16 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for a Photographer

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Oct 07, 22
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If you have a photographer in your life, you probably know just how passionate they are about their art. Whether they're an amateur or a professional shutterbug, a photography-themed gift is a great way to give them a keepsake they’ll cherish. After all, a photographer captures so many of life’s precious moments – why not capture their hearts with the perfect gift?

From practical gift ideas for a photographer – a camera bag, a camera strap – to camera-related accessories, you can likely find the perfect present below. Keep reading to win over your photographer friends and family members with these ideas that can take your gift-giving up a notch.

What to get someone who loves photography?

Gift ideas for a photographer can be useful, fun, or both, depending on what you think the person would enjoy the most. A set of extra memory cards, a flash drive, or a cleaning cloth is always a safe bet. If you know the person well enough to give them something cuter, try a camera lens-shaped tumbler. When it comes to the perfect gift, it’s the thought that counts.

16 thoughtful gift ideas for a photographer

Below, you’ll find the best gift ideas any photographer would love, both the beginners and the professionals.

1. Ergonomic camera bag

If you go the practical route, an ergonomic camera bag is perfect for any photographer on the move. With an ergonomic bag, your photographer friend can keep their camera and equipment safe while supporting their back and neck.

These bags help distribute the weight of someone’s belongings so they can crouch down to get the shot without setting the bag on the ground. By gifting them this support, you can elevate their experience as they do what they love and help them capture the perfect shot.

2. Camera-shaped multi-tool

When someone’s on the go snapping pictures, they need small, agile tools that take up minimal space. A camera-shaped multi-tool is exactly this, and its silhouette should bring a smile to any photographer’s face. Its cutouts can serve several functions – such as a screwdriver, wrench, or cutting blade.

With the hole in the middle of the multi-tool, a cameraperson shooting on film can play around with the frame before committing to a snapshot. With the gift of function and form, your photographer friend can fuse the practical with the creative.

3. Portable LED lights

Lighting is super important when constantly trying to snap the perfect picture, so give the photographer in your life the gift of accent lighting - on the go. With portable LED lights, your photographer friend can take the magic on the move as they light up their surroundings in a blaze of color because you never know when they might come across a picture perfect moment.

When you give photographers the Sky Lite Evolve, they can use the portable projector to splash an entire galaxy across the background of a frame. The Evolve’s compact spherical design makes for easy transport, and it can plug into any USB port. The stunning pastel shades in reds, blues, pinks, and purples can take an ordinary photo out of this world.

evolve galaxy projector effect in teal and blue

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

4. Photography gloves

A great gift for a photographer is a pair of gloves to keep their hands warm when shooting outside during colder months. You can buy photo-friendly gloves with removable fingertips so they can use their camera’s touchscreen when needed.

Keep an eye out for a pair of photography gloves featuring a non-slip grip. With these gloves, the photographer can stay cozy without losing their hold on the camera. When you give a photographer a gift that enhances their passion, you help them take their pictures to the next level.

5. Personalized camera strap

This is one of the simpler gift ideas for photographers: One way to elevate a classic camera accessory is to personalize it. Find a seller that can embroider the name of your photographer friend onto a strap, offering them both support and a unique flair. When you personalize a gift with an inscription, you’ll all but be there every time they snap a picture.

6. Travel tripod

With a tripod, a photographer can keep a shot steady. This means they can jump into the frame as they set the self-timer for the perfect portrait. They can also lift the camera higher for majestic views when exploring the great outdoors. With a travel tripod, they can keep it light as they venture out to capture the moments of a lifetime.

7. Waterproof camera covers

With a waterproof camera cover for a digital camera or smartphone, you can help your photographer friend protect their equipment during all kinds of weather. This practical gift can give your photographer pal peace of mind as they examine the forecast for an upcoming trip or shoot day. Rain or shine, nothing can stop them from venturing outside to find inspiration.

8. Holiday camera ornaments

When the holidays come around, you might wonder what festive pieces can elevate a photographer’s home. A holiday camera ornament can be an excellent addition to their collection. Plus, they can hang this camera-shaped decoration anywhere in their home throughout the year to tastefully display their passion for photography. It’s a wonderful gift for transforming a photographer’s everyday surroundings, giving them a glimpse of the camera even when they’re away from it.

9. Camera charm bracelet

A camera charm bracelet can be a playful nod to the passions of the person behind the lens. You can search for a bracelet with delicate and inspired charms that showcase a variety of vintage cameras. It’s a great way for the photographer in your life to display their devotion.

10. Camera pendant necklace

For another jewelry idea that can either complement a charm bracelet or stand on its own, go for a camera pendant necklace. It’s a fun gift idea that shows off your photographer friend’s love of photography through an understated accessory. This subtle photo-themed embellishment can elevate any outfit.

11. Photography idea cards

Every artist might need a jolt of inspiration now and again, so give them the gift of ideas with a pack of photography idea cards. You can find card sets online with various prompts to get any photographer thinking outside the box – and beyond the lens. This way, they’ll always have a creative boost at their fingertips.

12. Camera lens tumbler

Another way a photographer can show off their love of photography is with a cute and convenient accessory like a camera lens tumbler. When they’re on the go, they can head out the door with a hot beverage at the ready in their adorable container. This way, they can maximize their comfort as they pursue their passion.

13. Film roll keychain

To really wow the photographer in your life with a high-quality gift that earns extra points for uniqueness, give them a custom film roll keychain. You can incorporate some of their favorite images into the keychain design. When they roll the film strip open, they’ll find smiling pictures of loved ones inside. This love and appreciation can inspire them time and again.

14. Pocket-sized photography tips

For newbies and amateur photographers, a pocket-sized collection of photography tips, on cards or in a small booklet, is a great idea. When they have questions as they point and shoot their first pictures on a new camera, they can turn to the cards for easy answers. This can help them take their ideas above and beyond.

15. Anti-fog lens attachment

A photographer’s best friend is a clean camera lens free of fog, dirt, and debris. To help them keep their lens from fogging up, you can give them an anti-fog lens attachment that they can store in their camera bag. This attachment is simple and small enough but can make a big difference when added to any picture-taker's repertoire. Sometimes the slightest changes can make the biggest difference, opening the photographer up to a world of possibilities.

16. Photoshoot props

When preparing for a photo shoot, it’s a great idea to bring props that take the experience to the next level. These props can be great gift ideas for a photographer. And you can think outside the box here – anything that changes the scene can be a prop, including lighting devices.

To add a colorful low-light effect for a soft glow, you can try color-changing LED lights to set the mood. With the BlissRadia, for example, your photographer friend can transform indoor or outdoor portrait shoots and experiment with seamless color transitions and subtle ambient effects. When you gift a photographer props they can use to elevate their surroundings, you give them the gift of endless possibilities.

blissradia smart ambient mood light in warm yellow
blissradia is an led ambient light with app control that shines in multiple colors

BlissRadia Smart LED Mood Light


From desktop to bedside, light the way to concentration, stimulation, or relaxation.

Give the gift of inspiration with BlissLights

When giving someone a gift, you want to take the time to find something they’ll use for a long time. For the photographer in your life, that means all kinds of practical and playful gifts. Lighting is a great way to enhance their surroundings and photos, whether they shoot portraits or mystical nighttime landscapes. Browse the BlissLights collection now for lighting gifts that can take an ordinary photo shoot out of this world.

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