21 DIY Laundry Room Makeover Ideas for Any Home

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, Jun 06, 22
laundry in washing machine with colorful lighting

It’s tempting to view a laundry room as a space for chores, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be cute and comfortable. Revamping your laundry space can increase your storage and functionality while infusing a sense of home into your surroundings. Read on to discover 21 DIY laundry room makeover ideas you can try out right away.

21 DIY Laundry Room Makeover Ideas

If you want to re-envision your ordinary laundry area as a relaxing, organized space, try the below DIY laundry room makeover ideas for inspiration.

1. Add storage cubbies

Laundry supplies scattered around open shelving can make a basic chore feel tedious. Storage cubbies can keep everything organized and add some character to your laundry room. Place baskets or containers into your shelves to hold detergents, drying sheets, and other essentials. Choose between woven baskets for a bohemian look, or opt for a clean, modern appearance with clear containers.

laundry room shelves with woven baskets

2. Include under-shelf or under-table lighting

Laundry areas are often in small rooms or basements, so they might lack natural light. Overhead lighting is great for illuminating the general area, but you might need more lighting to brighten the dark corners your overhead fixture can’t reach.

Instead of adding to the clutter with a floor lamp in your small laundry room, try LED strips for a more compact option. Shine the bright white for task lighting, or opt for every color in the rainbow as you jam out to your cleaning playlist. To set it up, just peel off the adhesive backing, then stick the strip right underneath any shelf or counter space. The soft multicolor glow will help you see your room in a whole new light.

3. Take advantage of natural light

Even the slightest bit of natural light, when possible, can make a big impact on how your laundry space feels. For example, any window in your laundry room can be a focal point if you place your decorations strategically around it. This can make your light appear more significant since you’re literally making it the center of attention.

You can also place a mirror (or any mirrored surface) on the wall opposite your window to brighten up your space. The mirrored surface will reflect any natural light from the window, transforming your dark room into a glowing sanctuary.

4. Keep your colors consistent

Adding too many contrasting colors to your laundry room can give off a chaotic, unorganized vibe. To give your space the light, airy feel it deserves, try changing up your color scheme with a fresh coat of paint. A classic white or neutral hue can brighten your space and make it feel less cluttered. If you want to add more personality, add a pop of color such as pale pink or sage green for a vibrant yet clean look.

5. Put up matching wallpaper

If you don’t want to spend time repainting your laundry room, opt for stick-and-peel wallpaper to give your space a quick revamp. Wallpaper can transform your everyday laundry room into a unique area designed just the way you want it. Choose a bold, colorful print that matches your overall aesthetic to create an eye-catching statement piece for your space.

6. Add a dutch door

A dutch door is a great option if you want to add some rustic charm to your laundry area. This Western-style two-panel door offers plenty of natural light with its large window while also splitting your space. A dutch door in a clean white color can go with a modern aesthetic. You can also add a pop of color such as baby blue or lavender to make your space feel more inviting and lively.

7. Add penny tiles for a non-slip work area

Laundry rooms can become slippery if any cleaning supplies spill onto the floor. If you want to redo your flooring and you’re looking for a non-slip option, penny tiles are a great choice. Their surface is strong and gripped, and they’re so flexible that they can easily wrap around curved areas. This simple addition can alter your room’s functionality and appearance and create a hazard-free, unique space.

8. Set up a laundry sorter below surfaces

Sorting your laundry among whites, towels, denim, and delicates can get repetitive – especially if you’re doing laundry for more than just yourself. To avoid big piles on your laundry room floor, set up a laundry sorter near your washer and dryer. These oversized hampers can separate your clothes into different sections, providing a seamless laundry experience.

9. Lay down a runner

Just because your laundry room is a dedicated place for chores doesn’t mean it has to look boring. If combating spills isn’t as much a concern to you, place a lay-down runner in your room for a bit of home decor. Choose unique patterns and bright colors to give your laundry space a more vibrant feel.

10. Add pegboard storage

If your shelves don’t give you enough laundry storage space, a pegboard might be exactly what you need. A pegboard can cover a small area or an entire wall depending on how much extra storage space you need. You can hang anything on your pegboard wall, from brooms and dustpans to an iron and laundry storage baskets. You can make your wall more aesthetically pleasing with artwork or shelves for knick-knacks and plants.

