in one fell swoop.

leather wallet

19. Sports tickets

When you think of middle school or high school boys, you likely think of sports. That’s why sports tickets are a great gift for any occasion. You could buy bleacher seats for a basketball game or front-row tickets to a minor league baseball game – there’s no shortage of ideas here. What’s most important is choosing a sporting event that totally immerses you and the lucky gift-getter in the moment.

live basketball game

20. A VR headset

A VR headset brings its user into new worlds right from the comforts of home. That makes these gifts a great choice for teens who love to explore. The VR headset you choose might also include a content library so its lucky recipient can enjoy all kinds of experiences without moving an inch.

vr headset

21. A portable keyboard

A portable keyboard is a great gift for longtime teen musicians and total newcomers. Better yet, an exciting, hands-on musical instrument like this one can be great to try with friends. You can make this gift even more fun if you choose a model with sound effects and recording capabilities. It’s a great way for music lovers to build new worlds of their own with ease.

portable keyboard piano

22. A massage gun

The athlete in your life might wake up with some pretty solid aches and pains the morning after a game. Giving him a massage gun can help him feel better. The pressure this device applies on sore sports can be super relieving immediately after sports games or workouts. It’s just as effective the next day too. You might say it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

massage gun

23. Camping gear

Nights in the woods, under the stars, blowing off steam with some friends – it’s a childhood staple. Camping gear gifts can make those nights all the better. Tents, sleeping bags, and outerwear designed for winter adventures all fit the bill here. So do thermally insulated water bottles, portable chargers, can openers, and other everyday things. A camping gift set with both might make the most lasting, thoughtful impression.

camping gear

24. Settlers of Catan

With Settlers of Catan, the teen boy in your life will never again see board games as a little kid activity. This popular strategy and negotiation board game is a hit among adults, and the sharpest teens in the room might quickly love it too. It’s also a great choice for those Saturday nights when it’s too cold out to do much but some friends are still down to hang. And in future years, you can build on this gift with expansion packs that add more friends to the game.

25. A sleep assistant

What was your least favorite part of high school? Maybe, besides all the standard social ills, it was waking up super early for class. With a sleep assistant, you can give the gift of a much more pleasant start to the day. Sleep assistants soften the harsh edges of alarm clocks with sunrise lighting, meditation, and sound machine features. They provide a better start to the day than the blaring of an alarm clock. They’re a way to see mornings in a whole new light.

26. Wireless charging dock station

If you have a lot of devices, you’re not alone – your son, cousin, or nephew probably does too. That’s why a wireless charging dock station is a great gift. It’s a one-stop-shop for charging devices ranging from wireless earbuds to smartphones. With just one little station, the gift-getter can aptly power their world and their day.

27. A hammock

Camping trips, backyards, porches – they’re all spaces where a hammock can be super relaxing. Hammocks are also highly versatile, especially the ones made of synthetic fabrics that pack and condense easily. This packing ability can make them playfully deceptive gifts – when covered in wrapping paper, their size can be a fun surprise. And after the surprise reveal comes ample relaxation.


28. Binoculars

If you’re lucky to live somewhere with plainly visible stars at night, binoculars can be among the best gifts for young teen boys. With just a quick glance at the sky, realms beyond this one come into focus, providing an astonishing view that transcends the everyday. It’s among the lowest-key ways to replicate travel light-years away without moving an inch.


29. A smartwatch

Smartwatches can do it all. They can track exercise levels, receive text messages, pull up calendar events, and more. They turn their wearers into people who are always moving forward, accessing whatever they need with the tap of a screen. And really, who wouldn’t love having all these cool features ready right from where they check the time? For the best gift possible, swap out the usual smartwatch band for a colorful, patterned, or themed one.

smart watch

30. An ambient mood light

For the son, nephew, or cousin who needs a low-key boost concentrating or calming down, an ambient mood light is the ultimate gift. These lights’ gradient effects, millions of colors (and color-shifting modes), and dusk-to-dawn timers can lead to impacts ranging from serene to stimulating. The BlissRadia is perhaps the best example. It sets the perfect mood anywhere your loved ones place it. Plus, it’s compatibility with Google Home, Alexa, and smartphones make it the coolest, most awe-inducing lighting gift around.

blissradia smart color-changing ambient light in forest green

blissradia is an led ambient light with app control that shines in multiple colors

BlissRadia Smart LED Mood Light


From desktop to bedside, light the way to concentration, stimulation, or relaxation.

BlissLights are great gifts for young teen boys

Whether you’re thinking of a distant younger cousin or your newly teenage son, you have plenty of memorable gift options. The best gifts, though, are fun, practical, stimulating, relaxing, or some combination of them all. BlissLights fit the bill perfectly, as their colors and effects can imbue any room with a sense of calm and creativity or astonishing excitement. Browse the BlissLights collection now for memorable, perspective-shifting gifts.

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