12 Best Kids Reading Nook Ideas to Inspire a Reading Retreat

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Jun 10, 22
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Creating a cozy, cute, quiet space may be just what you need to inspire your kids to experience the joys of reading. Having a comfy area just for books can encourage your junior bookworm to develop a lifelong love of stories. Whether your kids are reading about princes and princesses or classic fairy tales, these kids’ reading nook ideas will have them hooked on books.

What is a reading nook?

A cozy reading nook is a special area dedicated to enjoying the world of stories through books. These kid-friendly versions of home libraries allow your children to curl up with a good story in a space that’s uniquely theirs. Cozy nooks often include comfy seating, pillows, blankets, good lighting, and of course, lots of books. This relaxing environment can stimulate your kids’ imagination, creating the perfect space to become immersed in the words on each page.

How do you make a cozy reading nook for kids?

You can create a reading corner with the below easy steps.

  • Find the best spot. The best reading nooks are secluded and cozy. Don’t worry if space is at a premium in your home – reading nooks are supposed to be snug. In fact, smaller spaces can feel more private, allowing kids to become even more engaged with their favorite books. If you’re using a larger space, you may even want to consider dividing it to make the space feel smaller and more personal.
  • Pick a theme. Choosing a theme for your child’s reading space can enhance the immersion that a good story can offer. To pick a theme, think about what kind of books your little one likes best. An adventurous reader might want a jungle or pirate theme. A kid who loves fantasy may prefer a fairytale castle theme. A more mature mystery reader might enjoy a noir theme.
  • Choose a comfy chair. The seating in your book nook should be flexible and cushy. You’ll want to provide options for different positions that kids can shift into without needing to put down their books. Consider options such as bean bag chairs, floor pillows, ottomans, and window seats.
  • Find unique, practical lighting. Visibility is key for reading, so don’t forget to add functional lighting to your child’s book nook. You may also want to include vibrant mood lighting such as the BlissRadia to elevate the atmosphere. The BlissRadia’s gentle gradients cast a warm glow that can improve concentration and make reading even more exciting.
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  • Fill it with books. It goes without saying that you should fill your nook with a ton of kids' books. You can use book shelving as your go-to for storage, but keep in mind that your child won’t be reading picture books forever. That means you’ll need to incorporate book storage that can work for beginner chapter books as well as young adult books. This way, your kid’s reading nook can grow with them.

12 kids’ reading nook ideas at home

Now that you know exactly what a reading nook is and how to create one for your kids, it’s time to put it all together. Get started on creating the ultimate imaginative space with these comfy reading nook ideas.

1. Built-in lights

Regardless of your young ones’ favorite books or your nook’s theme, there is one accessory that’s an absolute must – sufficient reading light. Without proper lighting, your kids can strain their eyes while also struggling to read the words on a page. Creating a nook with built-in lights means your little reader can easily crack open a book at any time of day.

Fixtures such as wall sconces, recessed ceiling lights, or wall-mounted gooseneck lights are just a few examples of stylish yet practical options. Take it a step further with dimmers so you can adjust the glow to just the right amount.

2. Unique accent wall

Accent walls are a staple of interior design, and they can bring a pop of color to any kids’ reading nook. When trying to decide your accent wall’s color, think about your reading nook’s overall theme. A space-themed nook may have a wall with planets and stars, while a nature-themed book corner may include a beautiful mural of the mountains.

Accent walls can also be as simple as painting one wall a different color than the others. Peel-and-stick wallpaper is a wonderful alternative if you don’t want to deal with the hassle and mess of paint. Either way, one exciting wall can be all it takes to transform your kids’ reading nook.

3. Super cozy farmhouse

The welcoming nature of a farmhouse aesthetic can invite your kids in and get them in the mood to practice their reading. And with a farmhouse reading nook, it’s all about the accessories. Make sure to fill the nook with lots of farm animal stuffed toys, neutral-toned blankets and pillows, and bookshelves in the shape of animals. You can even paint the walls blue with white clouds to make the experience more immersive.

