The 8 Best Sweet 16 Lights for the Big Day

Article by BlissLights LLCMon, Jan 17, 22
The 8 Best Sweet 16 Lights for the Big Day

From guest lists to menus to atmosphere, a lot of planning goes into a sweet 16. While reviewing catering options and choosing venues, it can be easy to forget some of the smaller details that make a big difference, like lighting. Thankfully, with the below list of the best sweet 16 lights, you can set the right mood no matter which direction your party takes.

Why is a sweet 16 celebrated?

Historically, a sweet 16 marks a child’s entry into adulthood, or more accurately, leaving childhood behind. It’s typically marked with a party: In some communities, it’s a small affair, while in other communities, it may be more common to plan and host a large event. This coming-of-age celebration is common in the U.S. and in Canada, but similar parties are held at around the same age for teens in different countries. Most notable is the quinceañera in Latin countries, held at the age of 15. While sweet 16 parties are traditionally held for teen girls, they’re increasingly celebrated by teens of any gender.

The 8 best sweet 16 lights for an unforgettable bash

Whether the sweet 16 you’re planning is intimate or a huge affair, you’ll still want to make memories that last a lifetime. Thankfully, you don’t need a film-worthy lighting setup to make magic happen. With the best sweet 16 lights, you can transform a casual, ordinary meet-up into an astonishing experience you, your guests, and the guest of honor will never forget.

1. Neon sign

If you really want your party to pop, a neon sign can add a burst of color that broadcasts your message in glowing, unforgettable neon. You can use it as an attention-grabbing centerpiece or as a sign to guide guests over to food and drink tables. Since neon lights come in many sizes, shapes, and colors, the right one for you is certainly out there somewhere. Plus, if you get a neon sign featuring the guest of honor’s name, it becomes a permanent, lifelong keepsake that’ll be enjoyed for years to come.

2. Custom LED light

A custom LED light can brighten up your space and provide unbeatable DIY photo booth lighting for permanent party memories. Your custom LED light can display names, designs, shapes, or inspiring quotes that set just the right mood. Add a few streamers or confetti to complete your backsplash so you can document the night with memories that last a lifetime.

3. BlissRadia

Whether your sweet day will be a low-key spa day, big-time dance party, or soothing movie night, the BlissRadia can set the tone. This smart mood light gently and gorgeously diffuses colorful rays into any indoor space. Choose a daunting red for a scary movie marathon, a light, gentle blue for calming spa vibes, or millions of other colors. Plus, you can change the color, brightness, and effects right from your phone to easily set the scene for the big day.

blissradia in hot pink
blissradia is an led ambient light with app control that shines in multiple colors

BlissRadia Smart LED Mood Light


From desktop to bedside, light the way to concentration, stimulation, or relaxation.

4. LED light-up numbers

Glitter balloons are a start for birthdays, but a sweet 16 merits something bigger: Bright LED light-up numbers. For a picture-perfect opportunity, attach your LED “1” and “6” to the wall with some streamers for a fun, creative backdrop. You’ll have plenty of different color options – a sharp white light, for example, can provide a classic, elegant look. On the other hand, if you’re going for a dance-heavy birthday party, deep blue numbers should do the trick.

5. Retro disco ball

Dim the lights and dance the sweet 16 away under a retro disco ball. The extra bit of sparkle can transform homes and big venues alike into ‘70s themed extravaganzas. With so many disco ball color and size options to choose from, you’re almost certain to find one that matches your sweet 16 theme.

sparkling retro disco ball

6. BlissGlow

Let’s say you’re looking for a unique design piece to add to your party scene without much work. Or maybe you’re trying to get all setup without drilling decorations into your walls. Enter the BlissGlow Multicolor Strip LED Light, a colorful, fun way to brighten up any sweet 16 settings. Peel off the adhesive backing, place the BlissGlow underneath your dessert table, the couch, or anywhere you see fit, home or venue.

The BlissGlow can shine in up to 12 colors at once, so you can go monochrome or rainbow (or both) for the big night. It also includes four music-reactive modes so you can pump up the tunes, rock out to any beat, and let the lighting transform in tandem. You can change the music-reacting mode, brightness, and colors right from your phone. With just the tap of a screen, your sweet 16 can take whatever shape you have in mind.

blissglow multicolor led lights in living room

7. Color-changing fairy lights

If your birthday party is in the warm summer months, you might want to opt for sweet 16 lights that are just as vibrant in the backyard as they are in your family room. Color-changing fairy lights are a great pick. They add a twinkle of romance and sophistication to any party, and they’re easy to install. Hang them on the ceiling or outdoor patio for a cozy dinner, a night filled with chick-flicks, or along the dancefloor walls. They might look dainty, but they’re absolutely glamorous. And if you’re opting for outdoor displays, keep an eye out for weatherproofing models that won’t let dirt and rain damage these delicate strings.

8. Curtain string lights

Want to transform your humble abode into a space of Kardashian-like glamor? Curtain string lights are the way to go. Plus, you can set them up in just moments, and they’re among the least expensive sweet 16 lights around. Just pair them with a neutral curtain (maybe the beige drapes in your living room) and watch the space come alive in a new way.

Create your own unforgettable sweet 16 birthday party with BlissLights

Fun, decorative lighting is a key part of any great sweet 16. It’s also super easy to achieve thanks to all the above options, especially BlissLights. With color-changing ambient lights and LED strips, you can set whatever lighting colors fit the mood and change them as the evening progresses. Browse the BlissLights collection now to bring the universe to your sweet 16.

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