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Enjoy a spectacular green moving “firefly effect” with the MOTION Green. This indoor and outdoor laser projector is made out of ABS and covers a space of up to 2500 sqft with tens of thousands of green pinpoints of light making it a perfect “instant holiday light” or a fun, every day light experience. With a click of a button choose between a soft, moving firefly effect to bring a touch of bliss to your home or increase the setting for a more festive atmosphere that can bring any party to life. The green laser color looks great on outdoor surfaces such as arbors, gardens, gazebos and more with a bright firefly effect. It’s the perfect choice for first time users and looks great mixed with red or other seasonal décor. Try it on plants, behind a Christmas tree, or home surface to wow neighbors!

– 1 MOTION Green with built-in timer
– 1 Remote Control with 2 AAA batteries
– 1 Transformer
– 1 Ground Stake
– 1 Stand

Use the MOTION Green for:
– Take the fireflies camping and surround yourself in a world of light
– Create a dazzling outdoor dinner scene
– Shower them on your guests for your next holiday party
– Comfort children with a unique starry-night night light
– Transform  your home with an “Instant Holiday Light”
– Highlight arbors, backyards, bushes, gardens, walkways and more
– Use indoors or outdoors, you are only limited by your imagination

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