bedroom with sky lite evolve in pink

How to use the BlissHome app

The BlissHome app is designed to be used with our Wi-Fi enabled smart lights, such as BlissLights Evolve, Velarus, and Oblivia. It allows you to customize color choices, adjust brightness, set timer routines, and more. Not sure where to get started? View our quick start guide or browse FAQs.

If you have one of our Bluetooth enabled lights, such as Sky Lite 2.0, please use the legacy BlissLights app instead.

bedroom with sky lite evolve in pink
blisshome app ui with color selection
BlissHome app sky lite evolve theme selection page
BlissEmber color selection menu
BlissEmber preset color modes
BlissRadia timer menu
BlissRadia color mode menu

BlissHome Instructions & FAQ

Why does the app ask to enable Location?
The BlissHome app requests access to your location to enhance your device's smart capabilities. For instance, you can create a setting based on your local weather conditions or time of day. If you do not wish to allow access to your location, the app will still work without these extra features.
Why does the app ask to enable Bluetooth?
The app uses a combination of WiFi and Bluetooth to connect to various devices.
Why does the app ask me to create an account?
This is so the app can remember your specific devices and settings, and so that our support team can better assist you with your lights if you require troubleshooting.
1. Download the app
Download the BlissHome app from the App Store or Google Play.
2. Create an account or sign in
Create a user account on the app with an email address and password.
3. Connect a light
Press the + button to start connecting a light. You can add manually or auto scan for nearby devices in pairing mode. (Refer to your light's instruction manual if you are unsure how to activate pairing mode. Usually this is done by pressing and holding the power button until the light starts flashing.)

If you have a dual-band router, make sure your connection is 2.4GHz, not 5GHz.

Choose from the available light options or add the auto-scanned light when prompted.
4. Customize your settings
Once the light is connected, it will show up on your app homepage. Tap the light to control its settings.

Each light's user interface is divided into menus. Select the menu tab for each desired control - for example, visit the color tab if you want to set the light to a specific color.
5. Set up a Smart Scene
A Smart Scene lets you control and schedule routines for multiple devices at the same time. For example, you can create a Smart Scene that sets your BlissRadia and BlissEmber to shine blue when it's raining. You can create an Automation, which performs routine tasks, or use Tap-to-Run to manually activate a Smart Scene.

Press the + button at the top right to create a new Smart Scene.
6. Create a group
You can create groups of the same kind of light and control them together on the BlissHome app. For example, you can set a group of three Sky Lite Evolves to shine pink. Simply click on product > click the pen and paper icon > click create a group > select products you wish to group.
Account overview
Tap on the "Me" icon in the lower right corner to access your account settings. Here you can give your account a nickname, connect to Google or Alexa, create a smart home setup or see app notifications.

There is also an FAQ tab with detailed instructions and troubleshooting tools.
Tap the gear icon in the upper right corner to access additional account settings. This is where you can find options for sound, notifications, password reset, and more.
Scan mode
Next to the gear icon is a [-] symbol. This is the QR scanner, which uses your device camera to scan. This feature allows you to add lights to your app via a shared QR code.
My light won't connect

If your light isn't connecting to the BlissHome app, please check to ensure that you are using a BlissHome-compatible light and running 2.4GHz Wifi. The app will not connect via a 5GHz Wifi connection.

Next, check your network connection strength. You can view this in the BlissHome app by tapping a product and selecting the pen and paper icon in the upper right corner. Choose "Check device network" - if the indicator is green, your network connection is strong. If it's orange, your connection is weak.

If the 2.4GHz Wifi connection is strong but the light is still unable to connect, close the app and restart, or delete the app and reinstall.

The app is lagging when I make selections
This is usually caused by a weak network connection. You can check your network connection strength in the BlissHome app by tapping a product and selecting the pen and paper icon in the upper right corner. Choose "Check device network" - if the indicator is green, your network connection is strong. If it's orange, your connection is weak.
What's the difference between a Group and a Smart Scenario?

A Group is a collection of the same kind of product. You can control a group of lights at the same time, instead of changing the settings for each one individually. For instance, you would use a Group if you wanted to set all your BlissEmbers to shine green. You can add as many of the same type of item to a group as you like.

A Smart Scenario is a command sequence for various products to follow. You can add multiple types of BlissLights to a Smart Scenario and individually set them to a specific setting based on a trigger. For instance, you can create a Smart Scenario that changes your BlissRadia to shine yellow and your Sky Lite Evolve to shine purple after 8pm.

I can't add a light to a Group

Groups can be created only when there are multiple lights are of the same model. If you'd like to create an action with multiple different kinds of lights, try using a Smart Scenario.

If you are unable to group two or more of the same kind of light, they may be running on different versions of firmware. Make sure both lights are updated and then attempt to group them again.

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