Star Shower vs BlissLights: Product Comparison

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, Sep 21, 20
Star Shower vs BlissLights: Product Comparison

Whether you’re putting on an unforgettable light show for a major holiday or just love making the most of every night, you’ll need high-quality laser light projectors that shine brightly and withstand wear and tear from constant use. Which brand stands the test of time? Here, we’ll review two popular laser light projector brands, BlissLights and Star Shower, and lay out the similarities and differences between each. 

What products does BlissLights offer?

BlissLights offers laser light projectors that can cover surfaces as large as 2,500 square feet from 20 feet away. Some BlissLights products are capable of producing solely green and red light, while others can produce only blue light – and others can produce all three. BlissLights products are ideal for setting up comfortable, exciting, and unique indoor and outdoor spaces, including backgrounds for content creators, relaxing bedrooms, and vibrant backyards.

The most popular BlissLights product is its indoor Sky Lite Evolve Laser Galaxy Projector. This product projects lighting effects that resemble a galaxy by setting a relaxing field of drifting stars against a transforming multicolor nebula cloud. In many BlissLights products such as the brand’s Oblivia, you can choose effects to truly customize your perfect laser or LED lighting setup. All BlissLights products purchased from are backed by a 1-year warranty and 30-day return window, so you can try them out to see which one is right for you. No matter which BlissLights model you buy, you’re investing in a lighting product known for its quality, durability, and long-lasting, endless fun.

Certain BlissLights laser projectors are waterproof and weather-rated for outdoor use, and all are equipped for indoor use. The TRIO includes a heater on the face of the light to ensure lights shine bright no matter the weather. For outdoor use, the electric-powered BlissLights models include a stake you can place in the ground to secure the light. Many BlissLights products come with remote controls for simple control from a distance.

What products does Star Shower offer?

Star Shower offers laser projector lights and Christmas tree lighting, and its most popular product is its Motion Laser Projector Light. This product, like the brand’s similar Laser Magic Laser Light Show Projector, can display thousands of green red stars onto surfaces as large as 3,200 square feet from up to 100 yards away, though other Star Shower products have multi-color lighting capabilities.

One such multi-color Star Shower light is the indoor Window Wonderland projector. This lighting decoration is for use with windows rather than walls. It projects high-definition animations that, to passersby and outsiders, resemble actual activity happening inside your home. When you buy the Window Wonderland projector, Star Shower includes screens you put on your windows’ interiors to ensure that passersby see the animations you’re projecting.

Each Star Shower projector remains stationary, even if it’s projecting rotating stars. A Star Shower projector can be used indoors or outdoors, except the Window Wonderland projector and Tree Dazzler Christmas tree lights, both of which can only be used indoors. Every Star Shower product requires a standard electrical outlet to operate and, except the Tree Dazzler, includes a stake to firmly secure the projector into the ground.

Differences between Star Shower and BlissLights

You might get the sense that in the Star Shower vs. BlissLights debate, there’s some overlap. A closer side-by-side comparison helps to illuminate the differences between the two brands – just as the right choice of lighting product will light up your home like nothing else.

Star Shower and BlissLights distinguish themselves from one another in the following ways:


Star Shower products cost between $24.95 and $29.95. BlissLights products cost between $19.99 and $59.99.

The price range for Star Shower products reflects that most of the brand’s items are, other than the Window Wonderland projector, capable of roughly the same lighting effects. The extensive range of BlissLights’ product prices reflect technology differences such as heated light faces, metal housings for weatherproofing, built-in timers, and more.

Shipping and delivery

BlissLights offers free shipping on orders $50+ anywhere in the U.S., while Star Shower is retailer specific, as it’s sold at home goods stores and home improvement stores around the U.S. Star Shower orders require three to six weeks for delivery. BlissLights typically ships orders at most three days after receiving them, and delivery time varies depending on how close you’re located to the brand’s California warehouse. Canadian customers can order from BlissLights as well.

Materials and construction

As inner components go, both Star Shower and BlissLights products include thousands of lasers that each projector individually objects. Most Star Shower products’ outer components are made of plastic, whereas BlissLights products include both plastics and metal housings. The metal in BlissLights shores up the durability and longevity of their lighting models.

Additionally, both brands’ outer components are built for weather resistance, though each brand has different maximum and minimum temperatures that its products can withstand. Star Shower lights can operate in temperatures as low as negative 30° Fahrenheit and as high as 100° Fahrenheit, and BlissLights products can operate in temperatures as low as -15° and as high as 95°. Plus, select BlissLights models have a built-in heater to keep the lights shining bright and working as normal in extreme cold. Star Shower does not offer a built-in heater.

Product options

Star Shower offers eight products. Four of its products are laser light projectors, one is a slideshow LED projector, one is a Christmas tree string light, and two are animation projectors. BlissLights offers considerably more products including indoor and outdoor laser light projectors, laser light bulbs, and USB lights. Both brands are equally well-known for their outdoor laser light projectors, though BlissLights’ most popular product is its indoor Sky Lite projector.

LED life

BlissLights guarantees that the LED nodes in its lights are rated to last for 7,000 to 10,000 hours, ensuring that lights don’t experience partial “burnout” that affects the power and impact of the lights. Star Shower does not make any guarantees for the lifespan of its LED lights.

Coverage area

Star Shower products can cover surfaces as large as 3,200 square feet from up to 100 yards away. BlissLights products can cover surface areas as large as 50 by 50 square feet from 20 feet away. Both brands are capable of projecting light onto enough surface area enough to cover interior surfaces, large homes, and outdoor landscapes.


Although Star Shower does not include its lights’ brightness on its product listings, several reviewers have said that they needed three to five Star Shower lights to achieve their desired levels of brightness on their surfaces. BlissLights reviewers have expressed more happiness with their products’ brightness levels.

Star Shower vs. BlissLights Comparison Chart

Star Shower



Starts at $24.95

Starts at $9.99


Three to six weeks

Ships after three days

Shipping costs

Depends on retailer

Free in the U.S. on orders $50+



Plastic and/or metal

Temperature resistance

-30° to 100°F

-15° to 95° F

Number of product options




3,200 square feet

2,500 square feet


Reviewers say three to five lights are necessary

Reviewers say one light is sufficient

Star Shower vs BlissLights: Which one is right for you?

Both the Star Shower and BlissLights family of products offer a variety of options for your family. Each brand offers lighting options for holidays and year-round, boasting season-specific scenes alongside products that can be used year-round for multiple settings, places, and events. Both make indoor and outdoor lighting simple, with just an electric connection and quick setup time.

BlissLights comes with several added advantages. Models are shored up with metal construction for long-term durability, with select units equipped with heaters to ensure proper function even in ultra-cold temperatures. LED lighting products are rated to last for thousands of hours, so your lights won’t burn out unevenly and diminish your experience. Plus, BlissLights takes the title of “creator:” the company invented the first laser decor light back in 2006, and the lights have made their way around the world (and across TikTok!) ever since. With a worry-free one-year warranty and free shipping in the U.S., BlissLights makes it even easier to try the difference in your space.

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