4. Fairy lights

Turn your child’s reading corner into a magical utopia with fairy lights. These small string lights instantly add an ethereal vibe to any space. Young bookworms may even begin to get excited about story time whenever they see the sparkle of their nook’s fairy lights. As you read Peter Pan’s classic story to your kids, they might feel like they’re flying to Neverland right alongside Tinkerbell.

5. Natural lighting nook

Natural lighting is great for a kids’ reading nook because it can be helpful for a child’s mental and physical wellbeing. Natural light can increase Vitamin D levels, and it can also be a mood-booster. A window in your little reader’s book nook can be a great asset for natural lighting. Consider sheer curtains or blinds that provide privacy and reduce glare while still allowing the natural sunlight to illuminate your child’s book.

6. Secret special hideaway

The best part about reading your favorite book is getting lost in its pages and forgetting about the “real world” for a while. That’s why your kids’ reading nook should be free from distractions. The best spots are outside busy passages in your home and away from pesky electronic distractions like the TV and computer. Kids also love to have their own special space that’s just for them. Using the space under stairs, for example, is a resourceful way to occupy every area in the house. It can also help your kid feel like they’re about to get their letter from Hogwarts.

7. Corner canopy

A canopy bed is a must-have so your kid who loves princes and princesses can feel like royalty too. Bed canopies can be bought at many home decor stores, or you can make your own with a hula hoop and some fabric. Hang the canopy in the corner of your kids’ room to designate that space for reading. Pair it with soft throw pillows, cushions, and a fuzzy area rug to ensure your royal reader stays nice and snug.

8. Dark florals

Dark florals are an exquisite and mature pattern for older kids and teens who love mystery books or horror novels. This Victorian theme is best accomplished with printed wallpapers and textiles. A mix of small and large prints can keep this theme from looking too cluttered. Take it up a notch with fabric or wooden flowers and a vintage lantern. You may even want to provide a flashlight for spooky stories under the covers.

9. Kid-friendly corner

As much as you might love to read, this nook is for your kids and should be very kid-friendly. This means you’ll want it to catch the attention of your small one, making them want to stay and spend time with the books. To do this, pick a fun theme or color scheme that will interest your child, then fill the space with kid-friendly accessories.

Bean bags for your kids to sit on and stuffed animals for them to cuddle are a great start. For the books themselves, milk crates stacked on their sides can provide great adjustable storage. Crates of different sizes and colors can help you sort books by genre or difficulty level for an especially enticing reading experience.

10. Curved corner bookcase

Turn any ordinary corner into an extraordinary reading nook with a curved corner bookcase to add some personality. Your curved bookcase can make a large space feel nice and cozy. Compliment the rounded corner with a circular seating cushion such as an ottoman, saucer chair, or a rounded corner bench. Since the seating is part of the bookshelf itself, cleaning up will be a breeze. Plus, your kids will always know where to go for a good read.

11. Rainbow room

What better positive icon to have in a reading room than a rainbow? Rainbows can bring joy, encouragement, and creativity to everyone around them. Put up rainbow wall decals and place a rainbow-shaped pillow on the kids’ reading chair to spark some inspiration. It’s the perfect mood to set as your kids dive into a world where everything is new.

12. Star corner

Although reading can happen at any time of day, one very special time to read with your child is at bedtime. Creating a star corner in your kids’ reading nook can evoke calmness and serenity right as it’s time to doze off to dreamland. And if you’re reading about an astronaut’s journey through the cosmos, your young one will feel like they’re right in the middle of the story.

Take this immersive book experience to the next level with the Sky Lite Evolve. This awe-inspiring galaxy projector shines thousands of twinkling laser stars and soothing nebula clouds around the room. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can set the colors, brightness, and effects to customize your experience. Your child can read under the stars before wishing on one at bedtime.

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Books are much more than words on a piece of paper. Reading with your kids can supply you all with endless memories. And with BlissLights, you can enhance those meaningful moments in your reading nook with tranquil and enthralling light shows of sparkling stars and brilliant colors. Browse the BlissLights collection to find lighting that can set the stage for your child to fall in love with storytime.

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