20 Must-Have Work Desk Accessories in 2022

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Jan 14, 22
20 Must-Have Work Desk Accessories in 2022

Do you ever have those days where you sit down to work and feel completely unmotivated? Then, the simple addition of unique work desk accessories might spark some inspiration. Whether you’re working from home or in the office, sprucing up your desk with functional, practical, entertaining accessories can bring out your productivity and creativity. Check out this guide for some office desk accessories to get you started.

20 work desk accessories

Work desk accessories span the ergonomic to the luxurious, with a dash of mood-setting items to top things off the right way. Many of them are easy to stash when you need more desktop space – an accessory can only be so big to fit on a desk. Some top-notch accessories include:

1. Desk riser

Simply sitting at a desk is no longer your only way to use it. Try using a desk riser to add some movement into your workday instead. With a desk riser – sometimes called a standing desk, depending on the model – you can adjust the height and position of your monitor and keyboard. This way, you can type away at your work desk without sitting for hours on end. You might even notice a boost in your mood and overall productivity, thanks to the decreased back pain and the improved blood flow that comes with standing up.

2. Balance board

If you’re trying to be super healthy at work, you can go beyond a standing desk with a balance board. Adding a balance board to your desk setup can help you improve your balance, boost your metabolism, improve your posture, and strengthen your core. With a balance board, you’ll keep your body moving and grooving while finishing your expense reports or knocking out that ever-looming first draft.

3. Seat cushion

Even with a desk riser, sitting for work borders on inevitable. Why not make it as comfortable as possible? Adding a high-quality ergonomic seat cushion to your chair removes pressure from your spine, hips, and tailbone, leaving you comfy and relaxed. With less pressure in these areas, you might experience improved digestion, circulation, posture, and energy. You might finish work feeling more energized than when the day started!

4. BlissRadia

The lighting in your office can affect your concentration, stimulation, and relaxation levels. Incorporating colorful ambient lighting and gradients such as the BlissRadia can help you set a more inspiring, creative mood. The BlissRadia can transform an office of bland white walls into a place where you feel at home, ready to create your best work yet. If you’re having trouble focusing on an assignment, just open the app on your phone and choose from millions of color options. Inspiration is just a moment away.

blissradia smart mood light in purple

blissradia is an led ambient light with app control that shines in multiple colors

BlissRadia Smart LED Mood Light


From desktop to bedside, light the way to concentration, stimulation, or relaxation.

5. Keyboard cover

Most of your time at your desk is probably dedicated to typing up assignments, emails, projects, and so much more. You might also use some of that time to eat lunch, have a snack, or, of course, drink a cup of coffee (or two). That’s how crumbs get stuck in your keys and spills make your keyboard all sticky. A keyboard cover can help you avoid these issues with an eye-catching, colorful silicone barrier. No more unnecessary typos – only staying in the zone.

6. Succulents

Why squeeze a stress ball to reduce anxiety when you could change the air all around you? Aesthetically pleasing and lush succulents can fill your office space with greenery while potentially improving air quality in your space. You can choose your favorite plants and pots to truly make your desk your own. The next time you’re feeling unmotivated or having trouble focusing, get a little succulent to naturally push you forward.

succulents in black ceramic jars

7. Wireless charging pad

Nobody loves a desktop tangle of cords and wires, and wireless charging pads can solve that problem. Goodbye messes, hello never forgetting to charge your phone or mouse! You can even get a wireless charger mouse pad so you can use your mouse and recharge it at the same time. Low battery warnings will be a thing of the past.

8. Heating pad

Sitting hunched over at your desk all day can cause some serious back and neck pain. That it can be hard to get things done when you’re in pain only adds insult to injury (literally). With a heating pad at your desk, you can more easily relax your muscles. You can also use your heating pad to keep you warm when the office gets a bit chilly. You’ll transform yourself from shivering to serene in virtually an instant.

9. Reusable smart notebook

Are you an avid notetaker who goes through notebooks left and right? Then you might want to consider using a reusable smart notebook. They’re perfect if you fare better with pen and paper but want to cut down on paper use. They’re nearly like writing on actual paper too – you can write on, erase, and reuse your digital “paper” as many times as you want. You can also transfer your notes from handwritten to digital with just one little tap.

