SKYlite Laser Galaxy Projector


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Instantly change the atmosphere of any room with your own personal galaxy! The SKYlite projects an array of drifting green stars against a moving blue nebula. Titling design allows you to shine the effect on walls or ceiling. Transform workspaces, add a unique touch to your bedroom, light yoga sessions, and more with this unique light! Easily adjust light settings and effects with simple button controls. A great gift idea, sure to please adults and kids alike!


  • Multiple light effects
  • Built-in 6-hr timer
  • Certified Safe laser technology
  • 120V AC adapter


5 based on 21 reviews.
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Skylite Laser Galaxy Projector
Written by Roz on May 17th 2019

Love it! My husband bought this for me for our anniversary...He knows how I love to travel through time & space. This makes me feel as if I am heading into the Time Vortex. Add some relaxing music and we have our own planetarium...beautiful colors! If you want to leave the daily mundane things behind, you'll love this too. Oh yes, did I mention that...I love it!!!

Skylight Review
Written by Preston Frazier on May 16th 2019

My girlfriend and I recently purchased this, and we love it. The nebula and stars look amazing. We are super happy with our purchase, and we highly recommend this.

Totally Worth every penny!!
Written by Alejandra Rocha on May 8th 2019

I just mine a few days ago, been taking tons of videos and sending them to everyone I know. The quality of the lights, it creates this comfort environment in any room, I tried to relax and used swamp sounds in the background. I’m really satisfied!!! I will be buying more for sure!! I want one for every room now!!!

Written by spencer on May 6th 2019

I'm very impressed with this product, especially for the price. Right out of the box this device added vibe to my living room, even in broad daylight! But at night it really comes alive. There's a depth to the different patterns moving, and I sometimes get lost staring at it to see if I'll catch something unexpected. I love how you can isolate any of the single layers, although I have mostly just used the standard setting with all layers. On top of it being a fantastic product, I was impressed with the customer service before buying. I had a question regarding shipping time and they responded quickly with helpful information. The unit came in only a couple of days (I do live in the same state as company). Overall very impressed and I plan on buying another one soon

Written by Drakkar Belisle on Apr 29th 2019

was really surprised at how much it looks as advertised. more often than not, you order something off ads like this and they look nothing like what it looks like in the pictures but this was a great buy! just wished it had other colors like the purple and pink,

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