Sky Lite Laser Galaxy Projector


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SKY Lite shines a universe of moving laser stars against a drifting blue nebula cloud, instantly changing the atmosphere of any room. It's your own personal galaxy! Tilting design allows you to shine the effect on walls or ceiling. Transform your bedroom, office space, TV room, yoga studio...wherever! With Sky Lite, the possibilities are almost endless.

Often imitated, never matched—our patented design is the first of its kind and remains the highest quality galaxy light on the market.

Simple button controls allow you to choose from 3 brightness levels, start/stop the star motion, and cycle through different projection modes (including only stars or only nebula). A great gift idea for any occasion.


  • Brilliant holographic laser stars (blue or green options available)
  • Blue nebula cloud
  • Tilting base
  • Multiple brightness settings and light effects 
  • Built-in 6-hr timer
  • USB cord with 120-240 V wall adapter

Ships from our U.S. warehouse

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Galaxy light
Written by Arianna on Jun 29th 2020

I absolutely love this so much. It’s exactly what i was looking for. If you’re looking for aesthetic clouds and stars like on tik tok and what’s trending, this is for you!

Bliss lights projector
Written by Mary on Jun 29th 2020

Love the projector! I’m using it for photos and video to create a space background effect. (I have photos it looks awesome!) The lights are so vivid it picks up really well. Also using this light as a nightlight for my nieces and nephew when they sleep over. I think because it’s also timed will help them fall asleep instead of staying up till 12

Written by Linda on Jun 29th 2020

Love this!! Turn it on at bedtime to watch and puts us to sleep Love the shooting stars

Bliss light
Written by Nick on Jun 27th 2020

I am so happy with my purchase! I wasn’t sure if it would be impressive irl... it is. From a smaller bedroom to a 20 ft. Ceiling living room, so cool

Written by Charles ‘Ryan’ Tiffin on Jun 27th 2020

I couldn’t be happier with my purchase

Written by Jordan Arredondo on Jun 24th 2020

It works and looks great. Will be a great surprise for my hubby's man cave. :)

Stopped Working!
Written by Zoe on Jun 17th 2020

My sky light projector is not working anymore and there’s no reason for it. It was on and then just turned off and now it won’t turn back on again. I’ve waited a day to see if it would work later and it didn’t!

Sky Lite
Written by Mia on Jun 16th 2020

I am so in love with Bliss Lights' Sky Lite, I bought a second one. I suggest you buy from the company directly because I bought my first Sky Lite from Amazon. Amazon stuck a postal label on the Sky Lite box without an exterior box. The unit came to me damaged. When I ordered the second Sky Light from BlissLights directly, it was packaged appropriately in a separate box and was in perfect condition. I am so enamored with this masterpiece. The nebula is just exquisite. I have the blue Sky Lites and it is very tranquil. Even my cat loves it. She likes to look at the stars moving slowly. It really is like laying under a magical, starry sky. I am also impressed that this Sky Lite has a default timer that goes off in about 6 hours. It is very sound construction - it doesn't wobble. There are 2 ways you can stand it up. It is lightweight and attractive looking. I dust mine off with a dry, clean microfiber cloth. I will give these as gifts in the future because the Sky Lite is very affordable. I can't imagine anyone not liking such a great night light. The customer service is outstanding, also.

Totally obsessed!
Written by Alexandra on Jun 15th 2020

I am so happy with the Sky Lite! It really sets the vibe in a room! Definitely worth every penny for the joy it brings me to have it running in my entertainment room or bedroom at night.

Written by Efstathia Apostolou on Jun 11th 2020

This projector is amazing!! It looks like real sky! Im so happy with this purchase!!

Written by Eblanco on Jun 11th 2020

Love this item!

Projector review
Written by Jillian on Jun 8th 2020

I was disappointed that the projector only illuminated a portion of the room. It seems as though I would have to purchase two or three projectors to get the room to look the way it does in all the advertisements for this product.

Peaceful lighting
Written by Georgia on Jun 7th 2020


Written by GABRIEL JAIME on Jun 6th 2020

I bought a skylite for my little sister last week. She is very happy, this light are so fun.

