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sky lite galaxy projector with green stars
sky lite galaxy projector with green stars
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4.8 based on 6293 reviews

The Ultimate Instant Lighting Experience for your next event

Was $59.99 Now only $44.99

Relax in style with our patented, one of a kind design that remains the highest quality galaxy light on the market. Available to all types of event planners looking for the ultimate instant lighting experience.

  • Various colours to choose from
  • Brilliant moving stars & nebula clouds
  • Multiple brightness settings and light effects
  • Great for all kinds of events from dinner parties to weddings

“Absolutely love these lights! They make a great addition to any party or bedroom by creating an ambience that is unmatched for a device so portable. Don’t let me get started about the fun you can have if you start shaking the lights to make a laser light show lol. Would recommend to friends as a two time buyer.”

- James Burch Verified Buyer


Where galaxy lights began

You can trace the explosion of galaxy lights back to November 2018, when we first launched our patented Sky Lite projector. The technology was invented many years earlier by our head engineer Randy, who created the first Blisslight to soothe his daughter's fear of the dark.


Transformation is in our DNA

We're all about bringing transformation to everyday life. Our early days were spent creating award-winning special effects at the world's biggest theme parks and the very first laser Christmas lights. (Yes, those started here too! Randy is a man of many talents.)


We care. Seriously.

"Light changes everything" isn't just a tagline to us. We believe it, and we want to transform lives in a positive way. That's why we search out the best components and pioneer new technology—to awe, heal, and inspire. Whenever reviewers say "life-changing," we know we're on the right track.


American owned and operated

BlissLights is proudly based in the USA. The magic comes to you straight from our small, dedicated team in sunny Southern California.

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