HGTV published an article that discussed 13 unique outdoor lighting innovations, and BlissLights was one of them! There is a great mixture of ideas from cactus-shaped torches to traditional lighting. Our favorites, of course, are the BlissLights Spright products!

The article featured the BlissLights Spright Blue and the BlissLights Spright MOVE Green. While those lights are now retired, the next generation of firefly lights, COLOR and MOTION, are available now! To read more, click here: HGTV: 13 Outdoor Lighting Ideas 

BlissLights Spright Blue

“Those aren’t fireflies in your garden; they’re tiny lights produced by Spright Blue, an indoor/outdoor projector. This low-voltage, plug-in light uses lasers and holographic technology and comes with an AC adapter.  Also available with green or red lights, so you can combine the colors, if desired.”

BlissLights Spright MOVE Green

 “Pinpoints of light ‘dance’ across trees and shrubs with the BlissLights Spright MOVE Green projector. Also available as a stationary model, it uses an laser to illuminate an area up to 30′ x 30′. Use it to replace 4 standard landscape lights or hundreds of feet of ordinary rope lighting. Also sold with blue lights, the projectors come with 12-volt transformers and yard stakes.”

About Our Company:

BlissLights, Inc are leaders in the laser light industry and are dedicated to bringing energy efficient and unique lighting experience to every home owner. Bring the magic home with BlissLights.


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