Bliss sky light
Written by ariel on Jun 4th 2020

It was amazing worth my money.

Written by Michelle collazo on Jun 2nd 2020

It’s beautiful

Not bright, and not wide range
Written by Lina on Jun 2nd 2020

I received my order and was super excited, but as soon as I plugged it in it wasn’t bright enough I think I might have gotten a faulty one I tried click the buttons and it didn’t get brighter it just got duller I seen in other people’s videos how bright and wide the range on the light was it wasn’t at all like that on mine it was a small range and wasn’t bright at all. I had it plugged into the corner so it could reach my whole ceiling but only got less than half and my room isn’t that big.

Great Projector
Written by Joshua Hall on May 31st 2020

Great company/product. Works great and perfect for a night light. Highly recommend

Bliss light
Written by Tammy on May 29th 2020

We have had product for 2 weeks and it stopped working. I emailed customer support and no response yet. I am hoping that because of covid the responses are delayed and they will respond .

Sky Lite Laser Galaxy projector
Written by Catherine on May 29th 2020

My 12 yrs old daughter is delighted by her new sky galaxy projector! The product is well made, lights are real lasers and the magical effect is total. Very happy with the quality of this product! Definitely worth it!

Bliss lights
Written by Bianca on May 27th 2020

I love this it’s so cool at night and I definitely recommend this!

Written by Sergio on May 27th 2020

Brings new life to my dull room!

Written by Deborah Hazelton on May 27th 2020

Fun lights to create atmosphere and mood!! Love it!!

Love my light one problem
Written by Alex Torres on May 25th 2020

I received my bliss light and I am in love. One issue I had was I ordered the version with green stars they sent over the blue one, normally this would not be a issue but I already own your USB blue star projector and was looking to add contrast to my room.

It’s alright.
Written by Thonja Pew on May 22nd 2020

Not happy with what this cost me to have shipped to Canada with exchange and then duty I have purchased 4 of these 3 as gifts. I could have gotten them for a lot less on amazon. Oh could have saved almost 200 dollars. Not impressed. And I got no special deal ordering that many. Will not recommend.

Love this product!
Written by Hayley Rieger on May 20th 2020

Love this product!!! I have already had many friends buy it once they saw how cool it is!

Very Satisfied
Written by Ashley on May 19th 2020

I’ve been seeing this product for several months, but was unsure if it was worth the money and hype. I also didn’t know if I would get much use out of it. Nonetheless, I finally ordered one last week. I ordered the Blue/Blue projector on a Wednesday night and the item shipped 11 hours later. It was delivered that Saturday. The speedy delivery was impressive enough - given that I was informed of longer processing time for orders; however, this product exceeds my expectations. Turning this unit on completely transforms my room at night and gives it a very calming vibe. I find that by turning the projector on for a couple hours before falling asleep helps me find my zen and allows me to fall asleep faster. I do turn it off when I go to sleep, but it does have a 6 hour automatic timer if you choose to fall asleep with it on. The unit itself and its buttons do seem a little flimsy/cheap for a $60 unit, but that’s my only complaint. There are 3 different modes: clouds, stars, and a combination of both. You can also choose whether or not you’d like there to be motion or not. I was worried the motion would make me nauseous due to a previous projector I had, but that’s not the case at all with this item. Lastly, there are multiple brightness settings to choose from, which might make it easier for others to fall asleep with it on. To conclude, I am very content with my purchase of this item. Its one year limited warranty also makes me confident with my decision to purchase from BlissLights directly.

Written by Kayla Crim on May 18th 2020

puts the best vibes in any room!

Product Review
Written by Elyse Thai on May 18th 2020

I was really excited when it arrived. It is really worth the money! Super good.

Sky lite projector
Written by Lianne Viau on May 17th 2020

This light is amazing and I love it! I can’t stop looking at it.

Written by Tony Nelson on May 17th 2020

Very amazing!!! Just as advertised.

Written by Janice wiederhoeft on May 15th 2020

Disappointed in this purchase. Read so many positive reviews. Wish I hadn't purchased this item.