10. Computer glasses

It’s almost impossible to work at your desk without looking at a screen, but all that staring can put a strain on your eyes. This is where computer glasses come in handy. Even if your vision is 20/20, these glasses can help shield your eyes from the strain of staring at monitors, phones, and TVs all day long.

11. Electric tea kettle

With a desktop electric tea kettle, you can brew your favorite tea at any time without leaving your desk. Most standard kettles are already the perfect size to keep on your desk so you can boil water whenever you please. Just fill up your kettle, plug it in, and voila! A hot cup of tea to keep you cozy and ready to keep on working.

12. Temperature-control mug

After you make your tea, you might get distracted by meetings, emails, or whatever work chaos heads your way. So when you finally get to your tea, you might be surprised to be drinking borderline iced tea. That’s why a temperature-control mug is a game-changer – it keeps your hot beverages hot. Go ahead and take a break away from your desk – your tea will be there for you when you return.

13. Note dispenser

When work gets busy and overwhelming, you might start grabbing some sticky notes for quick in-the-moment reminders. That’s a great short-term solution, but it can lead to a messy desk. When you keep your sticky notes easily accessible with a note dispenser, you cull this chaos. Pick a chic dispenser that matches the aesthetic of your office decor or one with a unique design – maybe a cat-shaped dispenser. Your notes will still be in reach – just more organized and enticing.

14. Mesh desk organizer

Have you ever spent way too long at your desk looking for a pen? Or maybe you have to dig through dozens of paper clips just to find a push pin? In that case, a mesh desk organizer might be your new favorite desk accessory. All of your pens, pencils, markers, and other office supplies will now have a place to live. No more scrambling to find a writing utensil during a phone call – everything will be right within reach.

15. Desk calendar

Keeping track of dates is a must for all kinds of office work. After all, it’s easy to miss dates and deadlines when the days of the week start blending together. That’s where a desk calendar can come in handy. Just place one next to your computer so you’ll never have to guess the date again.

desk calendar

16. Foot hammock

While working hard at your desk, sometimes you just need to sit back and kick up your feet for a few minutes. When that moment arrives, get comfy with a foot hammock. Just hang this nifty accessory under your desk and put your feet up. With your feet up, your back might compensate for the new angle, meaning you won’t be slouching. That means less tension in your back and neck, making your work desk a much comfier spot.

17. Anti-slip desk pad

Protect your desktop from normal wear and tear with an anti-slip desk pad. These desk mats are especially useful when doing a lot of paperwork since they provide a flat surface for writing. You won’t have to worry about the pad constantly moving around since it has anti-slip properties keeping it in place. You can also use it as a giant mouse pad or a stabilizing surface for an angled laptop stand.

18. Mini USB Vacuum

Vacuuming can be a chore, but when you use a mini USB vacuum, it’s just plain fun. These tiny vacuum cleaners might actually inspire you to clean up the crumbs and dirt on your desk that you’ve been ignoring. They also come in all kinds of fun styles – ladybugs, strawberries, actual scaled-down versions of regular vacuums. Simply plug it into your computer and suck up all those leftover food bits.

19. Cable clips

You might have cables all over your desk for your phone, smartwatch, headphones, laptop, and more. Instead of trying to keep them all from falling behind your desk or grabbing the wrong one, try organizing them with cable clips. Some cable clips simply peel and stick to your desk so you can instantly upgrade your desk.

20. Zen garden

Whether you’re working in a home office or a corporate building, work can get stressful. When those moments arrive, a tranquil environment can help you get back to a calmer, more productive state. That journey can start with a zen garden atop your desk. Any time you feel stressed and need a short break, pick up your zen garden’s mini-rake and play with the sand. Taking just a few minutes to reach zen can reduce your anxiety and increase your productivity and creativity.

Create the ultimate workspace with BlissLights

Any work area or desk can get a little glow-up that makes it feel more yours. After all, it’s way easier to concentrate and be productive when you feel at ease. With the right accessories, you can set exactly that mood, and BlissLights are a great example. Their dazzling colors and enthralling effects can provide comfort, inspiration, and creativity no matter where you work. Browse the BlissLights collection now to light your way right to all your goals.

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