Back-To-Work Office Decor That Adds Personality To Your Desk

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, Aug 16, 21
Back-To-Work Office Decor That Adds Personality To Your Desk

Perhaps working remotely has made you realize you prefer completing assignments and attending meetings in your own comfortable, welcoming work environment. But with more companies returning to their offices for in-person work, you might be wondering how to convert your office space into one that inspires you and celebrates your creativity. One of the best solutions is to bring a touch of home to the office and fill your area with back-to-work office decor that represents you! These ideas can help spark your creativity.

13 back-to-work office decor ideas

Whether you’ve been working from home for a few months or a few years, transitioning back to an in-person office takes a little bit of adjustment. Instead of feeling overwhelmed at the thought of sitting at a desk with harsh lighting all day, create a space that brings wow and wonder to your day. These office decor ideas can help you do so.

1. Standing desk

You get to the office, spend all day sitting by your desk hunched over your computer, then get home and notice how much your back aches. Sound familiar? You’re probably spending more time trying to find a comfortable position rather than focusing on work. Avoid back aches and stiffness from sitting at your desk all day with a standing desk. You can create a comfortable office environment that doubles as futuristic office decor by switching to a standing desk.

Standing desks allow you to comfortably stand while doing work and encourage you to get up and move. Many versions of standing desks are adjustable and can be set to whatever height works best for you. Other standing desk benefits include the potential to reduce back pain, increase your energy levels, and boost your productivity.

2. Indoor plants and flowers

Adding natural elements such as plants and flowers bring a refreshing vibe to your office space while providing subtle colors such as greens, yellows, pinks, and purples. Some studies have even found that the benefits of office plants include lower stress levels and increased productivity and creativity.

Beyond the productivity perks, greenery can simply make a workspace feel less industrial and more welcoming. Try adding a low-maintenance snake plant or aloe plant for a bit of a green, and then mix things up with some African violets or rex begonia to transform your office space into a verdant wonderland.

african violet, plants for office decor

3. Aromatherapy

For out-of-the-box office decor ideas, aromatherapy devices are a great choice. The essential oils they emit can transform your office environment, and many essential oil diffusers appear charming and can act as great decor pieces.

For example, to increase your concentration, focus, and productivity, you can diffuse rosemary essential oils. Should you find yourself stressed and overwhelmed, bergamot has mood-boosting properties that can uplift you. Or just use an essential oil diffuser with your favorite scent to fill the air with aromas that take you elsewhere without you moving an inch.

essential oil diffuser

4. Colorful rugs

You can liven up even the drabbest office space with a fun, colorful rug. If you already have a color scheme in place, choose a rug that either matches or contrasts this scheme for an extra layer of depth. For larger offices, rugs are also a wonderful way to outline a space without the need for physical barriers. In smaller offices, rugs can act as accents to tie the full space together.

colorful rugs for office

5. Wall art

If you’re tight on desk space or just want to spruce up your walls, you can’t go wrong with wall art. Think about the ambiance you’re trying to create and pick your artwork accordingly.

To add some inspiration to your office, find or create canvases with motivational quotes. Want something personal? Make a shadowbox showcasing memories and objects from a special work event. If big and bold is more your style, hang a large colorful painting for some vibrant scenery.

Art is a great way to express yourself within the confines of four walls. Pick something that represents you and your company. Corporate artwork tends to consist of elegant white and black images – have fun with it and incorporate colors that encourage creativity and comfort.

office wall art

6. Pictures

Work-from-home got lots of people – perhaps you included – used to being around their loved ones every day. While you can’t take your family to work with you, you can bring pictures of them to the office. Frame your favorite pictures of your family, friends, and pets to put on your desk.

When you’re having a long day or just need some extra encouragement, look over at all those beautiful faces. Your office will no longer seem cold and generic – with just the presence of some frames, it’ll feel warm and special.

family photos for office decor

7. Color-coded office supplies

Believe it or not, the color of your office supplies can change your office’s appearance, affect your mood, and impact your productivity. For files and assignments that must be done quickly, using red folders, markers, and sticky notes can trigger urgency. Non-urgent assignments can be put in blue folders, as blue can be a calming color.