Even better than expected!
Written by Phil on May 15th 2020

When the Sky Lite arrived, I told my roommates we should just check it out and see how it is. We ended up putting on music and staring at the light for 3 hours! This is the perfect relaxation tool for these difficult times. If any part of you is considering it, definitely get one!

Blisslights !!!
Written by Marina Fuentes on May 15th 2020

My kids live their new nightlight , and now I want one in my room ! It’s so nice to look at and it really gives me calm relaxation.

Nebula lights
Written by alexa on May 14th 2020

SO PRETTY ! So worth it

Celebrating the big 1-8
Written by for Bailey on May 14th 2020

My favorite princess turns 18 today. She is the apple of my eye so why not give her the universe. She was thrilled when she received this Tuesday. Unfortunately the company's shipping process has no way of including a gift note to let her know it was from me. Her Mom let her know because I had to tell her.

Isn't it Romantic
Written by Lydia on May 14th 2020

My darling daughter and her new husband will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary. I know they love each other to the moon and back but why leave out the stars? From what I have seen on YouTube this beats out all competitors.

Sky lite
Written by Michele Skowron on May 14th 2020

This is a birthday gift request from my sweet granddaughter who will be 13 next week. When I received it I was amazed & thought I need one for my bedroom. Cant wait to give it to her.

Written by Thonja Pew on May 13th 2020

I freeking love this !!! I bought one for my boyfriend and my son too. Very happy !

Looks very pretty!
Written by Briana on May 12th 2020

The projector is very pretty and looks so cool in your room. I do think you need to take into consideration the size of your room before purchasing. The closer the projector is the more clustered and small it appears but the farther it is the more it will spread out. So if you have a very tight, small room it will probably appear clustered on your wall/ceiling.

Bliss Lights
Written by Shauna Stewart on May 12th 2020

It came sooner than I expected which was awesome! It's so beautiful & relaxing and my 9 yr old also loves it!! Thank you

Written by Cynthia V on May 10th 2020

The product arrived at my house earlier than expected. When I turned it on it was just like the photos and it's a very nice touch for my room and any room in the house. It’s amazing I love it!

Not good
Written by hannah on May 9th 2020

Honestly the internet overhypes this product. It’s not as good as everyone says it is. It honestly looks trashy and the nebula is super small compared to all the stars which is just a big rectangle of dots. I don’t recommend this product. I’m returning mine.

Good product
Written by Ballsweat McGee on May 8th 2020

It came, turned on, fucking did its thing. The shipping was delayed three times tho probably cuz this coronavirus shit tho

Amazing product!
Written by Deany on May 8th 2020

I am not one to leave reviews but I had to leave one for my super cool blue/green projector! It exceeded my expectations! It is truly amazing and it definitely sets the mood. I totally recommend it for your bedroom, living room, game room, theater room etc.!

Bliss Lights Sky light
Written by Anonymous on May 8th 2020

It’s very pretty and especially at the night but smaller than I expected and it only goes to one part of my room but I love it

Sky lite
Written by John Rybarczyk on May 7th 2020

Elegant and sleek looking. Works great right out of the box. The new features of slowing down the rotation and dimming are great. Highly recommend if you like the star look. I prefer the green stars over the blue ones.

Sky lite projector
Written by Phil T on May 7th 2020

The sky lite projector is amazing!!!! 10/10 recommend!

This thing is cool as hell.
Written by Christopher on May 7th 2020

Incredibly bright, awesome effects on the ceiling or wall. My only issue is after receiving it, it's not worth $59. Cool as hell, but overpriced.

Written by Randy on May 7th 2020

Fantastic! Love the effect! Subtle but powerful , especially the contrasting green stars to blue aurora

SkyLite is amazing
Written by Joshua Gomez on May 6th 2020

No problems here. Looks beautiful. Works well. Ships fast.

