SKYlite Laser Galaxy Projector


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Instantly change the atmosphere of any room with your own personal galaxy! The SKYlite projects an array of drifting green stars against a moving blue nebula. Titling design allows you to shine the effect on walls or ceiling. Transform workspaces, add a unique touch to your bedroom, light yoga sessions, and more with this unique light! Easily adjust light settings and effects with simple button controls. A great gift idea, sure to please adults and kids alike!


  • Moving green laser stars
  • Drifting blue nebula cloud
  • Multiple brightness settings and light effects
  • Built-in 6-hr timer
  • 120V AC adapter


5 based on 25 reviews.
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Written by Gail A Totten on Jun 17th 2019

I purchased two of these thanks to my Grandsons' insistence that his mother and him had to have them. It was a great purchase as they both love the effect and light show every night.

Relax under the stars
Written by Jodi H on Jun 8th 2019

I have been having a hard time relaxing before bed, and have always loved looking up at the stars, so this was a perfect purchase. I have it set up in my room, and turn it on when I go in for bed. It does exactly as I had hoped, and helps me forget about the day and escape to a very peaceful and restful place. Most times, I have the tv on, but end up pausing whatever I’m watching (then turning it off) to enjoy the universe in my room. One thing I wish was that it had a timer setting on it, so if I fall asleep before shutting it off, it would shut off itself. Other than that, so glad I made this purchase!

Written by Dianne Carone on Jun 1st 2019

Wonderful product. The first night we used it at a family get together Four family members want one.

Written by James Sphar on Jun 1st 2019

I received my light today, as soon as I turned it on I was in pure bliss. So relaxing to watch the projector do it’s thing. By far the best thing I’ve ordered in a while and helped me get to sleep so quickly.

Skylite Laser Galaxy Projector
Written by Roz on May 17th 2019

Love it! My husband bought this for me for our anniversary...He knows how I love to travel through time & space. This makes me feel as if I am heading into the Time Vortex. Add some relaxing music and we have our own planetarium...beautiful colors! If you want to leave the daily mundane things behind, you'll love this too. Oh yes, did I mention that...I love it!!!

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