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Create a calming or stimulating environment with this set of 3 high quality laser lights! The Sky Lite projects a galaxy of moving stars and a drifting blue nebula cloud. The StarPort USB Light plugs into any powered USB port—laptops, battery packs, phone chargers, etc—and projects green motionless laser stars in any direction with its flexible extender. The COLOR Laser/LED light shines motionless red laser stars, plus a vibrant 16-color LED glow. Use all three lights separately or together to create unique environments anywhere!

Bundle Includes:

1 x Sky Lite Laser Galaxy Projector
1 x Green StarPort Laser USB Light
1 x Red COLOR Laser/LED Light

Choose Sky Lite color below:

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5 based on 16 reviews.
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They work great!
Written by John on Aug 4th 2020

An amazing bundle! Hands down. It would be nice if the red laser device somehow remembered the last setting and turned on to that each time. Right now, once powered down, your previous setting is erased and it will turn on both the led to white and the lasers. Also, the sky lite doesnt function well with a smart plug or timer. You need to manually turn the device on each time it is powered on. So you can't place the device too far out of reach.

I love these lights!
Written by Justin on Jul 28th 2020

These lights are amazing! Super powerful but not strong enough to hurt your eyes. Really spices up whatever room you put them in.

Worth Every Penny
Written by teresa m on Jul 8th 2020

My son has sensory issues and prefers a darker room, these were the compromise for when we hang out in the play room downstairs. They’re beautiful and make for great convo for all the teleconferences we have. The bundle is the best bang for my buck!

Universal bundle
Written by Jon on Jun 15th 2020

Great value- and different effects to combine or use separately.

Great Purchase for my house
Written by Derrick on Jun 11th 2020

I have owned some light projection devices in the past and have been underwhelmed by the quality of the lights. I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of lights. All three of devices have been. I expected the USB light to cheap USB flash light sorta thing and I am happy with the brightness and the overall field that it projects. It is quite large! The indoor and outdoor project work as expected and display large fields as well. The cloud looks very realistic and is probably my favorite part of the projector. I would definitely recommend this product.

The blue galaxy light with green lasers is dope
Written by Shawn Zousel on May 27th 2020

This thing blew my mind dude, staring at this thing at 3AM when you cant sleep transfers you to another world. Loving life.

Love my lights
Written by Betty on May 26th 2020

I love the way it looks and the way it relaxes me. It’s one of the best purchases I’ve made!

Written by VINCENT L HEINRICH on May 25th 2020

Great product, very cool,the power Jack was a little flimsy though. It broke when the device fell over, waiting to hear back about how to get a replacement. Other than that very pleased!

Bliss Lights
Written by John Prescod on May 13th 2020

Great bundle and value. The lights are very bright and the bundle allows you to create various combinations and effects. My kids love the SkyLites' nebula effect.

Bliss Lighting
Written by Chuck on Jan 15th 2020

I ordered a universe package with 3 different effects. The SkyLite is the best. The pictures online don't do it justice. It looks great in my son's room. Clouds blowing by and stars that slowly rotate put him to sleep quickly. I want to try and see if this will work in larger rooms with higher ceilings. The blue laser is also neat. Projects hundreds of blue starts all over in a very wide pattern. The USB laser is handy in the office to add a little something at Christmas.

Bliss light multiverse bundle
Written by James O'Day on Dec 2nd 2019

Everything is great besides the small green laser already stopped working. :( ----- Note from BlissLights: So sorry to hear that, James! If you reach out to our customer service team at, we are happy to replace it for you under warranty.

Multiverse bundle is amazing
Written by Allison on Nov 27th 2019

Totally worth the money. Is absolutely beautiful.. the only thing is that the boxes I got looked like they had been opened and then re taped up... and the items inside had small scratches and Mark's front a wet cloth wiping them down and it leaving waterspots. So I feel like they sent me refurbished items or something and not new ones . Which is totally not acceptable when i paid for new items. But they work great so far! The spinning of the lasers from the galaxy projector is a bit shaky, like it doesnt rotate smoothly.

Written by Evan on Nov 21st 2019

Love this set up, makes my room beautiful. Only downside is the galaxy projector doesn't work with timers or smart-home assistants because it needs an extra button push to turn on. If you guys can remedy that, I would definitely upgrade!

Missing power cord
Written by Isaac Helbling on Nov 16th 2019

I received the bundle today and my nebula projector did not come with the power cord.

Written by MoorMula on Jul 10th 2019

Really enjoying blisslights, apparently the rest of the family is too!

Multi verse pack
Written by Simon on Jun 14th 2019

Does exactly what it looks like it does. Very beautiful indoor lights that move and stay still. Helps me sleep, thanks blisslights

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