Fricking Awesome!
Written by Eemahn Haralelli on May 6th 2020

Lights up our entire living room and is totally mesmerizing. We love it!

sky lite projector
Written by Marilyn on May 6th 2020

it stopped working after one day

No rotation
Written by Mark on May 6th 2020

Hi received the device today forwarded on from NJ by Irish post to Ireland All is working perfectly but the product does not rotate Tried different leads different sockets everything The rotation feature does not work Very disappointed as there was cheaper products out there with non rotation Only got it for this feature Does not rotate on start up and the button for rotation in the middle does not work or initiate rotation

Blisslights blue/ blue
Written by Morgan on May 5th 2020

I love the new blue on blue design. Much more natural. I like that it has three brightness settings as well.

Skylight Laser Galaxy Projector
Written by Helen on May 5th 2020

So happy with this purchase. I bought another one plus a set of 3 bulbs. What a great product. It creates a really nice atmosphere. Highly recommended.

worked for the first hour
Written by Mckayla Korrell on May 5th 2020

i really love this light but the cord keeps shorting out or the projector is broken it only works when i keep it completely still if the cord moves at all it turns off

Written by Emaly on May 5th 2020

I love anything that has to do with stars and the universe. This is perfect in every way. Exceeded my expectations. I’m so excited to use this all the time.

Written by rick palmisano on May 5th 2020

very happy with product, it did take a long time to receive but it was as advertised

Sky Lie Laser Galaxy Projector
Written by Lori on May 4th 2020

This was a b-day gift for my 21 yr old daughter and she loves it. Her whole room is blue. She says it's calming.

Power glitch
Written by Julia on May 4th 2020

Adapter that came with mine keep turning the projector off. It says not to use an interchangeable one so I tossed it and just use the USB port. Not as convenient though. Otherwise it’s an amazing product! Best bubble bath I’ve ever had.

Written by Matt on May 4th 2020

My wife loves this light and I do too. It is relaxing also. I do have a suggestion for a later release, let’s add a remote!!

Written by Raquel D Lopez on May 2nd 2020

We love this product! It is so cool!I'm really glad I ordered it.

blisslights sky light
Written by jackeline rodríguez on May 1st 2020

for what I paid I think the quality should’ve been better it came a little scratched and the cord that goes in the light to plug into the outlet doesn’t fit very well on the skylight. I think it is not worth it I’d rather save me more money and buy a different one

Green and Blue start projector
Written by Ava on May 1st 2020

This projector works great and it so stunning to look at. I like how it turn off after four to five hours of use so you don’t have to do it manually and how there are different modes of brightness.

We love it!
Written by Harley on Apr 30th 2020

I bought this for my 12 year old brother for his birthday! It was a HUGE success. Now my sister wants one for her birthday. My boyfriend’s sister wants one & both of my daughters want one.. that’s the only negative about this item. Everyone wants one & I’m going to go broke

Sky Lite
Written by Dess on Apr 30th 2020

I am so glad that I finally got my hands on this Sky Lite. It's a must have for anyone who wants to transform their room and just relax and have a peace of mind.

Bliss sky lights
Written by Veronica on Apr 30th 2020

Daughter love the lights looks amazing

Written by Shunida on Apr 30th 2020

My light came not working for the rotation part. I tried to email Customer service twice no response yet .

Written by Farisha Jung on Apr 30th 2020

This was well worth the money, exactly as described. It looks amazing

Written by miranda on Apr 30th 2020

i love the lights they make my room feel like a whole vibe.

Written by ananda marshall on Apr 29th 2020

absolutely love my new room with this. not only does it turn my room into a really cool galaxy, but me and my friends have taken so many cool pictures in it. 10/10

Rotating stop
Written by Fertine on Apr 29th 2020

I ordered two and loved it. The other one works perfectly fine but the other one stop rotating and I’m highly disappointed..

Blisslight skylight
Written by Nathan on Apr 29th 2020

Really relaxing love it everytime I turn it on only thing bad about it is when you walk in front of it is is really bright in ur eyes.

