9 Best Lights for Closets to Illuminate Your Wardrobe

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, Jan 31, 22
9 Best Lights for Closets to Illuminate Your Wardrobe

Opening your closet and deciding your outfit for the day should be a simple task. However, without the proper lighting, choosing your clothes or looking for a pair of gloves can get a bit annoying. Proper illumination can make all the difference whether you have a walk-in closet or a tight, cramped space. Keep reading to learn about some of the best lights for closets that will completely change how you see your wardrobe.

Types of closet lighting

Not every closet is the same, and neither is every fixture. Different types of lighting fixtures work in different ways, producing various amounts of brightness. The most popular ways to brighten up your closet include the below options.

  • Recessed lighting. Recessed lights are basically part of your ceiling. Whoever built your home nestled these lights within the ceiling’s drywall, slightly above ceiling level. You’ll typically see multiple recessed sockets in your ceiling.
  • Strip lights. Strip lights are a fun and unique way to accessorize your closet in a practical and functional way. These long strips of tiny LED lights can be cut to your desired length and placed on any flat surface. There’s no fancy installation either – just peel the adhesive backing and stick the strips wherever you please. You can also control many strip lights with a wireless remote or a mobile app.
  • Puck lights. Puck lights are small circles or ovals that are perfect for small closets. Most puck lights are either plug-in or battery-powered and come with self-adhering adhesive backings. You can easily position them to shine in specific spots without any hardwiring.
  • Track lighting. When using a track lighting system, you can adjust each individual bulb of the many you’ve mounted on the track. This way, you can direct bulbs toward your shoes, jackets, and daily wear all at the same time.
  • Wireless lighting. Installing new lights that require drilling or cutting into walls and ceilings may not always be feasible. In that case, wireless lighting is a great choice. You can power your wireless fixtures through standard or rechargeable batteries. That means no hiring an electrician or dealing with tools.
  • Motion-sensor lighting. Fixtures that feature motion-sensor lights make it easy for you to open your closet door without flipping a switch. These energy-efficient lights use sensors to automatically turn on when they detect motion within a certain range. You’ll never again have to dig through a bunch of hanging clothes to find your light switch.

What to consider when selecting your closet lighting

Depending on the clothes you keep in your closet and your closet’s size, you may find that certain types of fixtures work better. Below are a few factors to consider when choosing how to illuminate your space.

  • Wireless or hardwired. Whether you choose wireless or hardwired fixtures largely depends on your budget and comfort with home renovations. Installing hardwired lighting can be an expensive and tedious task you should leave to an electrician. Wireless lights, on the other hand, are easy to install and affordable. You can typically incorporate them into your closet within seconds.
  • Closet space and features. When dealing with lighting, you should always think about fire safety. The fixtures you use should comfortably fit in your closet. It’s safest to keep six to 12 inches of clearance between your light source and any items in your closet.
  • Aesthetic. Although a closet is a storage area, you may still want it to stay on theme with the rest of your home decor. While most fixtures come with white trim, others may be available in black, gold, silver, or another color. Taking color, size, and style into account will help your closet fixtures go hand in hand with the rest of your home.
  • Warm or cool lighting. The color temperature of your lighting can make a huge difference in your storage space. If you’re using your closet as a wardrobe, something with a cooler tone will more closely resemble real-world lighting. This way, you’re not in for any sartorial surprises when you hit the town in what you thought was a perfectly color-coordinated outfit.
  • Peel-and-stick or drilling. If you’re looking for something a bit more permanent, drilling your fixtures into the ceiling makes sense. However, if you want a simple installation and the flexibility to change things up, peel-and-stick is the way to go. To choose between the two, think about how you’ll use your closet and how quickly you want to set things up.
  • Motion detection. Trying to find the light switch behind a bunch of clothes can be a nuisance. With motion detection, all you have to do is open the door for instant illumination. You can also leave the house without worrying about whether or not you forgot to flip the switch.
  • Dimmable. Dimming features can come in handy, especially when you’re sharing your room with another person. You can open the closet door and dim the lights just enough for you to see without waking up your roommate, sibling, or significant other.

The 9 best lights for closets

Ready to give your closet a makeover? Check out the below closet lighting ideas to transform your space.

