Indoor Lights

With indoor laser lights, you can take your home, business, or event’s decorations to the next level without committing hours on end to setup and breakdown. Indoor laser lights create an unforgettable environment in just minutes -- just connect your lights and enjoy the show!



Laser lighting effects catch the attention of anyone who enters your home or comes to your big event. There’s a reason BlissLights is America’s No. 1 laser lights seller – our indoor laser lights make a splash in every room.

Indoor laser lights are an easy decoration engineered for indoor use that projects colors – often red, blue, or green (or all three!) – onto the walls toward which it’s aimed. That means you’ll find them at venues, events, workplaces, and even your home. If you’ve ever been to a concert with colorful lighting effects that you found as captivating as the music, then you’ve experienced the magic of indoor laser lights.

When can’t you use indoor laser lights? Indoor laser lights are wildly versatile and can be used for virtually any event or purpose year-round, including:

  • Everyday decoration - create a cool effect in your den, bedroom, dorm room, and more
  • Cool, unique lighting for birthday parties and other at-home get-togethers
  • Creating a calming environment for a good night’s rest
  • Holiday decorating without the wires, strings, and tangles
  • Selecting and displaying your team’s favorite colors on game days
  • Adding attention-grabbing lighting to indoor live music
  • Create unique backgrounds for TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram
  • Soothe your baby with a relaxing lights setup
  • Providing the perfect mood and special effects for movie night
  • Create the perfect work from home or distance learning setup
  • Setting up fun lighting for extended board or video game sessions
  • Providing an interesting and unique background for videos
  • Stimulate the senses, especially for children with autism spectrum disorders
  • Inspire yourself and others in creative spaces
  • Setting the mood for yoga and meditation
  • Many colors and shapes. Some indoor laser lights emit gorgeous light in one color or several colors. Even more options go above and beyond by blanketing your space in glimmering stars. Indoor laser light options are rarely so versatile!
  • Timed. Your lights don’t need to run all night to enjoy the effect. Many BlissLights models are equipped with a timer so they turn off automatically after six hours.
  • USB-powered. Shine a light wherever you want with USB-powered laser lights! Whether you plug your laser light into a gaming console located on a high wall shelf or right into your laptop at desk level, your room will sparkle right where you need it to.
  • Lightbulb. Laser light projectors don’t always have to take up extra space in your home – they can go right where your lightbulbs usually go! Just screw your laser light bulbs into any standard lamp to gently blanket your room with a delightful red, blue, or green “starry sky” effect.

Below are the most important things to consider when using indoor laser lights:

  • Energy efficiency. Don’t sweat the bill if you keep the lights on, whether your event ends late or you keep the night light running at home. Energy-efficient lights keep the party pumped up and the bills down.
  • Patterns and motion. Not every indoor light can project every color or pattern. Choose a light capable of displaying the colors you need for your event or just want to see around your home.
  • Safe setup. For home use, you should be careful to keep your indoor laser lights out of the reach children. Prolonged direct eye contact with laser light can cause eye pain or even damage to folks of all ages, so operate safety first!
  • Laser power. The US government regulates laser lights’ safety and classifies them in five categories. Light from Class II products – a common category among indoor laser lights – will not exceed 5 mW in power. While products in this class won’t cause permanent eye damage, you should still encourage onlookers to focus on the show, not the devices themselves. With the images and colors you’re projecting, your guests are all but certain to listen.

Laser beams emit coherent light, so all light waves that the beam generates travel in exactly the same direction. This is super useful for lights that produce the unique “starry sky” effect, which is achieved by diffracting one laser beam into thousands of additional beams that project tiny, colorful dots throughout your room. Coherent light includes another major benefit; it won’t lose any brightness or focus over long distances. LED lights, on the other hand, emit incoherent light. Instead of traveling in a straight, narrow line, LED light waves travel in many directions and result in a low-focus, blobby “cheese-puff” effect that’s challenging to see from more than a few feet away.