11 Bedroom Light Ideas to Create The Perfect Space

Article by BlissLights LLCFri, Feb 05, 21
bedroom headboard with led strip lighting

There’s nothing quite like reading a good book or enjoying your favorite TV show in the comfort of your bed. You can take this ultra-relaxing setup one step further with the lighting that sets your desired ambiance. Selecting the right lighting won’t just elevate your bedroom when it’s dark outside or when you need to see at night – it’ll also bring a whole new feeling to your room during the day. Read on to learn more about how a simple lighting design switch can transform your bedroom into your personal utopia.

How to light a bedroom

Believe it or not, lighting a bedroom takes a bit more effort beyond plugging in lamps or adding more recessed lighting. It means choosing lighting for each scenario, including functional lights and decorative lights. Here are some tips to help you get both practicality and style from your bedroom lighting:

  • Layer your lights. One of the most common lighting mistakes is not layering your lighting. Using one fixture for everything from dressing to reading can make the room feel unexciting instead of comforting and welcoming. You can change this up with various forms of task lighting. Bedside lights, for example, can enhance your ceiling lighting, so you’ll have an easier time reading at night.
  • Use adjustable lights. Having the ability to change the intensity of your lights is a game-changer. For example, if you’re living with a partner or you’re a college student with a dorm room and a roommate, your preferences won’t always align with the other person’s needs. Dimmer switches, reading lights, swing arms, and bedside lights are all fixtures that can make it easier to not disturb someone else sleeping in your space.
  • Choose the right bulbs. The lightbulbs you choose can make the difference between a tranquil, warm bedroom and a cold, uninviting space. The two most common bulb colors, yellow and white, each suit different purposes. In a bathroom with white lighting, you’ll know exactly what your makeup looks like, while soft yellow lighting might actually change the color you see due to its warm properties – soft yellow lighting is ideal for bedrooms and living rooms since they create peaceful atmospheres.
    After you decide if you want your lighting to be soft, think about whether or not you’re using your bulbs for decorative purposes. If so, consider the shape of your bulbs and how they’ll look once displayed.
  • Consider additional colors. White and yellow bulbs aren’t the only available light colors. In fact, there are so many color options to choose from that you can easily showcase your personality and make your room feel like you. Plus, colors don’t just reflect your personality – they can also impact your body and mood. Red, green, and blue lights are all correlated with calming properties that can help to ease tension and promote healthy sleeping habits.
  • Don't forget the nooks and crannies. Your lighting shouldn’t stop with the overhead light in the center of your room. You should also illuminate other spaces such as closets and even wardrobes, all of which are often insufficiently lit. You can adequately illuminate these spaces with additional light fixtures that make accomplishing tasks much easier. For these hard-to-light areas, small task lights, LED strips, directional spotlights, and under-the-cabinet lights get the job done.
bedroom with two sky lite galaxy lights

11 bedroom light ideas

Now that you know how to brighten up your bedroom, it’s onto the next, and more fun, step: picking your perfect lighting! From simple overhead lights to thrilling laser light projectors, the below lighting ideas are sure to give you some great inspiration:

1. Strip lights

Go modern and trendy by adding strip lights to your room. This bedroom lighting is highly versatile and simple to use – just peel the backing and stick the strips to any surface you desire!

Many LED strip lights are remote-controlled, so you can change their colors, effects, or brightness. Try placing these lights under your bed and turn them red for a romantic evening with your loved one. If accent lighting is more your style, stick them around the border of your ceiling or behind the TV for a full glowing effect.

led strip lights

2. Sparkling fairy lights

Create a whimsical wonderland right in your own bedroom with sparkling fairy lights. These lights will glow, flash, and twinkle to make your space feel like it's right out of a fantastical fairytale. Hang them behind your bed to add a serene ambiance when you cozy up under your blankets, or hang them on your walls and windows for a gorgeous shine. If you’re feeling extra fancy, combine your fairy lights with faux vines for a unique garden look.

fairy lights

3. Desk lamps

Chances are that you use your bedroom for activities, not just sleeping. If you work often from a desk in your bedroom, insufficient desk lighting can lead to eye strain and make your tasks tougher to complete. Task lamps and desk lamps come in numerous styles and designs that match your bedroom decor while making it easier for you to read, write, and work.

