Emotional Escape Room - The Ultimate Calm Corner Guide

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, Apr 11, 22
desk with lavender books and calming candles

If you’re used to the hustle and bustle of work and responsibilities, you might struggle to make time to sit down and take a breather. Taking some time to decompress and reconnect with your thoughts – and “feel all the feels” – is an important part of your mental well-being. It’s also the driving force behind a major interior design trend: Creating an emotional escape room. This space can help you find calm, comfort, and serenity – here’s how to create one in your home.

What is an emotional escape room?

An emotional escape room is a space designed to allow you to unload stress and achieve a state of pure relaxation. Perhaps you’ll practice zen or meditate there – either way, increasingly more people are incorporating these safe spaces into their homes.

Emotional escape rooms come in a handful of different types that can help you feel more positive. In fact, based on social media search trends, Pinterest predicts that music-themed rooms, crystal rooms, tiny library rooms, and even rage rooms will dominate 2022. These findings are true for all age groups – escaping your emotions knows no age limits.

Why have an emotional escape room?

Everyone should have an area that feels like a safe haven to let out emotions without fear of judgment. An emotional escape space can be this area. It can improve your quality of life by providing you with a way to:

  • Feel a sense of security. Feeling secure is a major human necessity – security provides a foundation for living your life. When you have a sense of mental security, you’ll likely feel safe too. That’s why an emotional escape room can help you feel more like you have control over your life.
  • Rest in a setting that enlightens you. When you relax in a room designed by you, for you, you’re more likely to feel comfortable and at ease. Colors and themes that bring you joy can inspire you and make it easier to reach a state of bliss.
  • Release your emotions. Expressing emotions is a healthy part of your overall well-being, and releasing them is always better than bottling them up. Doing so can reduce anxiety, ease depression, and help you make more rational decisions. A room that assists with this release can help you stay grounded and recognize what’s going on around you.

11 Tips for the best emotional escape room

Ready to create a space that allows you to freely express your emotions? Check out these tips to build yourself the ultimate inspirational emotional escape room.

1. Keep it cozy

Imagine lying in a soft bed of clouds with a fuzzy blanket wrapped around you, blissfully breathing in the fresh air. Sounds peaceful, right? You should aim for this vibe as you design your emotional escape room. Everything in the room should be so comfy you barely feel it there. Fill the room with various textures such as soft area rugs, knitted throw blankets, faux fur throw pillows, and a velvet saucer chair. Nothing says cozy quite like warm, irresistible textures.

a cozy room with golden hour lighting

2. Play music you love

Music can relax your mind, energize your body, manage pain, and impact your mood. When you’re getting ready to release your emotions, playing your favorite music can make the room feel special and more personalized. Close your eyes and listen to songs from your all-time favorite artists or turn on soothing soundscapes while you search for inner peace.

If music is one of your main sources of stress relief, you might consider making it the very theme of your emotional escape room. Surround yourself with musical instruments, vinyl records, and sheet music to further enhance your melodic, emotive experience.

vinyl record player

3. Use ambient mood lighting

Instantly set the mood in your emotional escape room with ambient mood lighting. Cast a warm glow through your space to promote concentration and relaxation so you can focus your full attention on your feelings. You can choose among many calming colors and comforting lighting effects – go with whatever entrances you and eases your mind.

The BlissRadia is a perfect example of an ambient mood fixture that inspires emotions. This smart mood orb diffuses soft, colorful hues in your cozy room. With a few taps in the BlissLights app, you can transform your space into a liberating environment. You can adjust the brightness and set fluctuating vibrant color gradients without getting up from your cozy emotional escape spot. You’ll never think of mood lighting the same way again.

blissradia smart ambient mood light in grassland green
blissradia is an led ambient light with app control that shines in multiple colors

BlissRadia Smart LED Mood Light


From desktop to bedside, light the way to concentration, stimulation, or relaxation.

4. Include aromatherapy

Incense and essential oils can be game-changers when you’re connecting with your emotions. In fact, aromatherapy can be healthy for your body, mind, and spirit. Popular scents such as lavender, ginger, lemongrass, and eucalyptus have the potential to improve sleep quality, reduce stress, agitation, and anxiety, and soothe joints. Breathe in fresh fragrances, then breathe out negativity.

essential oils aromatherapy

5. Create your own personal library

If you like to escape by mentally transporting yourself into an exciting book, a tiny library can be great for your escape space. A personal library can make your escape space resemble a cozy nook – the main goal is to curl up with a good story in peace. You can fill your shelves with a variety of genres that you enjoy too. From romance and fantasy to adventure and mystery, you might never want to leave your personal sanctuary.

6. Add plants

While planning your emotional escape room, consider saving space for some lush greenery: Plants can do wonders for your mental and emotional well-being. Adding houseplants to your restful area can decrease feelings of anxiety and depression, boost creativity, and reduce stress. Plants can also improve the air quality in your home – and fresh air is a great starting point for self-care.

indoor succulent plants

7. Light candles

Clear your mind of all your worries and wind down next to the flickering flame from a glistening candle. Lighting candles can encourage self-awareness, relaxation, and a meditative state, all of which can help you feel calm. Take things to the next level with a scented candle infused with essential oils. Your emotional escape room can resemble a spa too.

candle with fairy lights and rose

8. Set up a room divider

Not everyone has a spare room in their home that can be converted into an emotional retreat space – and that’s okay! Whether you’re short on rooms or you live in a small apartment, you can still create your own emotional escape area with a room divider. Each side of the divider can feel like a completely different room. This way, you can mentally and physically separate yourself while getting in touch with your emotions.

9. Make it your creative space

There’s no right or wrong way to use an emotional escape room. As long as you feel at peace and connect with your thoughts, the room is doing its job. Creative endeavors can help on that front. You can achieve inner peace through journaling, painting, crafting, drawing, dancing, singing, or whatever else inspires you. Your emotional escape room should be somewhere you can fully be yourself and express yourself however you need.

paintbrushes with multicolor paint

10. Keep it organized

Trying to feel calm in a room full of clutter can be a massive challenge. You might feel overwhelmed or distracted by everything around you, making it impossible to concentrate on yourself. That’s why you should keep your emotional escape room organized and clutter-free. When the room you’re in is clean and tidy, it’s easier to declutter your thoughts and feel in control.

organized room with table and chairs

11. Have a color arrangement

Different colors and hues can go a long way in impacting your mood and emotions. For example, shades of blue can boost relaxation and productivity, while shades of yellow can be great for vigorous activity. Mellow color palettes such as pale greens, neutral tones, and light blues are often perfect for a tranquil atmosphere.

The Velarus Multicolor Aurora Light makes adding a splash of color to your emotional escape room super easy. Right from your phone, you can set the light to shine whatever color suits your mood. The soothing, speed-adjustable aurora effect adds to the the relaxing effect. It can take your emotional escape room from ordinary to enthralling and immerse you in a dazzling mental retreat.

velarus effect in orange and purple

velarus smart multicolor aurora projector with app control

Velarus Aurora Light


Vibrant aurora lighting with app control.

Express your emotions with BlissLights

Emotions inevitably run high sometimes, and that can be hard to handle. Emotional escape rooms are the new trend to release these feelings and clear your headspace. Your escape room will be even more liberating and unburdening with BlissLights that foster a peaceful, safe, welcoming atmosphere. Browse the BlissLights collection now to set the right mood as you sit with your feelings and refresh your mind.

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