How to use the BlissLights App | Instructions and Troubleshooting

How to use the BlissLights App

The BlissLights App allows you to control your light and customize settings from your phone or tablet. Here's a step-by-step guide to how the app works!

Please note that the app is designed to work with BlissLights Bluetooth-enabled devices only. If you are not sure whether your device is Bluetooth enabled, reference your user manual or view our current list of Bluetooth-enabled devices under I don't know if my light is compatible.

Getting Started

Here's how to download and start using the BlissLights app, plus an overview of features and functions.

Search "blisslights" in the App Store or Google Play Store to download the app.

Open the app, accept permissions, and turn on Bluetooth. Then tap the plus sign on the top left to set up a connection to your BlissLights product. Choose your BlissLights model from the list.

The app will then prompt you to activate your BlissLight's Bluetooth connection. Press and hold the top button of your Bluetooth enabled BlissLights product. The BlissLight will flash as it is connecting. Release the button when the light stops flashing, then tap the checkbox beneath the app prompt and continue to the next screen.

Your BlissLight will connect and appear on the screen within a few seconds. Press the button at the bottom of the screen to exit to the main menu.

You can repeat this process to connect up to 9 additional BlissLights. After the lights are connected, the app will remember them and automatically pair when in range.

Removing a device

Press and hold the device icon at the top of the app. An option will appear to remove your device. You can also Clear Cache to disconnect all devices and revert the app to original settings.

Preset Effects

You can choose from a variety of preset lighting modes in the Effect menu. Tap "More" to access a list of options. Tapping an option will synchronize the effect to your selected light.

DIY Effects

You can create custom effect modes by selecting the DIY menu. Tap the plus sign to name your custom lighting mode and fine tune the effect. Optionally, take a picture of your effect to display with the name. Once you save the effect, it will show up under the presets in the Effect menu. You can create up to four DIY modes per connected light.


The Controller option allows you to modify the currently active effect. Tap different options to quickly adjust the effect without getting into nitty gritty settings.

The timer function has two settings, Shut-off Timer and Power-On Timer. The Shut-off Timer allows you to set the number of hours before the light will turn off. The Power-on Timer allows you to set the number of hours before the unit will turn back on.

For example, if you set up your timers like this: 

Your light will stay on for 8 hours before shutting off. Two hours later, it will turn back on. The cycle will continue indefinitely until the settings are changed or the light is unplugged.

The default start-up selection menu allows you to choose which effect your BlissLight will display when it powers back on. By default, it will be the last-used effect.

Note: Shut-off Timer can be used without Power-On Timer. However, Power-On Timer is dependent on Shut-Off Timer settings to work.

You can also disable all timer functions completely in this menu to have your BlissLight run continuously.

This mode cycles through all effect modes in order. You can specify how long each effect lasts in the dropdown menu.

Turn the light on or off with a tap.

Occasionally we provide over-the-air updates to improve device performance and add new features! To check for device updates, press and hold the device icon at the top of the app. If there is an update available, there will be an option to install the update above "Remove Device."

Tap install to apply the update. Allow the device to finish updating before closing the app or navigating to a different screen.

Account Settings

You can optionally create a user account within the app to share your devices and submit support requests.

Tap the My Account icon at the bottom of the app. This will take you to the Account menu. Tap "Please Log In" at the top to create an account. Enter your desired username, email, and password.

To sign out again, press and hold your user icon at the top of the Account menu.

This option resets the app, clearing any paired devices and custom DIY settings.

Here you can create a unique QR code to share control of your device with other app users.

1. Share

Tap the icon of the device you wish to share, then press the "Generate QR code" button. Share this code with a friend or family member with the BlissLights app to give them access to your device.

2. Scan

Tap the Scan option in the Share menu and confirm to open your camera. Scan the QR code that was shared with you to access the device.

Within the settings menu, you can change your password, select a different app language, sign out, or disable your account.

Use this function to send a direct message to our support team. You can also email us at or call our toll-free number: 888-868-4603.

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Find the answers to common questions about using the app here! If you don't see your question, we are happy to assist you via email or phone. Contact or call 1-888-868-4603 Mon-Fri, 8:30am - 5pm PST.

The app is designed to work with our Bluetooth enabled line of products. If your BlissLights product was manufactured prior to 2021, then it is not compatible with the BlissLights app.

Current compatible products:

  • Sky Lite 2.0

If your BlissLights Bluetooth enabled product does not connect to the app after following the connection instructions, unplug the BlissLights product, restart your phone/tablet and try again. If this does not solve the problem, contact BlissLights Support by emailing, messaging through the app, or calling 888-868-4603.

Ensure you have updated to the latest version of the BlissLights app. If you have the most recent app version, check to see if your light's OS is up to date. Press and hold the BlissLights device icon in the upper left corner. If an OS update is available, you will be given an option to install it.

If there are no updates available, clear cache and reconnect the device.

You can also contact BlissLights Support by emailing, messaging through the app, or calling 888-868-4603.

Usually this occurs if one of the physical buttons has been pressed.

Pressing the physical control buttons on the unit will override app settings. The top button toggles through different effect modes (including any DIY modes you created in the app) and also pauses Effect Cycle if that mode is turned on. The middle button controls rotation for the active effect. The bottom button controls brightness for the active effect.

Power off the unit, then turn it back on to reset. You can also unplug the light for a few seconds and plug it back in. If issues persist, go to the Account Settings menu and tap Clear Cache. This will reset the app.

Close the app and open it again. If the app is still in the "Try Again" loop when you reopen it, reboot your phone or tablet. If the app is on the homescreen, press and hold the BlissLights device icon in the upper left corner to install the update. This time it should work.