Overall Quality Review
Written by Benjamin on Apr 29th 2020

Just noticed that the reviews for this product have been hidden/ I'm not sure if anyone will actually be able to read this. In the event that they are restored - here are my thoughts on the green/blue "Skylite". I own both the "twilight laser star projector" and the "Bliss lights Skylite" projector. I was excited to try the Bliss Lights projector as I had heard great things about the device. I have to say..this product was so close to being the better choice, but it's almost like the company making it purposely decided to cut a few corners (possibly for cost) in order to sabotage this in comparison to the Twilight Star projector. First - the pros: 1. The actual physical design and branding of the Skylite is obviously more appealing and much better done then the Twilight projector. The twilight projector feels a lot more like a kids toy and is too large and clunky. It also comes across as more cheaply made and purchasing it feels unreliable as there are many foreign companies that produce it. 2. The Skylite has options not available on the Twilight projector. Starting or stopping the motion of the lasers and nebula cloud. (A nice feature to have, but the ability to control them independently is unfortunately not available - nor the speed at which they rotate. You would think if an entire botton is dedicated to motion, they would include SOME sort of adjustment for the speed or rotation..but nope. Literally just motion, or no motion..) A mode where the nebula and stars fade in and out, which for some people may be enjoyable. This is unfortunately where the Pro's end. The Con's: 1. This is by far the biggest issue.. The actual display of the green (and I assume blue lasers, which have the same grid pattern issue judging by videos) It's like someone put a cheese grater on top of the lasers and called it a day. I've heard the companies response to this, stating that their higher end lasers offer "more complex/randomized patterns" and this is how they keep the cost cheaper - but that excuse makes no sense when you take a look at the Twilight Laser Star Projector which only costs about $50 more and offers a MUCH better randomized design then the amount of effort that went into making the star patterns for this. The stars are literally ALL the same level of brightness, ALL in a row..which immediately destroys the immersion factor. There's really no excuse for the laziness that went into creating the patterns and variations when it's clear it can be done far better without having to increase the cost that much. 2. The nebula effect. The Skylite's version of the blue nebula is perfectly acceptable.. But the Twilight wins again in that department because it has an actual dimmer that allows complete control over the brightness level and overall looks much more vivid and exciting. Why Skylite opted for a button that only allows 3 brightness settings rather then complete control over what's supposed to be a relaxing night light doesn't make a lot of sense either..unless you consider they wanted to cut the cost of having a dimmer, which it most likely the case. Between the two - there's really no comparison. For the overall appearance/design of the product itself ..the Skylite wins. For the actual display of the lasers..the Twilight easily looks much better. I hope the Blisslights actually reads this and works on making an improved version of the painful grid pattern they chose. Side note: Ironically, the protective sticker they include over the green lasers HELPS to reduce the cheese grater pattern of the lasers to look so much better before taking it off. I've kept mine on, but the fact that even a sticker helps to improve this product only further proves the point that it could've been made so much better. I've actually chosen to leave the stick

Written by Angela on Apr 29th 2020

I am so happy I bought this! The colors are beautiful and the settings it has makes it even better! The whole room was beautifully lit up. Will definitely be ordering more products

Written by lily on Apr 28th 2020

10/10 would recommend, so so pretty!! works very well:) awesome purchase.

Written by Juliana on Apr 28th 2020

I bought two of them and they are so beautiful. I can’t wait till it’s night time!

Product Feedback / Sky Lite Laser Galaxy Projector - It’s a HIT!
Written by Beth on Apr 27th 2020

We love the BlissLight Sky Lite Laser Galaxy Projector! Great quality & literally a bright spot in my teenage daughter’s life!

Product is AMAZING!
Written by Mary on Apr 27th 2020

We just received our Skylight - we bought the green and blue one since the blue was sold out and we LOVE it! I plan on buying more. FIVE STARS*****

Bliss projector light
Written by Ashley Nelson on Apr 27th 2020

Looooove it, worth every penny.

Bliss Light
Written by Rich Strickland on Apr 27th 2020

My youngest daughter desperately wanted a projector light for her bedroom. And she was more excited about the product then she expected to be. I’ll be purchasing another light for my now jealous oldest 15 year daughter who wants to chill listen into music with Bliss light.

