14 Mudroom Lighting Ideas and Tips for the Best Entryway

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Jun 17, 22
14 Mudroom Lighting Ideas and Tips for the Best Entryway

Mudrooms are typically storage areas where you take off your shoes and hang up wet coats to dry, but they can double as workspaces and hangout nooks. A cozy mudroom may have lots of windows for natural light, but it also needs ambient and accent lighting too. This way, it can become a comfy nook all its own. Read on to discover the nine best mudroom lighting ideas for your space.

What is a mudroom in a house?

A mudroom is a secondary entrance that leads guests from the front or back of your home to the outside. It can serve as a dedicated space to remove muddy boots on a rainy day or store coats and shoes throughout the year. It can also provide extra storage space to keep your main living area neat and tidy.

Best mudroom lighting tips

If you want to create your dream mudroom, follow the below tips.

Find a mudroom theme

Themes can help enhance your room and immerse you into your environment. Choosing a theme can also make your space appear more inviting and organized. Opt for consistent colors in your design style to declutter your space and give it the spacious feel this typically-tiny space needs. Choose between a classic black and white theme, or opt for a boho-chic or rustic appeal.

Use all your lighting sources

You can transform your mudroom into a glowing sanctuary with a mixture of artificial and natural light. And if your mudroom has windows, you can use that to your advantage to brighten up your space. For example, place a mirror on the opposite wall of your windows to reflect any light that comes in from outside. This simple trick can make your space appear brighter and larger.

However, natural light can only go so far. You should add tall floor lamps, flush mounts, and other accent lights to your mudroom to illuminate your entire space well into the night.

Always layer with accents

Although overhead lighting can illuminate a large area, it often casts shadows. This is why it’s important to incorporate accent lighting and task lighting into your mudroom to highlight every surface. For example, an LED strip can illuminate those tight spaces overhead lights can’t reach, such as under shelves or benches. You might also benefit from spotlights to highlight any unique artwork on your mudroom walls.

Choose a stylish door

A simple change in your mudroom door can transform your area into a fun, inviting space. If your room lacks light, opt for a dutch door that allows for more natural illumination, plus some welcome fresh air. You could also go the extra mile and paint your door for an added pop of color. Choose between lemon yellow or sunset pink for a bright and vibrant vibe.

Use statement lighting

Instead of opting for lights that blend in with your wall colors, choose fixtures that create a bold statement. From sparkly chandeliers to cozy rainbow mood lights, your mudroom will glow like never before.

9 mudroom lighting ideas

Transform your ordinary mudroom into a glowing oasis with the below mudroom lighting ideas.

Hanging lights

Island tables are a great addition to a mudroom if they fit within this small space. You can use your island as a workspace convenient for folding clothes. However, you need proper island lighting before you transform your mudroom into a workspace or hangout spot. Pendant lights are a great option when you need to illuminate your island. Choose between clear glass pendants for a modern appeal or a matte sage or pale pink fixture for a pop of color.

LED strip lighting

If your mudroom is on the smaller side, you don’t want to take up too much space installing clunky light fixtures or floor lamps. Instead, you should opt for a compact light that can easily fit anywhere you’d like. An LED strip is a great example since you can place it just about anywhere.

Floor lamps

If your mudroom doubles as a home office, you need to ensure that your space is well-lit so you can focus throughout your workday. While ceiling lights and natural sunrays can help during the day, you may need another option in the evening. Floor lamps are a great choice for this sort of ambient lighting. They can illuminate your entire workspace without causing any harsh glare. Simply plug the lamp into any nearby outlet and watch your workspace come to life.

Motion sensing fixtures

For those nights when you go out or host an outdoor party, you’ll want to keep some lights on for anyone who enters your home. Instead of running a harsh overhead light all night and wasting electricity, opt for a motion-sensing light. This type of fixture remains off when there’s no activity, then immediately comes to life as soon as it detects movement. These lights will create a glowing path for all who enter your home.

Flush ceiling lighting

Add a flush ceiling light in your mudroom for a simple yet elegant fixture option. This light sits directly against the ceiling and will direct the beam downward. This option is great if you have low ceilings or you’re looking for something subtle to use for overhead lighting. Choose between a solid neutral flush mount or a flashy alternative with jewels for a unique glimmer.

Ceiling spotlights

Your mudroom doesn’t have to be a boring, blank canvas. Hang some wall art to add a pop of color and personality to your space, then illuminate it with ceiling spotlights. These spotlights can transform your mudroom into a gorgeous art gallery. Simply install the fixtures, then point them toward your favorite art pieces to cast a soft, elegant glow.

Lantern-style lighting

To add a rustic, boho twist to your mudroom, lantern-style lighting is the way to go. You can attach these fixtures to the ceiling as overhead lights or use them as wall sconces for a light-up path into your home. Choose between matte black lanterns or opt for silver fixtures for a more modern take.

Rustic chandelier lights

If you have the space and want to create a “wow” statement in your mudroom, a rustic chandelier is a great choice. These fixtures can instantly transform your room into a sophisticated, inviting space. Opt for a farmhouse chandelier for a rustic vibe, or go full-blown glam with a crystal chandelier.

Ambient mood lights

Instead of dedicating your mudroom to shoes and coats, you can make it your own zen space. All you need is the right mood light to transport yourself into a calming oasis. The BlissRadia is a great example.

The compact, orb-like BlissRadia glows softly yet vividly and seamlessly transitions from one color to the next. You can cycle through every color in the rainbow, or you can tap into one of the nine color-cycle settings and adjust their speeds. Place your BlissRadia in your mudroom shelving for a colorful accent light, or turn on Sun mode to awaken your day.

blissradia smart mood light in warm yellow
blissradia is an led ambient light with app control that shines in multiple colors

BlissRadia Smart LED Mood Light


From desktop to bedside, light the way to concentration, stimulation, or relaxation.

Illuminate your mudroom with BlissLights

The right mudroom lighting can set the right mood and create the right ambiance. That’s where BlissLights come in. These color-changing mood lights and LED strips can transform your mudroom into a bright, cheery place you can enjoy every day. Browse the BlissLights collection now to see your mudroom in a whole new way.

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