Frequently Asked Questions

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General Information

How do BlissLights work?

BlissLights are laser lights that project thousands of colorful stars. Laser light is unique because it's coherent (concentrated light waves traveling in the same direction). Laser light travels in a beam and shines over long distances without losing brightness. We split (diffract) that beam into thousands of smaller beams to create the unique "starry" BlissLights effect.

Are BlissLights safe?

Yes, BlissLights are safe to use around people and pets. The lasers we use are low-wattage, and as mentioned above, we split the main beam into thousands of smaller beams which are less than 1 miliWatt each. We are also registered with the CDRH (Center for Devices and Radiological Health) and take great precautions to ensure user safety.

What is our most popular product?

Currently, our most popular product is the SKY Lite, which can be viewed here. It projects a galaxy of moving green stars and a blue nebula!

How can I use outdoor BlissLights around ambient light?

In an area with ambient light you can't control (streetlights, security light, etc.) choose a primary focal point feature in your landscape, such as a large tree. Stake your light in the ground near the plant base, pointing the head upward. It's best to experiment before settling on a location – sometimes a foot or two away from the base gives more coverage for larger trees. The slightest breeze will create a mesmerizing and soothing firefly effect as the leaves gently rustle.

In areas where you can control the ambient light, all you need to do is experiment with the lights turned off to see how it alters the effect you are looking for.

Coverage area of a single BlissLight?

BlissLights coverage varies depending on how close the light is to the projection surface. The closer the light is, the denser/smaller the star cluster will appear. As you increase the distance between the projector and the surface, the effect will expand. In general, BlissLights cover roughly 30 x 30 feet from 10 feet away.

How do I to get the most WOW! from my outdoor BlissLights?

BlissLights are best-suited for dark outdoor areas you'd love to transform without the cost, time and effort of purchasing light strands and wrapping/hanging lights from a ladder. Plus you don't have to worry about changing burned out light bulbs or replacing dead light strands. The patented holographic chamber of the BlissLights creates an explosion of vibrant light points from a single device. Ambient light (streetlights, security lighting, other pre-lit decorations) can, however, diminish the eye-popping effects that the BlissLights creates.

Are BlissLights safe to point to the sky?

While BlissLights are safe for everyday use, they are still lasers and will keep on projecting in any direction you aim the product at. Please note that any BlissLights product, if being used outside, should not be projected any higher than 45 degrees as to ensure the laser does not interfere with air traffic.

Can BlissLights be used with an outdoor timer?

Yes, absolutely. Most of our newer lights have timers built in, but we also sell separate timers in our Accessories section.

Help! I'm Having Trouble Placing An Order

Why is my payment not going through?

Most often, this happens because the billing address doesn't match what's on file for your card. Are you shipping to your billing address? If not, go back to your order details and uncheck "my billing address is the same as my shipping address." Then fill out the correct information.

My order didn't go through, but you charged me anyway!

If your order didn't go through, we did not charge you. When you click the "Submit Order" button, you authorize your bank to set aside the value of the order as a "pending transaction" on your card until the vendor (us) captures the payment. We do not capture payment until your order ships. If your order didn't go through, your bank will return the uncollected "pending transaction" funds to your account after a certain time period, which varies by bank. Contact your bank to find out what their policy is.

White Laser / Laser Colors

Why aren't BlissLights available in white?

White lasers don't exist at this time, though we are researching the possibility. For now, green and blue lasers appear brightest to the human eye and are the best choice for year-round use on landscape foliage, patio areas, etc. Most likely, you'll hear exclamations of "Wow!" or "How did you do that?" ...not "Why isn't it white?"

But can't you just use white LEDs?

Because LEDs emit incoherent light (instead of coherent light like lasers), they don't have the intensity and focus required to create a crisp star field over long distances. LEDs create a blobby "cheese-puff" effect instead that's hard to see from more than a few feet away.

Why are some colors not as "bright" as other colors?

Each color has different wavelength intensity in the color spectrum. The human eye sees colors near the center of the visible spectrum (orange/yellow/green) as the brightest. That's why green or blue laser colors appear brighter than red, which is closer to the edge of the spectrum.

Product Questions

Is the BlissBulb an accessory to other BlissLights?

No. The BlissBulb is an independent laser light that twists into standard lightbulb sockets. It projects a motionless star field effect. It is designed for indoor use, but can also be used outside if it is protected from the elements.

Can I use the BlissBulb with a dimmer?

While the BlissBulb is compatible with sockets connected to dimmer switches, the dimmer must be set to full brightness, or the light will strobe and/or malfunction.

What is the difference between the BL-15 and the BL-50?

The BL-50 is our largest professional projector and offers the widest coverage. The BL-15 is a smaller, more compact version of the BL-50. 

What are Open Box products?

Open Box items have been opened and touched and/or returned, but are in great condition and have not been repaired or refurbished.

What is the difference between ABS and metal products?

Our metal products, such as the TRIO and retired Spright Compact, are built with a metal housing that is heavy and built to withstand harsh elements. Our ABS binary resin products, such as the MINI, and COLOR have housings made of industrial grade plastic that is formulated to be lighter and less expensive while still maintaining rugged durability.

Theft Prevention

What can I do to help prevent theft of my outdoor BlissLights?

PLEASE NOTE: All theft prevention tips are suggestions for your general information. BlissLights will not be held liable for any theft or damages of any kind to any BlissLights products. Your use of this information is to be used at your own risk. The contents of this page are subject to change without notice.

Use surrounding foliage and landscaping to conceal your BlissLight's location. Having to search for the light source may deter casual theft.

Metal Clamp:
Use BlissLights metal clamps to mount your BlissLights high off the ground, out of thieve's reach.

Remove the Heads:
Unscrew the BlissLights heads from the stake and bring them indoors every night.

Secure Lights to the Ground:
Purchasing a rebar stake from a home improvements store and burying it deep in the ground can help deter potential theft. Simply drill a hole at the top of the rebar, then loop a wire cable through the hole. Wind the wire tightly around the neck of the Spright fixture and bury the rebar deep in the ground.

An example of a rebar stake would be:
An example of cable would be:

This is an excellent method if you have multiple lights in your yard. You can set up a network of underground rebar with cables connected to each light.


What does the warranty cover?

Effective August 1st, 2016, all BlissLights products purchased from any person or entity other than BlissLights or an Authorized BlissLights distributor or retailer will no longer be covered by warranty.

BlissLights will ONLY warrant BlissLights products and accessories purchased directly from BlissLights or an authorized dealer.

For more information, you can read our full warranty policy here.

Returns/Replacement Parts

What is your return policy?

If you purchased BlissLights on our website and are not satisfied for any reason with your light, or it was damaged upon receipt, we have a 30 day money back guarantee. In other words, any time during the 30 days after the date the product left our facility and shipped to you, you can ship it back to us for a full refund. The product must be in the same condition as it was when you received it and shipped back to us in its original shipping material. Please call us regarding returns after the standard 30 day money back guarantee.

PLEASE NOTE: We can not issue ANY refunds for purchases made through other channels. We only issue refunds to purchases made directly through

You may call (888) 868-4603.

Where can I find replacement parts?

We offer replacement transformers, timers, ground stakes, and bases in the Accessories section of the website. For other replacements, we offer a repair service. To set up a repair, you can call us toll-free at (888) 868-4603.