Written by Mike Coombes on Apr 24th 2020

Great product. Exceeded expectations and a very neat added piece to various rooms. Reasonably priced as well

Written by Wendy on Apr 24th 2020

This surpassed my expectations! As soon as i turned it on i was blown away at how cool it looked! My kids love it!

Written by Nicole Martinez on Apr 24th 2020

Have had my light for about a week and can't get enough of it. I move it around the house based on where I am at but love to fall asleep to it at night most. Recommended this brand by a friend and couldn't be happier with my purchase. Shipped super quick too! The only thing that would make it better was if you could set a turn off timer, it turns off automatically after 6 hrs but wish I had control over that time.

Written by Courtney on Apr 24th 2020

I just recently bought this projector and I can’t stop using it. It adds such an amazing ambiance to my bedroom. It lights up the whole room. Even tried in the living room and still looks awesome! I’ve even had friends ask where I got it when I post pictures. Definitely recommend this to everyone!

Bliss lights projector
Written by Alex on Apr 24th 2020

I love it, looks great at night

Written by Julia on Apr 24th 2020

I recently got my light and it is sooooo pretty!!!! It lights up the room and makes it look so cool! definitely worth the price!!

Best purchase
Written by Alyssa on Apr 24th 2020

I absolutely love this product, while it it pricey, definitely something cool to have in your room.

Written by Christina on Apr 23rd 2020

Gift for my boyfriend. He loved it !

Sky Lite Laser Galaxy Projector
Written by Bailey on Apr 23rd 2020

Awesome little projector. Perfect size so it doesn’t take up a lot of space but is still capable of projecting the lights on the whole ceiling and walls in the room.

Bliss Skylite
Written by Barb on Apr 23rd 2020

Got for my daughter and she loves it! Definitely recommend!

Good product and accurate description
Written by Dee on Apr 23rd 2020

The product is fantastic my son is very happy! The only issue I have is the delivery time and the lack of customer service

Written by Tami on Apr 23rd 2020

Purchased for my teenager. Paired with LED lights on her ceiling she loves her room!! The image is really cool and fun to look at!

Great Projector
Written by Kerri Merigold on Apr 23rd 2020

Very cool indeed! My daughter has it in her room and it is so cool!

Written by Ashley on Apr 22nd 2020

The Sky Lite is amazing, beautiful and looks like a true night sky. My only issue with it is a low rumble that often starts every 30 minutes when it is turned on. I emailed the company but still no response yet :( Overall, its a pretty cool projector.

Written by julia on Apr 22nd 2020

I recently got my light in the mail and it is SO COOL!!!! when you turn it on the room transforms into this cool blue color and it’s soooo pretty. definitely worth the money!!!

Blisslight skylight laser
Written by Scott Fitzgerald on Apr 21st 2020

The skylight was just as it looked on the advertisement that is hard to find anymore these days. I would recommend this to anyone it's worth every penny

Written by Thomas on Mar 24th 2020

The one thing that would make this a great projector is if the stars would be control or moved independently . The cloud or aurora is good, the brightness control could have another dimmer seating.

Doesn't look like stars
Written by Sandra Winstel on Mar 8th 2020

The dots are set perfectly on a grid so it doesnt look like your looking into the night sky. Disappointed about that, so I don't think its worth the money. Won't recommend. Should definitely try to make the dots more spread out and set randomly like an actual starry night.

Written by Hector on Mar 1st 2020

Good product, really enjoy it.

Sky Lite
Written by Susan on Feb 27th 2020

Awesome effect for using with my clients, in group Sound Healings or just for relaxing fun!

Sky Lite
Written by Amari Bennett on Feb 25th 2020

Love this product, definitely worth the $60 bucks, made my room's vibe change completely, and I love how it has different modes!

Beautiful Bliss!!
Written by Cindy on Feb 14th 2020

I recently received the Bliss Light with the blue nebula and it is so mesmerizing. Although it can be used for atmosphere at a party or romantic evening, I love it to relax. It helps me when I have difficulty falling asleep. So happy I made the purchase. Would love something like this for outside decorating!

