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Motion Red Laser Light


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The MOTION Red is an indoor and outdoor laser light projector that creates a moving “firefly effect.” Energy efficient, weather resistant, and constructed of sturdy ABS, the MOTION covers a space of up to 2500 square feet with thousands of moving red pinpoints of light. The included remote allows you to choose between a soft, moving firefly effect or faster settings for a more festive atmosphere that can bring any party to life.

About the Red Laser Color:

The MOTION Red laser color appears softer to the eye than our other laser colors, which is why the Motion Red is equipped with dual laser apertures. The subtle allure of the red laser looks great with warm lighting, especially indoors. Try it near fireplaces, candles, or other BlissLights! Instantly transform any event, holiday, or moment with a moving red starry-glow.


  • 1 MOTION Red with built-in timer
  • 1 Remote Control with 2 AAA batteries
  • 1 Transformer
  • 1 Ground Stake
  • 1 Stand

Uses for the MOTION Red:

  • Bring your own fireflies on your next camping or RV trip
  • Use as an “Instant Holiday Light” or boost your seasonal display to the next level
  • Shower your guests with red shooting stars during your New Years celebration or birthday party
  • Comfort children with a unique starry-sky night light
  • Place around your dinner table for a romantic look
  • Create warmth around campfires, fireplaces, and candles


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Works ok, but...
Written by Jenny on Mar 10th 2018

I ordered a new unit. I received the red firefly and it worked well out of the box. I only gave 3 stars because the unit has a sticker pulled off (and it is not in the box) and there is a variety of fuzzy goodness stuck to the adhesive where the sticker should be. I have emailed repeatedly and received no reply from BlissLights. So, to sum up: sturdy, works well, but loses a star for appearing to be an open box item and another for no response from customer service.

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