Laser Safety

We get a lot of questions regarding the safety of our laser lights. Here are some answers!

Will your lights make me go blind?

No. We build our lights with a low-powered laser beam and diffract (split) it into thousands of even smaller beamlets to create the "star" effect. Each beamlet has an intensity of less than 1/1000th of a Watt. As long as you don't look directly at the laser aperture for extended periods of time, there is no danger of blindness.

Our lights are all certified Class 2 (or for some older models, Class 3R). You'll see a yellow and black label on each of our lights that states the laser classification. If you'd like to dig into the technical details, here is a useful link:

Are your lights safe to use around kids and pets?

Yes! However, it is a good idea to place the lights out of the reach of curious pets and small children so they don't accidentally stare at the aperture.

Should I be worried about radiation?

Lasers do emit small amounts of radiation. However, the lasers in our lights are secured within a protective housing. There is no danger of exposure if you don't open the housing.