12 Best Color Changing LED Lights for Your Room in 2022

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, Mar 14, 22
12 Best Color Changing LED Lights for Your Room in 2022

The right lighting color can change how you complete an activity, decorate your room, or let your mind unwind at the end of the day. But you’re not about to buy a light bulb for every color in the rainbow. That’s where color changing LED lights come into play. Energy-efficient and versatile, color changing LEDs are the key to a whole new universe. Read on to discover the 12 best color-changing lights for your room.

How to choose a color-changing light

Let’s say you know you want to purchase a color-changing light to enhance your space, but you aren’t sure which fixture is right. Below are three questions you should ask yourself before you buy a color-changing light.

  • Where will you put the light in your room? Where your new color-changing LED light will “live” can influence your buying decision. Maybe there’s a dark corner in your living room that you’d like to dedicate to a reading nook, or you want to fill your room with calming blue light to relax at the end of a busy day. From color-changing bulbs in your lamps to night lights and LED strips, the possibilities are endless in every part of your room.
  • How do you want to control the lights? You can control color-changing lights in a few ways, mainly through accompanying apps or a remote that comes with your fixture. Each performs the same functions, but you may find some more advanced features with an app.
  • What are the best LED light colors for your needs? Some LED fixtures can change between a few colors, while others can be set to quite literally any color under the sun. If you only want to change between a handful of colors, that’ll open up your options for LED fixtures, as these models are more common. However, if you want a buffet of options and choices, be on the lookout for a model that supports this wide array of colors.

blissglow multicolor led lights in living room

12 best color-changing LED lights for your room in 2022

Whether you’re throwing a Euphoria-themed bash, need a practical mood light for your time off, or you’re making Reels for your Instagram account, color changing lights help transform the world around you without remodeling, repainting, or redecorating. The below 12 color-changing lights are affordable, versatile options that set the mood for hours on end.

1. Govee Small LED Light Bulbs

The Govee LED Light Bulb is a color-changing smart bulb with an automated timer. It can connect to a mobile app via Bluetooth that unlocks a wide array of features, including choosing from 16 million colors and a reactive music mode. The socket fits into most standard fixtures.

Key features:

  • 16 million color options
  • Connects via Bluetooth to mobile app
  • Can pair music with light bulb so the light moves to the music

Price: $13.99 on Amazon

govee bulb

2. BlissGlow Multicolor LED Strip Lights

The BlissGlow Multicolor LED Light Strip can transition your ordinary space into a glowing galaxy. With the BlissLights app, you can transform your room from a soft pink to a blazing red – or any other color supported by the strips – just by tapping your phone screen. With independent color control, you can choose to shine one color at a time or 12 colors all at once. If you’re throwing a bash, the BlissGlow also comes with four music sensing modes to pulse to the beat of your favorite music.

The BlissGlow’s easy setup involves peeling off the 3M adhesive backing, cutting the strips to your desired size, and attaching them wherever you want.

Key features:

  • Use the BlissLights app to control brightness and colors
  • Choose between one to 12 colors to light up your space
  • Let your lights move to the beat of the music with four music-sensing modes

Price: $49.99 on BlissLights.com

living room with blissglow multicolor led lights

3. Minetom Mini LED Fairy Lights

The Minetom Mini is a 33-foot fairy light set that can be used indoors or outdoors. Use the remote control to change the colors between seven solid options and one multicolored one. Tangle-resistant material means that this can be wrapped around banisters and poles without knotting. This model is powered by a USB connection.

Key features:

  • Seven colors and one multicolor mode
  • 33 feet long and made with tangle-resistant material
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors

Price: $15.99 on Amazon

minetom fairy lights

4. Govee Wifi TV Backlight

With the Govee Wifi TV Backlight, you can enjoy color-changing lighting built specifically to illuminate the area behind your TV. The built-in sensors detect the colors displaying from your TV and syncs the backlight to match. This light can be controlled through voice control. The fixture fits most TVs 55” to 85” and can display up to 12 colors.

Key features:

  • Lights can change depending on screen colors
  • Control through Siri, Alexa, or Google
  • Supports up to 12 colors at once

Price: $79.99 on Govee

govee tv backlight

5. BlissRadia Smart Ambient Mood Light

Set the mood in your room with the color-changing BlissRadia Smart Ambient Mood Light. This mood light illuminates your space with a gentle, soft glow that seamlessly transitions from color to color. Use it as a book light as you read your favorite novel or switch between 16 million colors as you film your next YouTube video.

