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SKYlite + BlissBulb Bundle


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Light up any room with a galaxy and thousands of laser stars! The SKYlite shines rotating green stars and a drifting blue nebula. BlissBulb shines motionless sparkles from any standard U.S. bulb socket. Add extra depth to the SKYlite's galaxy, or use it as a quick way to light up any room.

SKYlite projects moving green stars and a blue nebula. BlissBulb projects non-moving stars from lamps and recessed lighting with standard Edison-style sockets. 

Bundle includes:

1 x SKYlite Laser Nebula Projector

1 x BlissBulb Laser Lightbulb (Your choice of Blue, Green, or Red)


SKYlite projects green stars and a blue nebula. Please select BlissBulb laser color below:

Color None Selected *


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These are Awesome!!!!
Written by Bill Boyer on Jun 20th 2019

Incredible light show....I want to post pics.! I have the individual bulb in the bedroom at an angle, so the whole room has red stars! The living room looks like the galaxy!!!!!!Awesome!

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