12 Popular Lighting Ideas That Are Worth the Hype

Article by BlissLights LLCWed, Jun 30, 21
12 Popular Lighting Ideas That Are Worth the Hype

Lighting is one of the simplest ways to transform your space into a place that wows guests. But how do you choose the best options for that awe-inspiring vibe you want to create? Whether you’re not sure what to buy or you’re stuck for ideas in the first place, these 12 popular lighting ideas will help as you assemble a creative, exciting, and aesthetically pleasing reflection of your personality in your space.

Learn more about these 12 popular lighting ideas

Ready to transport your home into another universe? These 12 popular lighting ideas can help you get there.

1. Retro and industrial lights

Retro and industrial lighting has been given new life in the 21st century. When we talk about retro and industrial lights, we’re referring to both the light color and the fixture itself. The metallic textures and bulbs that emit those deep colors give off the vibe of a 1920s speakeasy. These sleek, almost brutalist designs are updated works of art that can send a kitchen or living back in time while also retaining a modern aesthetic with minimalist design.

retro lights

2. LED lights

LED lighting doesn’t refer to a specific light fixture or color – it simply describes any fixture that utilizes low-energy light emitting diodes (LEDs) to illuminate your space. These lights last for tens of thousands of hours and are technically capable of displaying in any number of colors. In certain fixtures, they can even be color-changing, either through pre-programmed settings or via an app. You’ll find LED lighting in college dorm rooms, bedrooms, outdoor spaces, and nearly anywhere else you can think of, available in typical white and yellow shades or unique colorful effects. Whether you buy an LED bulb and place it into your current fixture or buy something new altogether, you’ll find the right LED light to create just the right vibe in your home.

led lights

3. String lights

String lights unlock a plethora of creative options inside and outside your home beyond the Christmas decorations with which they’re often associated. Weatherproof string lights can be safely hung and woven through a wood terrace, stretched across your yard, wrapped around a light pole, surround a door frame, and so many other ways. Your imagination is truly the limit.

Indoors, string lights can create a whimsical and magical space that’s just perfect for yoga, meditation, or snuggling up with a good book. Decorative string lights can be wrapped around a banister, draped across your headboard, or hung from a mantle – and that’s just the start of the infinite possibilities these lights can unfold.

string lights

4. Galaxy projector

Sleeping under the stars without a tent or a campground is now just a few taps away. The Sky Lite Evolve projects stunning, sharp, glimmering stars against drifting nebulas for an unforgettable starry sky in the precise speed and brightness that helps you drift off into another galaxy. Create custom settings and save them in the app for the instant, precise environment you want to create. You don’t even need to get up to make a calming night sky a reality right from your bed or couch.

Sky Lite Galaxy Light

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

5. Aurora lights

The Ark Ambient Aurora Light displays one of the earth's most naturally beautiful wonders without thousands of miles of travel. The Ark Ambient Aurora Light shines a blue backdrop behind these astonishing green auroras at three brightness levels. With your Ark, any room with an outlet can become a natural light show. If you want to fall asleep under these calm and relaxing lights, you can use the Ark’s automatic six-hour shut-off to doze off without worrying about energy use.

aurora lights

6. Star lights

While exploring your options for star lights, you can go one of two ways: star-shaped lights on string lights or as standalone fixtures, or you can opt for LED or laser lights that project stars onto the walls and ceiling. Both types strike a certain mood, and depending on what your goals are for your new lighting, you may want to go with one over the other.

star lights

7. Smart lights

Like the Sky Lite 2.0, smart lights are convenient because you can use an app on your smartphone or tablet to control them. Some smart lights are LED bulbs that can screw into compatible lamps and fixtures, profoundly altering the mood of your space without buying an additional fixture. Others are their own standalone fixtures that use Bluetooth® or Wi-Fi to connect to your device – and to one another. Whichever you prefer, use smart lights to transform your space – and your mind – as you’re watching a movie, enjoying a self-care bath, or settling in for a full night of sleep.

smart lights

8. Vintage lighting

Like industrial lighting, vintage lighting gives your space a retro look. It often emphasizes a metallic look and copper toning, resulting in a refined appearance. You’ll often see this lighting fixture in kitchen and dining areas to create a rustic warehouse ambiance, or you can add it to a lounge or bedroom for a particularly exciting vibe.

Notably, vintage lighting is based on different construction and design principles than industrial lighting, in which some compositions and fixtures look like art. Vintage is based in tried and true aesthetics, but modern applications have updated its colors and light fixtures for a 21st-century appearance.

vintage lights

9. Neon lights

Neon lighting functions more as a centerpiece or wall art than it is for tasks or practical illumination purposes, but it provides an unforgettable, custom touch to your space nonetheless. Try neon lights as an addition to your entryway or living room for a “welcome, come on in” feel, or opt for standalone light fixtures that can be placed as an accent decoration on an end table or desk.

neon lights

10. Pendant lights

Pendant lighting (overhead hanging fixtures), which you’ll often find in kitchens and dining rooms, are especially apt at creating something magical. They can easily elevate your surroundings and set the tone for one of the busiest and move beloved rooms in the house. If you take ample care to center them in your lighting design, they can bring the mood of an upscale restaurant to your counter area, breakfast nook, or dining space.

pendant lights

11. Modern chandeliers

Chandeliers have often graced the grounds of foyers and dining rooms. While synonymous with the elite, chandeliers don’t have to be as elegant as crystals or extremely ornate. Chandeliers can be the centerpiece of a room and tie your design together while asserting your modern side and celebrating your individuality.

modern chandelier

12. Art deco lighting

The geometric designs and sharp lines of art deco lighting peaked in popularity in the 1940s, but this beloved style is roaring back, with modern twists. The art deco revival exudes glamour and luxury while bursting with ornate colors. Chandeliers and pendants both work for art deco lighting, but quirky wall fixtures check all the boxes here too. With 21st-century twists, art deco lighting can elevate your home into a space you just have to see to believe.

Popular lighting ideas are easy to pull off

Whether classic industrial designs or futuristic laser styles, popular lighting ideas are often far simpler to achieve than they appear at first glance. On the latter front, BlissLights offers plenty of laser bulbs and standalone projectors that transform your space and send you to a breathtaking faraway land right from the comfort of home. Browse our indoor lighting collection to find just what you need to pull off one of today’s most popular lighting ideas – with BlissLights, reinventing the world around you has never been easier.

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