On Alexa, Google Home, or the BlissHome app, you can set your BlissRadia’s timer to transition from dusk to dawn. You can also set your own timers and adjust settings such as brightness and colors. The BlissRadia puts the power of elevating your surroundings right in your hands.

Key features:

  • Connects to BlissHome app, Alexa, or Google Home
  • Features nine preset gradient lighting effects
  • Dawn-to-dusk and other timers

Price: $39.99 on BlissLights.com

blissradia smart ambient mood light in hot pink

blissradia is an led ambient light with app control that shines in multiple colors

BlissRadia Smart LED Mood Light


From desktop to bedside, light the way to concentration, stimulation, or relaxation.

6. Philips Hue Portable LED Table Lamp

The Phillips Hue LED Table Lamp is a cordless light available in three styles: the Bloom, the Iris, and the Go. Each one boasts a different design so you can select the ideal one for your space. Each version offers slightly different features, including a rechargeable option. Lamp owners can choose from 16 million colors, mixing and matching options from seemingly limitless possibilities. Many of the models work with the wider Philips Hue system.

Key features:

  • Fully customizable with 16 million color options
  • Mobile app utilized for settings control
  • Voice control and full integration with Philips family of products

Price: $69.99 to $99.99 on Amazon

philips hue bloom

7. GE Cync Full Color Direct Connect Smart Bulb

The GE Cync Full Color Smart Bulb screws into any standard socket found in a lamp or similar fixture, just like any other bulb. But that’s where the similarities end. Connect your bulb to the Cylc app to cycle among the colors of the rainbow. On the app, there are also optimized settings that can support your sleep and wake cycle. Control a single bulb, or buy several and group them together.

Key features:

  • Supports a full range of colors
  • Connects with Cync app for total control
  • Can group with other bulbs to control a whole series

Price: $11.99 on BestBuy

GE C bulb

8. Nooie Aurora

The Nooie Aurora is a WiFi-connected smart bulb that’s fully controlled by an accompanying app. Nooie does not require a hub to operate the WiFi bulbs; they can be controlled directly from your phone. Create preferred settings through the app and share the device with family so each can control the bulb with their own preferred settings. And just like some of the other options on this list, Nooie provides full access to the 16 million possible color settings.

Key features:

  • WiFi bulb fully controllable via app
  • Control bulbs individually or in groups
  • Supports voice control

Price: $18.99 on Amazon

nooie led bulb

9. IKEA Tradfri Gateway Kit

Unlike the other lights on this list, the Tradfri Starter Kit from IKEA lets you switch solely among white colors. The kit includes two LED bulbs, a remote control, and a gateway. You can use the gateway or IKEA’s smart home app to control your lights. Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit control are also options.

Key features:

  • Change color among different white hues
  • Smart home control via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or AppleHome Kit
  • Additional control through Tradfri gateway or IKEA’s smart home app

Price: $69.99 on Ikea

tradfi led bulbs

10. BlissEmber Smart Multicolor Night Light

Provide a source of comfort as you drift away with the BlissEmber Smart Multicolor Night Light. This night light transcends ordinary ones with soft gentle hues ranging from white to blue that can help you fall asleep in seconds. It can also detect motion from up to 20 feet away so that it only runs when you need it, saving energy.

Through the BlissHome mobile app, you can adjust the BlissEmber’s color and brightness with just the touch of a button. You can also connect your device to a smart home assistant like Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Whether you’re using it for yourself or a little one afraid of the dark, sleeping soundly is easier than ever before under its comforting glow.

Key features:

  • Control with the BlissHome app or connect to Alexa or Google Home
  • Motion control from up to 20 feet away
  • Can shine in all colors of the rainbow

Price: $14.99 on BlissLights

blissember smart multicolor night light in lavender

blissember is a smart color changing led night light suitable for adults and kids

BlissEmber Smart Multicolor Night Light


A guiding light, a source of comfort, a way to transform your space.

Brighten up your space with color-changing BlissLights

The best color-changing LED lights effortlessly light up your space and transition colors to match your every mood. With BlissLights, you can set just the right tone whether you’re filming a new video or laying down to read a book. With easy installation and affordable prices, it’s no wonder you’re seeing these colorful lights all over TikTok – and you can use them too. Browse the BlissLights collection to find the perfect color-changing lights to transform your home.

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