If you’re trying to organize your tasks by group, pick a different color for each category. Examples might include green for administrative work, purple for teamwork, yellow for individual projects, and blue for budgeting work. The colors you choose are ultimately your decision, but they should simultaneously organize your work and let you see your office exactly how you desire.

color-coded office supplies

8. Funky furniture

Interior design is for more than just homes – if anything, the office is a great space to put your creative decorating skills to the test. Funky furniture is a great example: Though it might initially feel appropriate solely for homes, it can boost energy and morale in the office.

Incorporating unique pieces of furniture helps you break away from the traditional workplace feel and completely reimagine your office’s appearance. Instead of boring chairs for guests, add seats with unique patterns, or replace your typical small table with an abstract accent table. While you’re searching for funky furniture, remember that functionality is as important as finding transformative pieces.

novelty office furniture

9. Coffee station

Coffee in the morning is synonymous with working in an office, plus some coffee machines look so sleek they all but act as modern design elements. Adding an easily accessible coffee cart or coffee station in the breakroom can keep everyone energized throughout the day while imparting a charm that you have to see to believe.

From your morning cup of joe to your midday pick-me-up, your coffee cart might quickly become an office favorite. Stock it with plenty of coffee options, filters, sugar, cream, and mugs. You can also choose between a coffee machine and a single serving coffee maker for that extra boost.

office coffee station

10. Whiteboards

Get those creative thoughts flowing by hanging a whiteboard in your workspace. Whiteboards are one of the best tools for brainstorming and collaborating, and you can also draw artistic scenes on them. As back-to-work office decor ideas go, whiteboards let you reimagine your space whenever you need to transcend the everyday.

Whiteboards can also promote a healthy working environment. Throughout the week, you can write different questions on the board and leave markers out for other employees to respond. Everyone will get to know their co-workers better and feel more like teammates together on a transformative journey.

office whiteboard

11. Snack bar

On busy workdays, you might find yourself running from back-to-back meetings, hopping onto conference calls, and rushing to write up budgets before deadlines. Amid the chaos, you struggle to find the time to eat lunch. Instead of going the entire day without eating, create a snack bar for you and your office. As you do so, arrange your snacks so that similarly-colored items are near one another to turn your food area into a decorative masterpiece.

For example, try laying out apples, bananas, and oranges as brain food at your snack bar. Arrange these fruits in color-coordinated patterns to awe and inspire your colleagues every time they come up for a snack. If you do it right, your snack bar will become the new water cooler.

12. Decorative lights

Although natural light can be ideal for working, not all offices and cubicles have windows. The thing is, office light can be harsh and unpleasant and lead to eye strain and headaches. Decorative lights solve this problem while bringing transfixing styles and patterns to your office.

You can try out a whimsical desk lamp to add just the right amount of light to your computer area while adding a decorative touch. Alternatively, you can light your entire space with the SkyLite Evolve Galaxy Projector. You can shine its multicolor nebula cloud in almost any hue of the rainbow, and its stars recast your office as an inspiring, soothing galaxy. You’ll transform your space and your mind, seamlessly taking you and your team to another place – one where work is easier to do – without leaving the office.

colorful office lighting

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

13. Portable LED light

If you have a small office or you’re traveling for work, portable LED lights can illuminate your workspace without taking up much room. Some portable lights come in various colors so you can take the stress out of office work. For a portable light that inspires creativity the moment you plug it in, try the StarPort Laser USB. It fits neatly into your computer’s USB port and instantly recasts your office as a starry wonder where accessing your best ideas isn’t just possible – it’s inevitable.

starport usb lights

starport usb star projector in green

StarPort USB Light


One tiny light. Thousands of stars!

Return to the office in style with BlissLights

Going back to the office doesn’t have to mean sitting in a gray, boring cubicle or staring at a blank white wall. When you add personality to your workspace, you help your team believe in the unbelievable and reach even your most ambitious goals. BlissLights are a great example of adding some flair, as their patterns and colors are transcendent celebrations of creativity and comfort. Browse the BlissLights collection now to get back to work in style, with infinite wonder and wow.

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