Blue & green laser
Written by KIRK ANTES on Jan 28th 2020

I guess were spoiled by the red & green laser lights; they came with a timer and a remote and they just come on automatically for 6? hours. This light does not, but cost twice as much. Where I want to keep the light, I will have remember it, then climb up on a counter each time I want to turn it on. It creates a neat "environment" for TV watching, if the lack of a timer and remote aren't important.

Blisslights Galaxy Projector
Written by Kamaryn on Dec 13th 2019

REALLY pretty and has different brightness modes! I’d definitely recommend getting this if you’re thinking about it. Well worth the money and can last such a long time!

Written by Patricia on Dec 4th 2019

Aesome. Love it! So relaxing. Just ordered a second one.

Broke after 2 weeks
Written by Mark on Oct 27th 2019

Wasn't touched other than to turn it at night. After 2 weeks the motor made a funny noice and then stopped working all together. ____ Note from BlissLights: So sorry your Sky Lite motor stopped working, Mark! That's unacceptable. We are happy to replace your Sky Lite under warranty. Please reach out to our customer service team at so we can get that process started for you.

Sky Lite
Written by Nick on Oct 16th 2019

I was skeptical that a light advertised to me on Facebook could look anything like advertised. I kept looking at it and decided to order. I was happily surprised that the product looks EXACTLY like advertised and makes my living room feel like magic or the Great Hall at Hogwarts. Have recommended to friends and they plan on ordering a couple.

Written by Sandra on Sep 27th 2019

I have the industrial bliss light. Always get positive comments . I have bought 4 of these new ones for Christmas gifts. They also have a nice effect. Makes the room cozy. Liked by adults and kids.

Written by Michael on Aug 9th 2019

This product met my needs very well. I used two units to flood a room of about 1200 square feet to create an outer space atmosphere, they performed well.

Written by Elena Wheeler on Jul 25th 2019

This projector is simply beautiful.

Bliss Sky Lite
Written by Deb Vlahakis on Jul 21st 2019

OMG this is the most AWESOME light. My grandson is entranced. Very well constructed and quick shipping. Will buy more as gifts

Written by Vanessa Balash on Jun 26th 2019

I LOVE my new bliss projector!it lights up my whole living room and made watching a movie spectacular

Bliss Light
Written by Catherine on Jun 20th 2019

I love this product so much. Use it every night before bed to wind down. Absolutely spectacular.

Written by Gail A Totten on Jun 17th 2019

I purchased two of these thanks to my Grandsons' insistence that his mother and him had to have them. It was a great purchase as they both love the effect and light show every night.

Relax under the stars
Written by Jodi H on Jun 8th 2019

I have been having a hard time relaxing before bed, and have always loved looking up at the stars, so this was a perfect purchase. I have it set up in my room, and turn it on when I go in for bed. It does exactly as I had hoped, and helps me forget about the day and escape to a very peaceful and restful place. Most times, I have the tv on, but end up pausing whatever I’m watching (then turning it off) to enjoy the universe in my room. One thing I wish was that it had a timer setting on it, so if I fall asleep before shutting it off, it would shut off itself. Other than that, so glad I made this purchase!

Written by Dianne Carone on Jun 1st 2019

Wonderful product. The first night we used it at a family get together Four family members want one.

Written by James Sphar on May 31st 2019

I received my light today, as soon as I turned it on I was in pure bliss. So relaxing to watch the projector do it’s thing. By far the best thing I’ve ordered in a while and helped me get to sleep so quickly.

Skylite Laser Galaxy Projector
Written by Roz on May 17th 2019

Love it! My husband bought this for me for our anniversary...He knows how I love to travel through time & space. This makes me feel as if I am heading into the Time Vortex. Add some relaxing music and we have our own planetarium...beautiful colors! If you want to leave the daily mundane things behind, you'll love this too. Oh yes, did I mention that...I love it!!!

Skylight Review
Written by Preston Frazier on May 16th 2019

My girlfriend and I recently purchased this, and we love it. The nebula and stars look amazing. We are super happy with our purchase, and we highly recommend this.

