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Evolve - UK

Introducing BlissLights Evolve

sky lite evolve galaxy projector

The Iconic Light Reimagined

Our most intuitive galaxy light yet, the EVOLVE, is exactly what you need for your great INDOOR escape. If you’ve carved out a space to get away in your home, or need to, BlissLights Evolve is the element that will shift your atmosphere from relaxing to a full-on utopia.

We designed and patented this ultramodern LED blending technology with color combinations that will take you to that sacred place of calm we are always searching for – effortlessly. 

To evolve is to develop from a simple form to a more complex one—an improved one. So, Never Stop Evolving and improving. We won’t. This is just the beginning.

You Asked for Features, We Answered:

  • Refined 360 design for versatility
  • Compatible with Google Home and Alexa
  • Enhanced APP UI and UX to unlock features
  • 4 LEDs for more color combinations
  • NEW patented state-of-the-art cloud color blending technology