desk lamp

4. Rope lights

LED rope lights provide a warm glow that affordably takes your room from plain to extraordinary. Use them as accent lighting on your bed’s headboard or around your TV. You can also get color-changing rope lights to add some extra flair to your room. If you’re feeling especially creative, try positioning the rope in a way that spells out motivational words, your name, or even a symbol such as a heart.

led rope lights

5. Neon accent lights

Although you may think neon accent lighting is a tacky idea used in bars and movie theaters, it can also be used as stylish lighting that makes your room pop. You can place neon accent lights around your desk and computer to convert your bedroom into the ultimate futuristic scene. These lights often come in straight bars that you can use to surround pieces of hanging artwork to complement the artwork’s colors.

neon lights

6. Art deco lighting

While you might not be familiar with the term art deco lighting, you’ve most likely seen this style plenty of times. It describes those classic shiny, sleek light fixtures with geometric shapes that remind you of the dramatic yet elegant designs of the 1920s.

To bring art deco lighting into your bedroom, you can install wall sconces, floor lamps, and pendant lights for a sophisticated atmosphere. These fixtures also double as beautiful interior design pieces with polished bronze, chrome, or steel finishes.

art deco lights

7. Nightlights

Before you ask, the answer is yes, nightlights can absolutely be for adults too! Nightlights are a decorative way to subtly light a pathway to your bathroom or gently guide yourself back to sleep. Although plug-in night lights are the most common types, other styles such as salt lamps, light up humidifiers, galaxy night lamps, and LED light cubes are available as well.

cube night light

8. Portable lights

If you have limited bedroom space, finding your ideal lighting can feel daunting. Portable lights present a solution. These small wireless light fixtures can be moved around easily and fit into areas that can’t accommodate lamps and other wired fixtures.

Many portable lights are battery-operated or work via USB. Some even have convenient functions such as timers, motion sensors, and pivoting light heads to save you energy.

Portable USB lights also make adding special effects and patterns to your bedroom completely effortless. In fact, with the BlissLights StarPort Laser USB, you can enjoy thousands of shimmering laser stars in your bedroom! All you have to do is plug the StarPort into your laptop, phone charger, or another USB supported device, then sit back and enjoy the glow-up.

portable star projector starport usb
starport usb star projector in blue

StarPort USB Light


One tiny light. Thousands of stars!

9. Colorful lights

Your light bulbs’ hues can spruce up your bedroom without the need for paint or wallpaper. Certain light colors can also affect your mood by helping you remain focused, calm, and positive. For a splash of color lighting, use the BlissLights BlissBulb and gaze at the red, green, or blue shimmering stars glistening around you and easing you into relaxing pleasantry.

bedroom with red blissbulbs
blissbulb laser lightbulb in red

BlissBulb Laser LightBulb


Transforming your world is as easy as changing a lightbulb.

10. Galaxy lights

If you’re having a romantic date night in your bedroom or seeking a calmer space, galaxy lighting is an eccentric way to get the job done. Swirling, cosmos-inspired lighting can help you gently drift off to sleep or inspire you to enjoy your solitude via meditation and deep breathing. With a BlissLights Sky Lite Laser Galaxy Projector, your own personal galaxy will always be in reach – moving laser stars and floating clouds will mesmerize you whenever you need them.

long exposure shot of sky lite galaxy projector and blissbulbs
sky lite evolve smart multicolor galaxy projector

Sky Lite Evolve: Smart Galaxy Projector


The latest evolution in smart galaxy lighting.

11. Aurora lights

Let’s face it: Sometimes, it can be hard to just turn off the lights and fall right asleep. With aurora lights, you can peacefully wind down and get in those much-needed Z’s. The BlissLights Ark Ambient Aurora Light and its soothing green aurora and wandering blue nebula clouds are great for achieving this goal – you won’t have to go to Alaska to see the northern lights.

ark aurora light
ark aurora projector

ARK Aurora Light


Transcend reality with a moving abstract aurora.

Transform your bedroom into a personal sanctuary with BlissLights

Your bedroom is a space where you spend time rain or shine, day or night. That’s why it’s important that your bedroom lighting is functional and decorative no matter the occasion. With BlissLights laser bulbs and projectors, you can make your bedroom feel relaxing, welcoming, and just plain old you. Find your perfect lighting now by browsing the BlissLights catalog for specialty laser lights that will elevate your safe haven.

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