11. Create a countertop island

If space isn’t an issue in your laundry area, make the most of it with a countertop island in the middle of the room. This extra countertop can make a big difference in how your space looks and works. Use the island as a folding table or a spot where you can enjoy your morning coffee. You can also build cabinets into your island to use as extra storage space for detergents or additional laundry supplies.

12. Set up a comfortable seating area

You’ll likely spend a lot of time in your laundry room sorting clothes, folding laundry, and ironing wrinkled shirts and pants. That’s why you should make your room as comfy as possible. Place a bench or a few decorative chairs in your laundry area to transform chores into an enjoyable experience. A cozy, familiar environment can put your mind at ease and make folding laundry feel like a warm breeze.

13. Create floor-to-ceiling storage

Keeping your laundry room organized can be challenging when everything feels cluttered. To keep your area as clean and functional as possible, you might want to add floor-to-ceiling cabinetry. This style of cabinetry can make your room feel more spacious and inviting, all while storing your laundry essentials.

14. Set up jars for storing smaller or messier laundry room essentials

Instead of making your store-bought detergent container the focal point of your room, opt for a more aesthetically pleasing option such as clear jars. Try adding a variety of sizes to create a unique contrast in your shelving. Then, grab some labels and put all your laundry necessities into the jars for an organized, free-flowing appearance.

15. Hang some decorative art

Your laundry room walls are probably a blank canvas – after all, how often do you think about decorating your laundry room? – and that means you can decorate them however you please. Hang a few paintings or photos around your laundry room to make a bold statement and add some personality. For neutral or white-toned walls, choose art with bold prints or bright colors to enliven your space.

16. Install a foldable drying rack

Dresses, intimates, athleisure – these are just a few items that you shouldn’t put in the dryer. To avoid shrinking and ruining your clothes, a drying rack is a must. Many drying racks are big enough to fit all your clothes – no hanging clothes outside where nature's scent can stick. When you’re finished with your drying rack, simply fold it up and tuck it into the nook between the washer and dryer. It’s an instant laundry room transformation.

17. Mount some wall baskets

Wall baskets are a great decor piece that doubles as extra storage. Depending on the size you choose, you can store anything from an iron to a set of extra linens or different scented detergents. Hang a woven basket for a rustic, neutral vibe, or opt for wire baskets to add a modern twist to your space.

18. Add a wall-mounted folding table

If your laundry room has limited space, eliminate some clutter with a wall-mounted folding table above your washer and dryer. This ergonomic table folds up when you need to wash your laundry. Then, once your laundry is clean, you can bring the table down to fold clothes. You’ll add a whole new dimension to your laundry space.

19. Hang your ironing board

In a small space, an ironing board can take up a lot of room. If this rings a bell, try hanging your ironing board to make your space feel less cluttered. Depending on how much storage space you have, you can hang your ironing board onto the wall using a pegboard or small shelf. Or if you have very limited space, use your closet door for your ironing storage. This simple trick can transform your cluttered room into a peaceful, organized space in a matter of seconds.

20. Save space with a pressing station

If your laundry area is large and you want to save yourself the hassle of constantly moving your ironing board, a pressing station is key. Create your own little nook next to your washer and dryer for a simple, streamlined process. Add a comfy chair to bring relaxation to your ironing.

21. Use ambient mood lighting for relaxed folding

Sometimes, folding laundry can be a relaxing experience that lets you get lost in your thoughts. However, a harsh, bright white light overhead you while you fold can block that vibe. Instead, you need an ambient mood light that can calm your nerves and let your thoughts flow into your happy place.

The BlissRadia is a great example of a relaxing ambient mood light. This eye-catching orb diffuses gentle, soothing colorful hues of light that seamlessly transition from one color to the next. The BlissRadia can cycle through rainbow colors in nine different ambient effects or shine in just one. Place it into your shelving for a cozy accent light, or turn it to Sun mode for an awakening natural ambiance and allure.

blissradia smart ambient mood light in warm yellow
blissradia is an led ambient light with app control that shines in multiple colors

BlissRadia Smart LED Mood Light


From desktop to bedside, light the way to concentration, stimulation, or relaxation.

Illuminate your laundry space with BlissLights

Your laundry room deserves some TLC. No matter how you decide to revamp your laundry area, you’ll need proper lighting to create the right ambiance. With BlissLights’ mood lights and color-changing strips, your laundry room can become a radiant space that brings you both relaxation and focus. Browse the BlissLights collection now to bring your laundry space to life.

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