15 Gifts For Space Lovers That Are Out of This Galaxy

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Sep 17, 21
living room with space decor and galaxy lights

Do you have a friend who wants to join the space race? If you buy this friend the right gift, they can feel like they’re getting in on the action at, well, let’s just say a fraction of the cost. Provide that exploratory joy through the below gifts for space lovers.

15 Gifts for space lovers

The space lovers in your life might appreciate the following gifts for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or just any old occasion! There’s never a wrong time to give someone a gift, especially when that someone sees their passions reflected in your presents.

1. Solar system jewelry

Solar system jewelry is maybe the one time when it can feel nice to have the whole world on your shoulders. Give a space fan a solar system necklace with Earth, the other planets, and yes, even Pluto, that brings the universe to them. It’s the perfect gift for the friend who wants to wear their love of space, but not necessarily right on their sleeve.

2. NASA sweater

The classic NASA sweater is a great gift for space enthusiasts of all stripes, which is why you might see it pretty often. Emblazoned with its logo, this sweater is a great way for your space-loving friend to boldly, proudly wear their love of other planets all day long. And if you couple it with solar system jewelry, then your friend can adorn themselves with outer space vibes on more than one level.

nasa sweatshirt


3. Constellation mug

The coolest constellation mugs do way more than hold drinks. A heat-changing constellation mug, for example, lights up the constellations when you pour hot coffee or tea into it. It’s a great way for the space lover in your life to start their day with a shiny night sky. What a calming, wondrous way to enjoy a morning tea.

4. Space-themed socks

Your space-loving friend might not wear their constellation slippers outside the house, but space-themed socks are a different story. Your friend can combine them with any of their shoes to always feel like they’re walking into a mission as they head out the door. And really, any time they’re heading anywhere in their space-themed socks, it can serve as that little reminder to shoot for the stars.

5. Rocket table lamp

No indoor lighting design is complete without task lighting, and for the space enthusiast in your life, rocket table lamps are an ideal fit. As your friend studies, works, or paints the interstellar worlds that inspire them, their tabletop rocketship will give them the task lighting they need. Who knew that your friends could reach infinity and beyond with just a simple desktop lamp?

6. Moon lamp

If your friend has their sights set on closer destinations in the solar system, swap the rocket lamp for a moon lamp. A tabletop moon lamp brings the wonder of what’s out there into the right here, where it can be admired and dreamed about from just a few feet away. Few astronomy gifts scratch this itch – and transform your friend’s place – so beautifully and easily.

moon lamp

7. Astronomy wall clock

Time doesn’t quite work the same on other planets – did you know a day on Mercury lasts 58.5 Earth days? Better help them keep track of time on every planet. An astronomy wall clock can be the best way for them to do so. And even if they stay on Earth forever, an astronomy wall clock can help them see the world beyond without moving an inch at all.

8. Space travel poster

A space travel poster next to an astronomy wall clock can recast a whole stretch of wall as a window into worlds far beyond ours. And even on their own, these posters can provide exciting portals to other realms. Under these posters’ stunning interstellar visuals, your friend can easily get lost in their fantasies of moving through other galaxies.

nasa jpl space tourism poster for jupiter


9. Space stickers

For a smaller-scale effect, stickers make a great gift. Your space-enthusiast friend can put their stickers on a notebook, laptop case, phone case, or pretty much anything else. No matter where they wind up, they’ll provide an adorable, quirky intergalactic touch that matches your friend’s inner astronaut spirit. They’re a great way to reach the world beyond without ever stepping foot on a spaceship.

10. Telescope

It’s one thing to give space-themed gifts. It’s another to give a gift that lets your space-loving friend actually see right into space. That’s exactly the power of telescopes. When your friend points their telescope at the sky, they’ll get a much clearer view of their favorite interstellar objects. The moon, the planets, other stars – it’s all way easier to see with a telescope. Think of it as a front-row seat to the universe without any space travel.


11. Space books

Your friends who love space probably enjoy reading and learning about it. That’s why space books make top-notch gifts for a devotee of all things beyond Earth. Giving them new, easy access to knowledge is a truly generous gift, especially if the book is a new release. Plus, every time your friend remembers the new facts they’ve learned, they’ll think of you and your wonderful gift.

space books about astronomy

12. Galaxy masks

For better or worse, wearing a mask will likely be part of everyday life for a while. This notion isn’t such a bad thing when their mask of choice has their favorite designs on it. This way, your friends can combine safety, fashion, and their passion into one.

13. Starry-sky USB projectors

Maybe the space lover in your life would love taking a starry-sky view with them wherever they go. With the StarPort USB, they can do exactly that. This snug little starry-sky projector will fit right into their pocket for on-the-go interstellar sights.

Whenever the urge for a starry sky emerges, your loved one can pull out their StarPort. They can then connect it to a USB port to see hundreds of red, blue, or green laser stars. It’s the most convenient way to see one’s surroundings in a whole new light – or, more accurately, a whole new world.

starport usb star projector in blue

StarPort USB Light


One tiny light. Thousands of stars!

14. Aurora projector

Did you know that the northern lights are a product of electrically charged sun particles entering our atmosphere? Maybe your loved one does, and maybe they’ve always wanted to see this awe-inducing phenomenon in person but can’t quite get there. That’s why the Ark Ambient Aurora Light makes a great gift for space lovers. With just the push of a button, your loved one can experience breathtaking northern lights without leaving home.

If it all sounds a bit complicated, rest assured the Ark is as easy to use as the other gifts on this list. Just plug it in, then adjust its angle to shine a green aurora and blue background wherever they please. From the moment it turns on, the Ark completely transforms indoor places into open fields under the northern lights. It’s a complete shift in perspective that all fans of “the great beyond” will love.

ark aurora light in gaming room and bedroom
ark aurora projector

ARK Aurora Light


Transcend reality with a moving abstract aurora.

15. Galaxy projectors

It’s one thing to explore the solar system. It’s another to travel through the entire Milky Way and beyond. When you give your loved ones galaxy projectors, they can move through the entire universe right from the comforts of home. These wondrous laser projectors can fill even the largest rooms with thousands of stars and an equally beautiful nebula cloud.

The Sky Lite Evolve is the newest iteration of galaxy projector technology, the successor to the one so transcendent it went viral on TikTok. This latest version keeps everything beloved about the original Sky Lite and adds multicolor blending (pink, teal, and purple to name a few) to the nebula cloud. It also adds mobile and voice control via the BlissHome app. This way, your loved one can adjust their galactic view’s colors, brightness, and effects with just the tap of a screen. There’s no easier way for your friend to see their surroundings in a whole new light – an interstellar one. Under this realistic view into space, seeing is believing.

sky lite galaxy projector in bedroom
sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

BlissLights are the ultimate gifts for space lovers

Gifts for someone who loves celestial spaces can tie into their interests while serving a practical purpose. BlissLights can do both. Whether for decoration, to help them sleep, or serve as a unique take on lighting for their place, BlissLights indoor galaxy lighting products make it easy to forget that you’re still firmly planted here on Earth. Browse the BlissLights collection to find the best gift for the galaxy lover in your life.

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