How to Get Creative With Your Side Hustle This Summer

Article by BlissLights LLCWed, Jun 01, 22
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Looking to make some extra cash this summer, but aren’t sure where to start? Side hustles and small business involvement are great ways to make more money and to be your own boss. We see side hustles pop up on the internet every day. It might seem like the idea pool has dried up, but don’t fear! You are far more creative than you might think.Your brand and business can be a reflection of who you are. Whether you’re new to the side hustle game or trying to revamp a current brand that you're building, here are some creative ways to stand out in the gig economy.

Find Your Niche

If you already know what you want to do or sell, that’s great! If not, think outside of the box and spend time brainstorming. Do you have any unique talents or skills? Have you discovered a life hack that you can monetize? Think of a daily challenge that your friends or family experience… is there a product or service that would create a solution and sell? There’s a good chance that with the right mindset, preparation process and planning that you will have customers in no time. People are always looking for ways to connect with a brand, and when they are able to find a sense of community that is related to small wins that make their busy lives a little bit easier, that’s when you know that you have created something special and sellable.

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Seek Support

If you need more motivation, take a look online! Social media is a great tool for entrepreneurs because they can share and sell their goods and services without necessarily having to go viral. People will often post and tag the place they bought from if they’re satisfied, which increases exposure to new potential customers. If you are looking to broaden your reach, and market to more people, apply for an accelerator program that fits your needs. Many larger companies have started to invest in small businesses to help others grow and improve their start-ups. Gopuff is investing in smaller business owners and giving them a platform through their program, Put Me On Gopuff. Other businesses, like Amazon and Google for example, also have small business programs to help support those around them, so do your research and see which options would be the best for you!

Design a Personalized Workspace

Just as important as an online space, the physical space that you work in is important for yourself and the success of your brand. Your workspace should match your energy so you can stay motivated and inspired. Whether you’re designing, creating, writing, or planning, your workplace should speak to you and help you stay in the zone. No matter the room or the size of that space, there is always a way to put a personal spin on the environment you’re working in every day. Whether it’s the paint color, desk design, the work day accessories you utilize or the room lighting accessories you find, adding your favorite color scheme or aesthetic to your designated working room can make all the difference.

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Promote Yourself

Going viral is hard to control and can be unpredictable, but putting yourself out there definitely helps drive traffic to your business. Marketing a product or service is a standard practice no matter the size of your business. Sharing pictures of your creative process, happy customers, and behind-the-scenes content can give your audience a better idea of what you’re all about. You can take it a step further by making a short video showing off your business or highlighting a unique aspect of it. Social media apps make it easy to create a business profile to keep it separate from your personal pages. Lastly, encourage your customers to share their experiences in the form of words, pictures, or videos with their followers. This can lead to more exposure from new potential customers and get your brand name out there.

Have Fun Creating

Running a business can feel stressful and overwhelming at times, so don’t forget to have fun. Remember why you started, what your goals are, and enjoy the experience. Believe in yourself and your creative capabilities, but don’t push yourself to do something that isn’t fulfilling for you. Alternatively, your side hustle could turn into something more for you as time goes on. You can always evolve and change your process, but staying true to yourself is the most important thing to remember. Customers are more likely to relate to a brand that has a clear mission and is proud of the product or service they’re putting out. If they see you having fun, they will have fun too.

Make this summer about being your most creative self. Write down ideas as they come to you or brainstorm with a friend. Starting your own brand from scratch can seem daunting at first, but with practice and dedication, you can achieve your goals and make some extra cash. We hope these tips helped inspire you to get your business off the ground running!

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