1. Lithonia Lighting LED Flush Mount Closet Light

The Lithonia Lighting LED Flush Mount Light is an LED closet light available in several sizes and shapes. You can install it quickly and turn it on via a pull chain or motion-sensor activation. It’s energy-efficient and lasts several years. You can mount it on your closet walls or ceiling without it getting in the way or taking up room.

lithonia led light

2. Zipcode Design Warrenton 1 Simple Circle LED

The Zipcode Design Warrenton 1 Simple Circle LED provides a translucent white glow to closets of any size. You can install it on a dimmer switch to easily control its brightness level. Its built-in LED bulb casts light downward so you can easily see your clothing, boxes, or linens. Although it does use a hardwired power source, installation requires just a screwdriver.

led bulb ceiling light

3. BlissGlow

Jazz up your closet with style and pizzazz with colorful LED strip lighting courtesy of the BlissGlow. The BlissGlow can shine up to 12 colors at once and completely change how you view your closet. Shine a simple white light during the day for some extra illumination, and then, at night, have some fun and customize the vibrant colors. You can control your LED strip’s colors, effects, timers, and more right from the BlissHome mobile app.

The BlissGlow’s four music-sensing effects can react and change in real-time to your favorite tunes. Just imagine stepping into your walk-in closet and picking out your outfit, vibing to some music, and dancing around under a mesmerizing colorful glow. It’s a big transformation for your closet, but it doesn’t take much work. Just peel the backing to expose the adhesive side and stick it to the wall or ceiling – no tools or electrician required. With your BlissGlow up and running, you’ll see your closet in a whole new light.

4. Mr. Beams Indoor/Outdoor LED Ceiling Light

The Mr.Beams Indoor/Outdoor LED Ceiling Lights are small but bright wireless fixtures. These battery-powered closet lights typically last a year, and their motion-activation feature helps extend battery life. They come with a diffuser that spreads light throughout your space, providing a wider coverage area. The light’s modern, clean design can easily match most aesthetics.

mr beams led closet light

5. Westek LED Moon Puck Light

The Westek LED Moon Puck Light runs on three AA batteries, with a total run time of 40 hours. Its modern, simple style matches any home decor theme without distraction. It lacks switches or plugs too – to light your closet, you’ll tap the puck. The back of the fixture includes a keyhole so you can easily hang it directly on your closet wall.

westek moon battery powered led light

6. imenou LED USB Rechargeable Closet Light

The imenou LED USB Rechargeable Closet Light can help you find what you’re looking for. You can quickly mount it with its built-in magnet and adhesive tape. Its motion sensor can detect your motion within 10 feet. Once it stops detecting motion after 20 seconds, it will slowly fade out before turning off completely.

This fixture is designed to work in the dark. It can sense when ambient lighting is on, and in those moments, it’ll turn off to save energy. Its rechargeable battery means you don’t need an outlet or constant battery swaps. When recharging time comes, a USB cable should do the trick.

usb rechargeable led closet light

7. Hampton Bay 12-Inch Round LED Ceiling Puff

The Hampton Bay 12-Inch Round LED Ceiling Puff is designed to replace standard 75-watt incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient cool lighting. This way, you can see the items in your closet in daylight hues that resemble real-world settings. You can use it without replacing any bulbs, and it lasts roughly 50,000 hours with continuous use.

hampton bay ceiling puff light

8. Cshidworld LED Closet Lights

You can power the Cshidworld LED Closet Light with motion-sensor technology or wireless remote control. You can control the light’s brightness and choose from four different cycle modes. You can quickly install it on any iron surface with its built-in magnet or to any non-iron surface with its adhesive strip. Its slim, rectangular design may best suit tight, narrow closets, and its rechargeable battery lasts seven to eight hours on “always-on” mode.

cshidworld led dimmable lights for closet

9. BlissEmber

If your small closet contains an outlet, a smart nightlight such as the BlissEmber can elevate your space. You can choose from millions of colors to brighten up your closet or stick with traditional white lighting. You can also use motion-sensing mode so your closet will automatically light up once you open the door. That's true even in walk-in closets – the BlissEmber can sense motion from up to 20 feet away.

The BlissEmber pairs with the Bliss Home app so you can light your closet with just a few taps on your phone screen. It also pairs with Google Home and Alexa so you can speak your closet lightning into existence. You can also use voice or app control to set the BlissEmber’s color, brightness, and other settings in just seconds. It’s also a great night light – is your child scared of the monsters in the closet? Leave the door open with the BlissEmber on, and drifting off to sleep and sweet dreams is that much easier. It’ll have the same effect in your own room as well.

blissember is a smart color changing led night light suitable for adults and kids

BlissEmber Smart Multicolor Night Light


A guiding light, a source of comfort, a way to transform your space.

Elevate your closet with BlissLights

There’s no one way to use a closet. From hanging clothes and storing linens to organizing your special collectibles, closets serve many purposes. It’s only fitting that your closet lighting does the same. BlissLights, for example, can illuminate your storage area in myriad ways. Shine a standard white glow to help you see, or turn on colorful effects to add some personality. Browse the BlissLights collection now to transform your closet into a world of its own.

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