11 Ways To Get the Best Vaporwave Aesthetic Room

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, Jun 20, 22
ark aurora projector with vaporwave aesthetic

Vaporwave is more than a funky musical genre – it’s a whole scene. And like any scene, it’s full of people who love it so much they’ve devoted their space to the genre. You too can transform any room in your home to evoke the vaporwave aesthetic from top to bottom. With the below 11 ways to create a vaporwave aesthetic room, it’s just as easy said as done.

What is vaporwave?

Vaporwave originated as a music genre and has since come to encompass an entire internet aesthetic. That’s because vaporwave album covers quickly became an art form all their own. Vaporwave art typically includes neon colors, glitch art, and images that evoke the early internet and the first computers. It’s often surreal and packed with 3D-rendered imagery that references previous decades’ technology, advertisements, commercials, and pop culture. That makes it a great aesthetic if you’re looking to transform a drab room in your home.

Where does the vaporwave aesthetic come from?

As with any movement that mostly unconnected people have birthed on the internet, the vaporwave aesthetic doesn’t have one exact source of origin. That said, many vaporwave enthusiasts point to a shared fascination with the 1990s, drawing on its anime and video games as a source of vaporwave’s aesthetic.

That’s not the only possible source of vaporwave’s genesis. Others say that a fixation with neon lighting birthed the vaporwave aesthetic. And others suggest that vaporwave is a political movement against several long-existing systems. Regardless of what spurred the vaporwave aesthetics trend, you can seamlessly infuse them into your surroundings at home.

11 ways to get a vaporwave aesthetic room

All the below tips and tricks can bring vaporwave’s sights (and sounds) into your room.

1. Start with a black feature wall

Pink, purple, and blue are vaporwave’s defining colors, and they’re more powerful when you add another color to contrast them. A black feature wall is a great example. It can contrast your colorful vaporwave walls, floor, and ceiling to further immerse you in the aesthetic. Keep your wall nearly blank – no wall art, no shelves – to reinforce that signature simultaneous past and future feel.

2. Use colorful ambient mood lighting

Monochrome is basically the opposite of vaporwave – you need at least a few colors to turn the clock both forward and backward. A great way to have every color at the ready is with colorful ambient mood lighting. With this type of lighting, you can go from a digital pink to a retro purple with just the push of a button.

The BlissRadia, for example, enables seamless vaporwave color transitions through app control and voice control. Through the BlissHome app, Google Home, or Amazon Alexa, you can set the BlissRadia to shine in one color or select a gradient. Some of these gradients move through the whole rainbow, and others focus on a gently oscillating pink light that’s perfect for vaporwave. Lie back, tell the BlissRadia what to do, and literally speak your vaporwave aesthetic room into existence.

blissradia smart mood light in hot pink
blissradia is an led ambient light with app control that shines in multiple colors

BlissRadia Smart LED Mood Light


From desktop to bedside, light the way to concentration, stimulation, or relaxation.

3. Hang neon signs on the walls

Neon signs are among the biggest vaporwave room decor must-haves. They’re a perfect fit for the aesthetic since they’re often pink or purple and at least vaguely commercial. Choose a few neon lights that you feel like you’d see on a vaporwave album and hang them up with some basic tools. You’ll feel like you’re all the way inside an old-school computer before you know it.

pink neon sign

4. Decorate with vaporwave wall art

A quick internet search is all it takes to find vaporwave posters, paintings, and so much more. Any of these items can bring you one step closer to your vaporwave aesthetic room. Just order your favorite print, find a space where your new wall decoration can be the center of attention and hang it up. Once you’re done, sit back and look right into the big complicated world of your artwork to transport yourself into a more surreal plane.

5. Paint your walls in bright colors

Ordinary white walls won’t always cut it when you’re shooting for the vaporwave stars. Painting your walls hot pink is your best bet, with funky purple shades the next best thing. Baby blue or glitchy orange-yellow are also okay choices if you know your vaporwave decorations will take things to the next level. Your goal is to build the foundation for your greatest vaporwave adventures.

6. Bring patterned flooring into your room

The most famous vaporwave album, Macintosh Plus’s Floral Shoppe, includes a pink-and-black checkerboard in its iconic artwork. That makes a checkered rug a great flooring addition for your vaporwave aesthetic room. You can also take inspiration from the Floral Shoppe artwork’s pink background and throw down a pink shag rug. Go for flooring you can add as easily as you can remove it – carpets come to mind first. This way, you can constantly add new dimensions to your vaporwave space.

7. Add chrome accents

The silver shine of chrome goes hand in hand with vaporwave aesthetics. It can feel mechanical and industrial, which is a neat match for vaporwave’s fascination with computers, video games, and other technologies. It’s also a great way to go subtle with your vaporwave effects. Replacing your current doorknob with a chrome one, for example, is a small step. But it’s also a move that can infuse your room with vaporwave aesthetics at every level.

8. Decorate with ‘90s references and retro accessories

Vaporwave has the distinct energy of a Windows 98 computer (well, if it could only render 3D images in pink, purple, and blue). That means your vaporwave aesthetic room will feel more immersive if you pack it with ‘90s references. You can go as obvious as a giant old computer on a desk or as specific as a poster of an obscure ‘90s anime. Your references and accessories should paint a path through the past while gesturing toward a vivid future.

9. Bring your moldings and arches to life

Maybe a vaporwave room aesthetic isn’t an occasion to remove your current moldings and arches. However, it can be a great time to give them new life. That can mean painting them in chrome colors that accentuate those classic vaporwave pinks, blues, and pinks. Or it could mean adding new moldings and arches without taking out your old ones. You’ll add layers and textures that can transcend the everyday and reach into vaporwave’s shining computer visions.

10. Set up vaporwave bedding

Vaporwave bedding can mean bold blankets, sheets, and pillowcases in pink, purple, or blue. It can also include blankets with famous vaporwave album designs very literally stitched onto them. You could even get a blanket devoted to your favorite ‘90s cartoon. All three options can reinforce the vaporwave aesthetic at every level of your room and bring the bright, surreal computer world home to you.

11. Double-check your colors

Pink, purple, and blue are the essence of a believable vaporwave aesthetic. If you can paint over your white walls in these colors, give it a try. If not, accent lights or small decorations in these colors can hit that sweet spot – but only in these colors. Other colors – say, red and brown – might be a mismatch. A color-changing light can be your best bet for finding the right hues.

pink and purple LED lighting in bedroom

Create your vaporwave aesthetic room with BlissLights

Pink, purple, and blue walls, retro decorations, and immersive mood lighting can sink you into the vaporwave aesthetic. On the lighting front, BlissLights can give you the best vaporwave experience. These highly customizable, super colorful lights can shine in the pinks, purples, and blues you need to get lost in your surreal sights and vibes. Browse the BlissLights collection now to enter the vaporwave universe one light at a time.

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