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Create a calming or stimulating environment with this set of 3 high quality laser lights! The SKYlite projects a galaxy of moving green stars and a drifting blue nebula cloud. The StarPort USB Light plugs into any powered USB port—laptops, battery packs, phone chargers, etc—and projects green motionless laser stars in any direction with its flexible extender. The 2-in-1 COLOR Laser/LED light combines motionless blue laser stars with a vibrant 16-color LED glow. Use all three lights separately or together to create unique environments anywhere!

Bundle Includes:

1 x SKYlite Laser Nebula Projector + power cord

1 x Green StarPort Laser USB Light + flexible USB extender

1 x Blue COLOR Laser/LED Light + power cord, remote, stake, and stand


The SKYlite projects green moving stars and a blue moving nebula.

The StarPort is USB-powered and projects motionless green laser stars.

The COLOR Laser/LED light projects motionless blue laser stars and your choice of 16 optional LED colors.



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