15 Cool Teen Gifts Every Teenager Will Love

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, Mar 29, 21
15 Cool Teen Gifts Every Teenager Will Love

Teens are often said to be tough to shop for—how do you shop for someone with rapidly evolving tastes? Knowing some options beforehand instead of starting from square one can make all the difference in your gift hunt, and that’s why we’ve listed over a dozen cool teen gifts below. These teen gift ideas include both practical items and ones that, though not quite as everyday, are certain to leave a lasting impression.

Consider one of these cool teen gift ideas

1. DIY bubble tea kit

It’s easy to teach the whole family how to make coffee with what you have at home, but you’ll need additional tools to make other drinks that folks of all ages love. That’s why a DIY bubble tea kit makes such a cool teen gift.

Instead of swinging by the local bubble tea spot for a sweet treat after school, your kid can try their hand at it at home with friends. A DIY bubble tea kit is more than an excellent gift for teenagers – in the long run, it’s a money saver too. That’s because you’ll never need to give your kids cash for a bubble tea run again. Instead, everything they need will be right at their fingertips!

bubble tea

2. Galaxy lights

Galaxy lights go beyond the earthly skies to the entire universe around us. These lights project thousands of star-like laser points against cloudy blue nebulas for a soothing, fixating view great for all ages.

That said, teens are perhaps galaxy lights’ fondest audience. On TikTok, which is home to countless creative teens, the BlissLights Sky Lite Evolve Galaxy Projector has gone viral, making it an undeniably cool teen gift. And it’s far from the only exciting laser lighting gift.

galaxy lights for teens

sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

3. Weighted blankets

Weighted blankets can help those who struggle to fall asleep. These cool teen gifts are known to help anxious people feel calmer and fall asleep more easily. They’re also useful for anybody with ADHD, autism, and chronic pain. Really, they’re good for all ages since a well-rested person is one who can more easily work toward all their goals – and look cool as they do it.

weighted blanket

4. Charging station

It’s one thing to have a portable charger for a smartphone. It’s another thing to have one small station that charges all devices at once. That’s where personal charging stations come in.

With this station, your loved one can charge their smartphone, smartwatch, and earbuds all in one place. This great gift for teens just requires charging cables for each device – wire them through the back, plug them in, and the charging station is good to go. It happens to look pretty cool too, and it keeps all your kid’s favorite devices in one place so they don’t get lost.

charging station

5. Tie-dye kit

If you’re a millennial for whom tie dye brings up visions of summer camp arts and crafts activities, then you might be pleased (and surprised) to hear that love for tie-dye resurged in 2020. That’s why tie-dye kits make exciting cool teen gifts. With color bottles, gloves, rubber bands, and tie-dying instructions, these kits give everyone using them the power to express themselves in full color – no big craft rig needed!

tie dye

6. High-quality headphones

Everyone loves listening to music and talking with their friends, and high-quality headphones improve both of these super fun activities. Good headphones bring out more contours in a song so that listeners can even more deeply appreciate their favorite tunes, and they also give your kids some privacy when they’re video chatting with friends. And hey, while you’re at it, these gifts are just as great for adults – get yourself a pair too!


7. Monthly subscription packages

Whether for makeup, shoes, books, or something else, a month-by-month subscription is very literally the gift that keeps giving. And if your teen has a passion of any sort, there’s likely a monthly subscription package for it. With every new item that arrives from the subscription, you’ll be thought of, and your presence (well, your metaphorical presence) will be appreciated. Need subscription ideas? This list of teen subscription packages is a great start.

makeup subscription box

8. Cinema box light sign

Surely, you’ve seen rooms or workshare spaces decorated with modern-day mantras such as “live, laugh, love” in bold, cursive fonts. That’s why a cinemabox light sign that customizes any space with similar messages (but without all the paint) makes for a great teen gift. Cinemaboxes typically include hundreds of letters and symbols so that whoever’s using them can quickly rotate among whatever slogans they’re feeling. Talk about full self-expression!


9. Backlit makeup mirror

Backlighting makes it much easier to apply makeup. One of these mirrors can make an especially wonderful gift for any teen who loves to experiment with makeup colors and techniques. Just be sure that you’re buying makeup mirrors with cool, not warm, lighting – read the BlissLights blog post about bathroom lighting to learn why.

lighted mirror

Image via: CITYMODA // Amazon

10. Scented candles

Speaking of warm lighting, candles provide the warmest lighting possible, immediately making them cool teen gifts. Even cooler, though, are candles that also give off alluring scents. Anyone of any age who relaxes in candlelight and immerses themselves in gentle natural aromas will feel at ease while enjoying warm lighting and its many benefits. To learn more about these benefits, read the BlissLights blog post about warm lighting.

scented candle

11. LED string lights

LED string lights are another way to bring warm lighting into a space. Your teen can weave these lights through their bed frame, drape them across their room, or wrap them around a window. They also shine a good deal more brightly than candles, but they don’t shine nearly as brightly as typical ceiling lights. That said, they do give thorough decorating flexibility, and no matter where they’re used, they’ll spark joy.

led string lights

12. Smart lights

Like string lights, smart lights make for exciting gifts that fill a room with warm light. Unlike string lights, these phone-controlled lights can also shine cool light, not to mention light in different colors. This versatility makes smart lights especially cool teen gifts, and they pair well with all kinds of other fun lighting gifts.

smart lights

13. Gold letter heart necklace

Some teens love jewelry, and surely, you love your teen. A gold necklace shaped like a heart with the recipient’s first initial (or their whole name if you can fit it) combines these loves. When your kid puts it on, they’ll be reminded of your love for them. And they won’t be the only person adoring their new jewelry piece – all their friends will too!

gold necklace

14. Aurora lights

Aurora lights bring a special kind of nighttime sky indoors – namely, the stunning green skies of the northern lights. These one-of-a-kind laser projectors cast green auroras against calm blue backgrounds, and the result is a breathtaking sky display equally mesmerizing for all ages. The whole family can enjoy the auroras from a BlissLights Ark Ambient Light together, so aurora lights are both cool teen gifts and great bonding items.

aurora lights

ark aurora projector

ARK Aurora Light


Transcend reality with a moving abstract aurora.

15. Moon lamps

Moon lamps bring a small portion of the nighttime sky hovering outside a room directly inside it. Moon lamps resemble mini-moons that can be placed on nightstands for an entrancing lunar glow. They can also rotate among 16 different colors to present the moon in all kinds of forms. And these lamps are far from the only way that teens can bring the nighttime sky indoors.

moon lamp

Get the coolest teen gifts from BlissLights

Cool teen gifts range from practical tools to unique lighting options, and here at BlissLights, we specialize in all kinds of exciting lights that people of all ages don’t see every day. Our laser bulbs, projectors, and portable lights make excellent gifts for taking on the go or sharing a delightful experience at home with friends. Browse our collection now to find the coolest teen gifts around – whomever you give them to will be equally excited and grateful.

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