The latest smart-home tech helps you automate yuletide decorations with phone apps

A few of the latest smart-home tech ideas to help you decorate your home range from Bluetooth-controlled lights to animated ornaments.

In addition to these high-tech gadgets, BlissLights was mentioned as a great way to light up your home. With easy plug and play functionality, BlissLights are the perfect way to highlight your holiday décor!

Place the COLOR Green outside to project thousands of laser pinpoints over up to 2500 square feet. You can say goodbye to traditional string lights. Cut down your decorating time and up the wow factor all at once!

Stay tuned for our upcoming products. We plan to bring in a Bluetooth accessory to control your lights directly from your phone!


screen-shot-2018-01-04-at-2.10.55-pm.pngCheck out the other smart-home tech here!

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