Totally Worth every penny!!
Written by Alejandra Rocha on May 8th 2019

I just mine a few days ago, been taking tons of videos and sending them to everyone I know. The quality of the lights, it creates this comfort environment in any room, I tried to relax and used swamp sounds in the background. I’m really satisfied!!! I will be buying more for sure!! I want one for every room now!!!

Written by spencer on May 6th 2019

I'm very impressed with this product, especially for the price. Right out of the box this device added vibe to my living room, even in broad daylight! But at night it really comes alive. There's a depth to the different patterns moving, and I sometimes get lost staring at it to see if I'll catch something unexpected. I love how you can isolate any of the single layers, although I have mostly just used the standard setting with all layers. On top of it being a fantastic product, I was impressed with the customer service before buying. I had a question regarding shipping time and they responded quickly with helpful information. The unit came in only a couple of days (I do live in the same state as company). Overall very impressed and I plan on buying another one soon

Written by Drakkar Belisle on Apr 29th 2019

was really surprised at how much it looks as advertised. more often than not, you order something off ads like this and they look nothing like what it looks like in the pictures but this was a great buy! just wished it had other colors like the purple and pink,

Written by Ares on Apr 26th 2019

Love my products that I have purchased. Plan on ordering more very soon.

Written by Jessica on Apr 24th 2019

Really happy with my purchase. Relaxing to have before bed.

It’s beautiful
Written by Jesse Lilly on Apr 22nd 2019

It goes great with everything! I love it!

Nebula skylight
Written by Martha Morin on Apr 17th 2019

Love it very calm and soothing when your feeling stressful will be buying again very soon.

SKYlite Laser Nebula ProjectorBlissLights
Written by DJK9 on Apr 15th 2019

Quick delivery. Box was packed well. Item in great conditions. Very Lite and perfect size. Lit up most of the ceiling. Very bright and beautiful. Settings were easy to use. Thank you.

Bliss lights review
Written by Shari Camp on Apr 14th 2019

I am thrilled with my nebula star projector! I feel relaxed and euphoric, watching the room and enjoy drifting off to sleep. I show it off to friends and family and several have asked for the website info so they can get one too!

Written by James on Apr 12th 2019

This is an Awesome product. I have wanted something like this for 50 years. I really enjoy the optional display. I plan to buy a second one for my Grand Daughter.

Skylite Laser Nebula Projector
Written by Scott C Scheidt on Apr 10th 2019

An amazing product that goes well with the ocean white noise I listen to to sleep.

Written by Pat Blowers on Apr 8th 2019

Husband and grandkids love the effects! Ordered 2 ,looks like I'll be ordering more. Like the 6hr timer. Glad I decided to try this product.

The Expanse
Written by Shawn on Apr 5th 2019

We light up the ceiling while watching The Expanse in 4K. Really sets the mood. The cloud doesn't really move but sort of undulates like some kind of Star Trek energy lifeform. It's still awesome.

Written by Lorayne Carver on Apr 4th 2019

I love this light!! I'm all about lighting the inside and outside. Bliss if by far a superior product.

Written by Beth on Feb 28th 2019

I got this light for my room and I LOVE it. I will definitely be purchasing more in the future and some for my backyard as well. If BlissLights made some sort of globe laser that circled the whole area that would be SO awesome!

Son loves this, great effect in a small footprint!
Written by Shawn Mayer on Jan 15th 2019

My son loves his new stars and galaxy. He's like his dad so I figured he would! Glad that I picked up a second one to share over in the kids room at the grandparents house too!

Best Light Projection
Written by Dominic Correia on Jan 3rd 2019

Hands down best star light projection on the market. I bought this for my room and the light projection is phenomenal. The green laser lights project amazing and the blue nebula looks awesome on the ceiling. There's also a rotation setting which sets the green star lights to cycle slowly. Love everything about this light!

bliss skylite
Written by ndr on Nov 24th 2018

LOVE the new Bliss skylight... I have been using the other laser light projector for my bedroom, but i love the nebula/sky addition...its perfect!

New Skylite
Written by Lucas on Nov 17th 2018

Pretty awesome display for the money! I bought 2 and will buy more for my friends! Delighted, Lucas of Crystal Blue Vibrations!

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